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Quite frankly, nobody randomly thinks up fruits that start with Z when pondering what fruit to buy. Chances are, you don’t even know some of the fruits you consume are fruit.

You might think it’s a vegetable, but we’ll burst your bubble here.  

Who knows, some of these fruits might become your favorite once you experience them. You’ll also benefit from some of the minerals and vitamins they offer. Keep reading to discover some of the Z fruits that exist. 

Zig Zag Vine Fruit

The first fruit on our list is not a fruit you’ll casually bump into, like Apples or Bananas – it is a rare fruit. But you’ll readily find it in Australia, where it hails from.

Contrary to what you might think, the Zig Zag vine fruit does not look like the Zig Zag hairstyle that Alicia Keys used to wear.

It has a bright orange color and a citrusy flavor. The Zig Zag vine fruit is soft and mimics the taste of orange sherbet. 

Zhe Fruit

The Zhe fruit is a bright pink fruit similar to a raspberry but with a more geometrical shape. It grows on the Maclura tricuspidata in East Asia and has other names like “mandarin melonberry.”

The color of the Zhe fruit would morph into maroon or red once it gets ripe. This fruit is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C.

You can eat the Zhe fruit however you want, from using it as a fruit salad ingredient to blending it in smoothies. 

Zinfandel Grapes

zinfandel grapes 1

The Zinfandel grapes are a variety of wine grapes. They are navy blue but assume a red color when converted into red wine.

The taste of the Zinfandel grapes is rich as it combines the taste you’ll enjoy if you blend licorice, jam, cranberry, blueberry, plum, black pepper, boysenberry, and cherry.

The flavor is laced with spiciness and that smoky finish you’ll taste with tobacco. You can also eat the Zinfandel grapes raw.


Zucchini is the famous fruit in this list of fruits that start with Z. They follow a long thin shape and are light green to dark green.

The taste profile of this fruit is weird as you’ll feel everything from bittersweet to mild flavor. But it skillfully combines these taste differences into a pleasurable richness. Zucchini is often consumed as a vegetable.

Ziziphus Mauritiana Fruit

ziziphus mauritiana fruit

Also called Indian Jujube, the Ziziphus Mauritiana fruit is common in the medical field. It works for many medical conditions ranging from ulcers, muscle strength building, liver diseases, asthma, fatigue, and more.

It has a yellowish-green color and is juicy. When ripe, the Ziziphus Mauritiana fruit gives off a delicious aroma that complements the sweet and sour taste of the fruit.

Zwetschge Fruit

zwetschge fruit

This fruit has an oval shape similar to an egg, and it also goes by the name “prune plum”. The Zwetschege fruit is purple and does not taste unison across all types.

You can create fun recipes with the Zwetschge fruit. For instance, you can cook delicious cakes and pies with this fruit.

Zalzalak Fruit

zalzalak fruit

Zalzalak sits on our list of fruits that start with Z as a native of Iran. It has a round shape and a blend of three colors – yellowish pink and a sprinkle of red blush.

Fun fact: Zalzalak is the Iranian name for this fruit as it is called Hawthorn in English. It has the perfect tart and astringent taste, ideal for making jams.


zarzamora fruit

If you went to Spain and wanted to eat Blackberry, you’ll be better off calling the fruit by its Spanish name “Zarzamora” than the common English name “blackberry.”

Although black, it has a sweet flavor and is enriched with great nutrients. Some of the things you benefit from feasting on Zarzamora fruit include; Fiber, Vitamin K, and C. 

Zabergau Reinette Apples

Although famous in the United States, the Zabergau Reinette Apples are a German Apple variety. It comes in varying sizes and shapes.

Want to know the best part? As you store this Apple variety for longer, the sweeter it tastes.

Generally, the taste is nutty, tropical, and spicy. The flesh is crispy, making it more delicious to eat. 


You’ll be lucky to stumble on the Zwangtah/Zongchak fruit in Central America or the Caribbean.

You can either call it Zongchak or Yongchak, and it is one of the ingredients in delicious and unique cuisines. You’ll also benefit from its medicinal properties. 

Zante Currant

Zante Currant is one of the fruits that start with Z and has a reddish-black to dark brown color. Another name for the Zante Currant is Corinth raisins. Unsurprisingly, it looks like raisins.

The Zante currant hails from Greece and has a sour and sweet flavor. It is a bank of vitamins as it stocks up on Vitamin C, B1-B6, and E. Other nutrients you’ll get from this fruit includes Potassium, Dietary fiber, and more. 

Zestar Apple

Native to the United States, Zester Apples has a sweet and tangy flavor. They come in three colors – yellow, green, or dark red.

Thanks to the sweetness of this fruit, you can munch on it raw or add it to your recipes for sauce, salad, and desserts. 

Zierfandler Grape

The first thing you should know about the Zierfandler grape is that it is not similar to the Zinfandel Grapes.

The Zierfandler grapes are a native of Austria, unlike the Zinfandel, a native of the United States.

It is usually red or purple with an enticing appearance that you can’t resist. Thankfully, it has a sweet taste, so you’ll enjoy every bite of the grapes.

Zill Mango

Zill Mango is characterized by the intense aroma that steals the air and its sweet taste. However, this fruit is seasonal. In essence, you won’t benefit from its sweetness unless you happen to be in Florida when it ripens in May through July. 

Zweigelt Grape

This grape is one of the grapefruits that start with Z. It is dark blue and has a tart yet fruity taste. It is a grapefruit variant that finds its home in Australia.

FAQs: Fruits that Start with Z

Which fruits that start with the letter Z are common in India?

Some fruits that start with Z you’ll quickly find in India are the Zucchini and the Ziziphus Mauritiana.

Which of these fruits, starting with the letter Z, are rare?

Few of the Z-fruits on this are rare. The Zigzag vine hails from Australia and is the rarest Z-fruit on this list.

Which of the fruits beginning with the letter Z is exotic?

Zucchini is the fruit on this list that is exotic.

Conclusion on Fruits that Start with Z

We can already guess that you’ve never seen the fruits on our list of fruits that start with Z before, except Zucchini.

Nevertheless, you should try them out at least once, now that you’ve encountered them. We promise you’ll love what you taste, and you’ll improve your cooking experience with the touch these fruits would add to your food.

I hope you found this post helpful. For more fruit ideas and suggestions, check out the complete List of Fruits from A to Z series. Here are a few suggestions for you:

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