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Fruits that start with W always stand out in a sea of delicious options. They are vibrant, versatile and aesthetically pleasing. Here are some of the varieties you may encounter soon – better look for recipes ahead of time to be ready when you get hold of them!

1. White Mulberry Fruit

Is mulberry your favorite fruit? If so, you’ll love this extraordinary variety! White mulberry fruits are renowned for their juicy flesh and sweet-tart flavor.

Fruits that start with W

This fruit native to China is not a popular ingredient in dishes. Instead, it’s often consumed fresh or dried.

It’s perfect for fruit salads or as a satisfying, sweet snack. You’re so lucky if you have a white mulberry tree in your home!

2. White Sapote Fruit

The white sapote, a lesser-known but delicious fruit, originates from Central America.

Fruits that start with W

This tropical fruit, also called Mexican apple, has a rough skin, reminiscent of the texture of an apple or persimmon.

Beneath this exterior lies a creamy, yellow flesh with sweet flavor.

Many liken these fruits that start with W to a blend of banana, peach, and vanilla. Their custard-like texture is so rich and satisfying!

3. Water Apple Fruit

Looking for fruits that start with W and have a bell-like shape?

The water apple, a bell-shaped fruit native to Southeast Asia, boasts a crisp and watery flesh similar to traditional apples.

Fruits that start with W

Sometimes called wax jambu or wax apple fruit, they possess a sweet taste with a hint of tartness. In the Philippines, we call them macopa.

It’s not a key ingredient in mainstream Asian cuisines but occasionally appears in salads or as a garnish. Its distinctive bell shape will surely catch your eye!

4. White Aspen Fruit

This assortment of fruits that start with W will make you want to go on a flavor adventure.

Next on this list is the edible fruit from the white aspen, a fruit tree native to Australia. This olive-sized fruit has white flesh and white outer skin.

It’s a sweet fruit with tangy or citrusy notes, an excellent addition to refreshing beverages and desserts.

5. Wineberry Fruit

The wineberry, also called rubus phoenicolasius, is a juicy fruit that captivates both the palate and the eye.

Fruits that start with W

These brightly colored, sweet-tart berries are similar to raspberries, but are distinguished by tiny, protective hair-like features.

These fruits that start with W have a mild taste and can be the star of your favorite baked foods. Berry in jams? Cakes? Muffins? This W fruit has got you covered.

6. Wax Gourd Fruit

The wax gourd, also called winter melon, winter squash, or ash gourd, is a unique vegetable that, despite its name, is actually a fruit!

Fruits that start with W

These are probably some of the most versatile fruits that start with W. They are a popular choice for a wide range of dishes, especially savory creations.

This is just one of the many types of squash that you can experiment with, due to its mild, delicate flavor.

In Indian cuisine, the wax gourd is often used to make mild curry using traditional spices, tomatoes, and herbs.

7. Wild Orange Fruit

Next on this list of fruits that start with W is a refreshing citrus fruit – the wild orange.

Some of these amazing fruits offer a pleasant balance of sweet and tart, while others can have a sour taste.

Take advantage of its refreshing flavor on a hot summer day. You can make marmalade, sorbet, or juice out of it. Trust me – fruits with orange colors can brighten up your day!

8. Wild Lime Fruit

The wild lime, also known as the Australian desert lime, is renowned for its intensely sour flavor.

Some might detect a slight astringent taste, particularly when it is not fully ripe. Use this popular fruit to enhance the delicious taste of your favorite dishes.

Incorporate it in marinades for meats or utilize its zest and juice in desserts, such as lime pies. This wild variety’s potent flavor will undoubtedly shine through!

9. Wolfberry Fruit

Wolfberries, commonly known as goji berries, thrive in many parts of the world, from Asia to North America.

Fruits that start with W

These fruits that start with W are a nutritional powerhouse, a good source of vitamin C and dietary fiber.

You’ll love their pleasant sweetness and mild, aromatic scent. We typically enjoy them in dried form. They’re like tiny, bright red raisins with a chewy texture.

10. West Indian Cherry

The west Indian cherry, often referred to as acerola or Barbados cherry, is native to the tropical regions of Central and South America.

Fruits that start with W

It’s about the size of a traditional cherry, with smooth, glossy skin that ranges from bright red to deep purple when ripe.

Its taste is sweet and tart, similar to a ripe cranberry or raspberry. Its flavor is perfect not only for jams and jellies but also for savory dishes!

Consider using these fruits that start with W as a base for sauces to serve alongside meats.

11. White Currant

The white currant, a close relative of the red currant, is native to Europe.

Fruits that start with W

It’s such a magical fruit, with a translucent outer skin, giving it an almost ethereal appearance!

Taste-wise, this fruit that starts with the letter W is milder and less tart than its red counterpart.

This makes them especially suitable for fresh eating, straight off the bush, or in dishes where a gentle berry flavor is needed.

12. Wild Sugar Apple

The wild sugar apple boasts a sweet flavor profile, reminiscent of a combination of custard and apple, with hints of vanilla.

Fruits that start with W

It has bumpy skin, a creamy texture, and black seeds, with an aroma that emits a mildly sweet scent.

Although enjoying these fruits that start with W can be a treat, if you’re unfamiliar with the fruit or the area, it’s always a good idea to stick with cultivated ones from reliable sources!

13. Wood Apple Fruit

At first glance, the wood apple might not seem inviting, mainly because of its rugged, hard outer shell, reminiscent of wood – hence its name.

Fruits that start with W

However, you’ll discover a sweet and sour brownish pulp inside once you crack it open!

In India and Sri Lanka, where the wood apple is native, the pulp is often mixed with sugar to create a drink akin to lemonade.

14. Water Lemon Fruit

The water lemon fruit, scientifically known as passiflora laurifolia, is a captivating member of the diverse passion fruit family.

It’s distinguished by its smooth, waxy skin, which can range from greenish-yellow to gold when ripe.

As for its taste, it’s not overwhelmingly intense but provides a perfect blend of sweetness and tartness.

While these fruits that start with W are not related to lemons, they are just as refreshing and delicious.

15. Walnut Fruit

While many people think of the walnut as just a nut, it’s actually the seed of a fruit! This fruit has a green, fleshy exterior called the husk.

Fruits that start with W

As it ripens, the husk turns fibrous and splits open, revealing the hard-shelled walnut we’re familiar with.

The flesh boasts a creamy texture and offers a taste that wonderfully balances both sweet and bitter notes!

16. Worcester Pearmain Apple

It’s hard to imagine a fruit list without apples, and in this collection of fruits starting with the letter W, apple varieties also shine through, like the Worcester pearmain apple!

Fruits that start with W

This classic British variety hails from Worcester, England.

It’s easily recognized by its attractive red skin, often streaked with a touch of green or even a sunny yellow undertone.

What sets it apart from others is its distinct strawberry-like flavor. This strawberry-esque taste can add a delightful twist to your traditional apple recipes.

17. Western Hackberry

The western hackberry, scientifically known as celtis occidentalis, is native to North America.

This small fruit turns reddish-orange when mature, offering a mildly sweet flavor reminiscent of dates, though not as intense.

Although these fruits that start with the letter W are commonly consumed by wildlife, they’re also edible for humans.

They can be boiled down with sugar to create jams or preserves or incorporated into breads for a touch of natural sweetness.

18. Wildbacher Grape

Wildbacher grapes originated in the temperate regions of Europe, specifically in countries such as Austria and Slovenia.

They have a thick and deeply pigmented outer skin, displaying shades of dark purple to black.

These fruits that start with W are primarily used for winemaking rather than being consumed as table grapes.

Their tartness and high acidity make them less suitable for direct consumption as fresh snacks.

19. Williams Pear

The williams pear is smooth and thin, typically green when unripe, and turns to a bright yellow or red blush as it ripens.

Fruits that start with W

Its flesh is juicy and creamy-white, with a fine-grained, buttery texture.

It’s so tender and succulent you can include it in many desserts, such as tarts, sorbets, and salads. You can even pair it with yogurt, honey, and some ice for a refreshing pear smoothie.

20. Winter Nelis Pear

Winter Nelis pears are typically small to medium-sized, with slightly irregular shape.

Fruits that start with W

They have greenish-yellow to yellow-brown skin that can be somewhat russeted, giving them a rustic appearance.

These W fruits have a sweet, aromatic flavor and buttery taste, making them the perfect snacks!

They are typically harvested in the late fall or early winter season and can improve their texture if allowed to ripen off the tree.

21. Watermelon

Watermelons are juicy, crisp, and refreshingly sweet, with a high water content that makes them ideal snacks on hot summer days.

Fruits that start with W

Here in my home country, we usually enjoy them fresh.

They have a sweet and mildly tangy flavor, accompanied by a subtle hint of refreshing coolness.

I love watermelons for various reasons! Also, their ability to grow to enormous sizes is really fascinating.

22. Wild Lowbush Blueberry

Wild lowbush blueberries, often called wild blueberries, originate from the cool terrains of the northeastern United States and eastern Canada.

Fruits that start with W

These fruits that start with W are deep blue, often with a slightly frosted appearance.

Their taste is frequently described as both tangy and sweet, with a more concentrated blueberry flavor. Use this variety in your blueberry bundt cake for more intense flavors.

23. Wampee Fruit

The wampee hails from the subtropical regions of southern China and parts of northern Vietnam. Its outer skin is smooth, and takes on a greenish-yellow hue when ripe.

Fruits that start with W

Inside is juicy flesh with sweet and sour flavors, with a touch of spice. These fruits that start with W are most commonly savored fresh.

However, if you’re lucky enough to have a bunch of these on hand, why not try whipping up some homemade jams or jellies? You’re in for a treat!

24. Wealthy Apple

The wealthy apple was introduced in the 1860s and quickly gained popularity due to its adaptability to the cold climate of the Midwest.

Fruits that start with W

It boasts a striking appearance with a pretty red blush overlaying a pale yellow-green base. What sets it apart from other varieties is its flavor profile.

While it does possess a sweet undertone, its refreshing tartness is more pronounced. This distinctive tartness has made it a favorite for pies and other baked goods.

25. Wild Banana

Wild bananas hail from Southeast Asia and the South Pacific, especially in Indonesia and the Philippines.

Fruits that start with W

Unlike the usual bananas we usually enjoy, these wild ones can vary in color from green and yellow to red, and some even border on black.

While you can use them in dishes like banana pudding or banana pancakes, it’s worth noting that they have large seeds, making them less convenient for culinary use compared to the common seedless varieties.

FAQs on Fruits that Start with W

What is a dry fruit with letter W?

A dry fruit starting with the letter W is the walnut.

Is kiwi a dry fruit?

No, kiwi is not a dry fruit. It is a fresh fruit with a juicy green flesh inside.

Are cashews not a nut?

Cashews aren’t technically nuts; they’re seeds from the cashew apple. However, in everyday cooking and snacking, we often treat them as nuts.

Which of these fruits are expensive?

In this list of fruits that start with W, the wealthy apple and the wampee fruit are likely the most expensive. The former is an heirloom variety, which can make it pricier, while the latter is rarely cultivated outside its native regions, adding to its cost.

Which fruits that begin with the letter W are common in India?

Wild bananas and wood apples are two fruits that start with W and are commonly found in India.

Which of these fruits are exotic?

Both wampee and wild bananas are considered exotic and rare in global markets.

Final Thoughts on Fruits That Start with W

You might be surprised to learn that there are quite a lot of fruits that start with W! These wonders may be situated towards the end of the alphabet, but they are still top snack choices for many. Look for some of them today in the markets and treat yourself.

I hope you found this post helpful. For more fruit ideas and suggestions, check out the complete List of Fruits from A to Z series. Here are a few suggestions for you:

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