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The more you learn about fruits, the more you immerse yourself in nature! It’s okay if you can’t go camping or foraging yet; just head to the market, look for these fruits that start with Y, and enjoy their flavors in your home. 

1. Yangmei Fruit

First on this list of fruits that start with Y is your future favorite fruit – the yangmei!

Fruits that start with Y

Also known as the Chinese bayberry or yumberry, it hails from China and the eastern regions of Asia. It has juicy flesh that can be likened to a ripe plum – soft yet slightly grainy.

It has a sweet flavor, often accompanied by a tart undertone.

These tasty fruits that start with Y are incredibly versatile. They’re perfect for jams, and if you can find or make dried yangmei, they can be added to granolas or oatmeal.

2. Yellow Watermelon

The yellow watermelon, as its name suggests, is a delightful twist on the more commonly known red or pink-fleshed varieties.

Fruits that start with Y

On the outside, it looks like the regular watermelon, but inside, there are edible seeds and vibrant, sunny-yellow flesh with a crunchy texture.

Its sweet taste can give your fruit salads and alcoholic drinks a refreshing burst of flavors.

3. York Apple

How many varieties of apple have you tasted so far? Here’s another one to add to your must-try list.

The York apple, often called the York imperial, is an American apple variety that traces its roots back to Pennsylvania in the 1830s.

Fruits that start with Y

It’s known for its perfect balance of sweet and tart taste and crispy texture. What makes this Y fruit particularly noteworthy is its unique shape.

It has a lopsided shape, and this asymmetry sets it apart from many other apple varieties.

Use this one for pie fillings and other apple recipes. Apple in desserts are unbeatable, especially when paired with other popular fruits.

4. Yellow Strawberry

Grab a new berry species for a berry nice dessert! The yellow wonder alpine strawberry presents a pale yellow hue, setting it apart from the typical red strawberry we’re used to.

Because of the yellow strawberry’s unique color, some might mistakenly think it’s not yet ripe, but in reality, it’s perfectly mature and ready to eat.

These types of berries are a real treat for the taste buds! They combine sweetness with tartness. Some even describe its taste as having pineapple or rose undertones.

5. Yellow Guava

Yellow guavas are tropical fruits native to South and Central America, specifically Brazil and Peru.

Fruits that start with Y

They have black seeds, vibrant yellow hue, smooth skin, and succulent flesh reminiscent of the texture of a ripe pear.

You’ll be captivated by its sweet flavor and tart undertones! However, they can have a sour taste when they are not fully ripe.

Can’t wait to grab a bite? Like the white guava variety, these fruits that start with Y are delicious and appealing. 

6. Young Mango

Thinking of making a mouthwatering fruity dessert? Check out mangoes and other tropical fruits!

The Young mango, also known as the Tebow, is a cultivar that originated in South Florida. It has yellow skin when ripe and juicy flesh with a sweet-tart flavor many people find irresistible.

These varieties of mangoes also have a fragrant aroma, often a telltale sign of a good, ripe harvest.

If you’re one of those who live in tropical regions, you probably have easy access to these kinds of fruits!

7. Yucca Fruit

The yucca fruit originates from the deserts of the American Southwest and Central and South American regions.

Fruits that start with Y

At first glance, it might not look too appetizing, but it boasts a mildly sweet flavor reminiscent of a cross between an apple and a potato.

It grows on the yucca plant and starts green, sometimes remaining greenish even when ripe, depending on the specific variety.

One of the popular varieties is the banana yucca, scientifically known as yucca baccata.

The natural sweetness and starchy texture of these fruits that start with Y make them ideal for crafting into jellies or preserves. 

8. Yuzu Fruit

The yuzu is a citrus fruit native to Japan. Its outer skin is distinctively rough and textured, transitioning in color from green to bright yellow when ripe.

Fruits that start with Y

The flesh is soft and filled with many seeds, resembling a small grapefruit. As for its flavor profile, yuzu fruits offer an invigorating and refreshing tartness.

You can mix their juice with soy sauce and other ingredients, then drizzle it over sashimi or salads.

9. Yali Pear

The yali pear, also referred to as the duck pear or Chinese pear, has a distinct elongated shape with a somewhat tapered neck.

Fruits that start with Y

It’s mildly sweet with a hint of tartness and a watery consistency, akin to a watermelon.

Compared to other Asian pears, this fruit has a more subtle aroma and flavor than some varieties that deliver intense sweetness.

It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed some fresh pears, so I hope I come across some of these fruits that start with Y in the local markets.

10. Yunnan Hackberry Fruit

The Yunnan hackberry is sweet with a hint of tartness and has a mild aroma that’s distinct but not overwhelming.

The thing is, although these fruits that start with Y are edible, they are not commonly consumed by humans and are more of a food source for wildlife.

The tree from which it grows is valued more for its ornamental qualities rather than its fruit. It’s best to admire them from a distance if you come across them in the wild.

11. Yemenite Citron

The Yemenite citron, scientifically known as citrus medica, has a somewhat rough and bumpy texture, taking on a vibrant yellow color when fully ripe.

This fruit that starts with Y offers a balanced mix of sweetness and tartness. However, unlike many of its citrus counterparts, it’s not juicy.

It’s actually the aromatic rind that’s sought after. The rind can be zested and used to flavor dishes, similar to lemon or orange zest.

Sprinkle it over salads, desserts, or even savory dishes to infuse a fresh, citrusy aroma.

12. Yellow Sapote Fruit

The yellow sapote originates from the tropical regions of Central America and the northern parts of South America.

Fruits that start with Y

It’s an extraordinary fruit with a unique texture similar to a cooked egg yolk. Sweet and starchy, it often draws comparisons to sweet potatoes or pumpkin!

What makes this fruit that starts with Y even more intriguing is its versatility in both savory and sweet dishes.

You can even create a simple spread with it. Just mix the fruit with a bit of lime or lemon juice, and add honey. Spread it on toast or muffins for a delightful morning treat.

13. Yellow Passion Fruit

The yellow passion fruit is another delicious wonder from South America.

Fruits that start with Y

As the name implies, its outer skin showcases a radiant yellow color, which gets slightly wrinkled when it ripens perfectly.

This fruit has a sweet-tart flavor and emits a captivating, tropical aroma that’s hard to resist.

And you know what? It’s excellent not only as an ingredient in both savory and sweet recipes but also in drinks.

These fruits that start with Y are perfect additions to cocktails like margaritas or mojitos.

14. Youngberry Fruit

The youngberry is a hybrid fruit resulting from crossbreeding blackberries, dewberries, and raspberries.

I’ve never tasted any hybrid fruit, so this one is really intriguing! It offers a harmonious blend of tartness and sweetness, a balance not commonly found in regular berries.

However, they’re less commonly found in markets, so if you happen to come across some, be sure to grab these rare gems and whip up something delicious!

15. Yellow Dragon Fruit

The yellow dragon fruit, also known as yellow pitaya, boasts a vibrant, bright yellow, leathery outer skin dotted with small, spiky protrusions.

Fruits that start with Y

Its sweetness stands out, with many believing it to be even sweeter than the pink varieties.

Crafting refreshing treats using these fruits that start with Y doesn’t have to be challenging!

For instance, you can add chunks of yellow dragon fruits to your water, accompanied by some mint or basil, for a fun twist on your usual plain drinks.

16. Yellow Plum

Yellow plums, also known as golden plums or mirabelle plums in some regions, are stone fruits grown in many parts of the world.

Fruits that start with Y

Their texture is succulent and somewhat similar to other plum varieties, though some might find them a tad firmer.

When it comes to flavor, these fruits that start with Y offer a delectable balance of sweetness and tang.

They also have an enticing, floral aroma! Although you can use any fruit for your desserts, these can bring more remarkable sweets, especially when making preserves and tarts.

17. Yellow Pear Tomato

As its name suggests, the yellow pear tomato is a pear-shaped variety cherished for its unique appearance and delicious taste.

Fruits that start with Y

Its most distinguishing feature? It has an exceptional pear or teardrop shape.

Moreover, while all tomatoes exhibit a balance of sweetness and acidity, this fruit that starts with the letter Y leans more toward the sweet side.

Use it in the same way you would regular tomatoes. It also adds visual interest and a pop of color to gardens and dishes.

FAQs on Fruits That Start with Y

What is a purple fruit that starts with Y?

A purple fruit that starts with Y is the Yunnan hackberry. It can exhibit a purplish-red hue when ripe.

What is a fruit starting with Y?

There are many fruits that start with Y, including the yellow plum, yang mei, and yellow dragon fruit.

What is the name of the ? fruit?

The fruit depicted by the ? emoji is called a peach.

Which of these fruits starting with the letter Y is a citrus fruit?

The fruit starting with the letter Y that is a citrus fruit is the yuzu.

What is a yuja fruit?

Yuja is just another name for the yuzu fruit, a citrus variety native to East Asia.

Final Thoughts on Fruits That Start with Y

Whenever I think about fruits, I usually remember mouthwatering, decadent desserts. But that’s not all! You can include them in everyday drinks, too. Explore these varieties for a more invigorating day!

I hope you found this post helpful. For more fruit ideas and suggestions, check out the complete List of Fruits from A to Z series. Here are a few suggestions for you:

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