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Traveling and grocery shopping become more exciting with refreshing fruits in mind. These fruits that start with X will give you a sweet, new reason to explore and learn more about the food world. You’ll be surprised to know that many unfamiliar names are actually your usual favorites.

1. Xarel-Lo Grape

First on this list of fruits that start with X are xarel-lo grapes. They come from Spain, specifically the Catalonia region in the northeast.

Fruits that start with X

They have green skin with a slight yellowish tint and acidic flesh, which might remind you of citrus fruits.

These amazing grapes are primarily used to make white wine. If you ever get a chance to sniff a drink made from these wine grapes, it’s got this fresh floral smell with a bit of a herby kick to it.

You’ll love this white grape variety’s distinctive flavor profile!

2. Ximenia Caffra

The ximenia caffra, commonly known as the sour plum, hails from South Africa.

Fruits that start with X

If plums are your favorite fruits, you’ll probably love this variety, too!

Sour plums are typically orange when ripe, with juicy flesh and a sour taste that can be pretty refreshing.

These delicious fruits starting with X can be a base for sauces, turned into jams and preserves, or used as toppings for fruit salads. 

3. Ximenia Americana

Looking for an orange fruit with an amazing flavor? Check out ximenia americana, native to North America.

Sometimes called the hog plum, it usually turns yellow to reddish when ripe.

Its delicious flesh is somewhat soft and a bit oily to the touch, which can be surprising if you’re trying it for the first time.

In terms of flavor, expect a mix of sweet and sour. Blend these letter X fruits into sauces for chicken or fish meals. Their sweet-sour characteristic can complement savory dishes.

4. Xigua Fruit

Have you ever seen Xigua fruit? I’m sure you have!

Xigua is just the Mandarin term for the watermelon we all know and love. But here’s something you probably don’t know yet.

Fruits that start with X

These fruits that start with X have many varieties, and all of them are equally refreshing. Do you know that China is among the world’s biggest watermelon growers?

I want to learn from them and grow even just the common watermelon successfully in my yard!

5. Xylocarpus Granatum Fruit

This list of fruits that start with X really delivers some of the most unique fruit names!

Next is the xylocarpus granatum, commonly known as the  puzzlenut tree and cannonball mangrove.

Fruits that start with X

It’s native to the mangrove habitats of Southeast Asia, the Pacific islands, and the northern coasts of Australia.

The fruit of this mangrove species is rough and woody, inside and out. Due to this nature, its taste isn’t particularly sought after and is not commonly eaten.

Still, these are very exciting fruits, and the plant from which they come offers habitat for various marine species.

6. Xinomavro Grape

The xinomavro grape is a key player in the Greek wine scene and is used to make sparkling wines.

These dark-colored grapes have a thin skin with a deep red to almost purple hue.

Flavor-wise, it is known for its complex flavors, similar to strawberries and cherries, and sometimes even has hints of olives or tomatoes.

It also has a strong acidic taste. These are not very common fruits outside of Greece, but you might find them in specialty wine shops or stores that focus on Greek imports.

7. Xoconostle Cactus Fruit

The xoconostle fruit, also called opuntia matudae, is a type of cactus pear native to Mexico.

Fruits that start with X

While it might resemble prickly pears, they are not the same fruit. Both belong to the cactus family but have different characteristics.

The xoconostle’s skin is rough and somewhat warty, often displaying various colors from green to reddish-purple when ripe.

Its taste is sweet but can also be tart. It’s also notably more acidic than the sweeter prickly pear.

These fruits that start with X are not as popular as other ingredients. However, they are still used in many Mexican dishes, commonly incorporated into stews and salsas.

8. Xing Zi Fruit

The xing zi fruit, commonly known as the apricot in English, originates from Central Asia.

Fruits that start with X

It has a smooth, velvety outer skin that ranges from yellow to orange, sometimes with a hint of red on the side.

Its flesh is soft and succulent, with a texture reminiscent of a peach but firmer.

Jams are not the only treats you can make out of these fruits that start with X! You can also make apricot-based sauces for grilled meats.

9. Xanthium Fruit

The xanthium, known as cocklebur, is recognized for its spiny outer casing.

Fruits that start with X

Unlike many fruits we’re familiar with, this fruit that starts with X isn’t juicy or fleshy on the inside.

When you peel back its spiky exterior, you’ll find seeds, which are the primary purpose of this fruit.

It’s not typically eaten because of its toxic nature. Thus, if you encounter them in the wild or gardens, it’s best to admire them from a distance and avoid ingesting any part of the plant.

10. Xiangjiao Fruit

Unfamiliar with the xiangjiao? It’s actually what we commonly refer to as the banana fruit.

Fruits that start with X

This fruit beginning with X is native to Southeast Asia, specifically the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

I live in the Philippines, and banana plants are so common here – they grow basically everywhere and thrive with minimal care.

We usually enjoy the fruits on their own, but when I have some free time, I try to make banana bread or incorporate them into my overnight oats.

11. Xoay Fruit

The xoay fruit, also known as dialium cochinchinense, is native to parts of Southeast Asia, particularly Thailand and Vietnam.

Its outer skin is almost black, providing a striking contrast to the translucent, jelly-like flesh inside.

If you ever find yourself in the regions where it grows, trying this fruit is a must! It’s sweet with a hint of sourness and has a pleasant aroma.

It pairs best with other tropical fruits, such as mango and papaya, in salads or smoothie bowls.

12. Xoai Fruit

The xoai fruit, which many of us recognize by its English name, mango, is a beloved tropical fruit native to Asia.

Fruits that start with X

Hundreds of mango varieties are cultivated worldwide, each with its own flavor, color, and texture.

Two of the most popular ones are Manila mangoes and tommy atkins mangoes, both sweet and buttery, perfect for fresh eating and as dessert ingredients.

These fruits that start with X are the best ingredients for no-bake desserts, like layered graham cakes. But the next time I feel adventurous, I think of whipping up a delicious mango sorbet!

FAQs on Fruits that Start with X

What tropical fruit starts with X?

The xoai fruit, commonly known as mango, is a tropical fruit that starts with the letter X.

Is there a fruit beginning with Y?

Yes, there are many fruits that start with Y. Two examples are the yuzu, a citrus fruit, and the yangmei, also known as the Chinese bayberry.

What fruit starts with Q?

Yes, there are fruits that start with Q. Examples include the Quinault strawberry and the quandong fruit.

What fruit is Rapunzel?

Rapunzel is a tomato variety known for its clusters of sweet, small fruits.

Conclusion on Fruits that Start with X

Fruits that start with X are extraordinary harvests that can give your desserts an exotic twist. Their names might look strange at first, but their flavors will take your breath away. Happy X fruit hunting!

Fruits that start with X
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