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I bet you did not know fruits that start with Y were a thing. Now you know, and you’d do yourself a favor if you snagged any of these fruits. Then, you can savor them raw or turn them into ingredients for delicious recipes – like your Ice cream recipe, for instance.

My favorite part about these fruits is how flexible they are. You can choose to enjoy them however you want. But you’ll need imaginative creativity to make these fruits work.

Trust me when I say this is an introduction to your next best thing because these Y fruits would help you rediscover a newfound love for cooking and eating well.

Curious about what fruits we have on the list? Let’s dive in already. 

Yangmei Fruit

yangmei fruit

The Yangmei Fruit is also called the Chinese bayberry. It has a purple color and a round shape. While it is called a Chinese strawberry, the Yangmei fruit is not a berry but a drupe fruit.

It has a sweet but tart flavor with many nutrients, including antioxidants and essential minerals.

Yangmei fruit can be eaten raw or added to a recipe. You’ll experience more of a raspberry and strawberry flavor blend when you bite into this fruit.

Yunnan Hackberry Fruit

Call it Beaverwood or American Hackberry; whatever name you choose is OK. The Yunnan Hackberry fruit goes by several names.

It is a native of Africa, America, and Europe with a small size and hard texture. Compared to the other fruits that start with Y, the Yunnan Hackberry Fruit is dry. 

Yellow Guava Fruit

yellow guava fruit

Yellow Guava Fruit is another of the fruits that start with Y. If you’re looking to add fruits to your diet that would pump your body whole with fiber, Potassium, and Vitamins, you should try the Yellow Guava Fruit.

The Yellow Guava fruit has a sweet taste that’s not too pronounced with creamy skin. You don’t need to overthink the best way to eat Yellow Guava fruitEat them raw or add them to your smoothie or pies. 

Yucca Fruit

The Yucca fruit mimics the shape of Bananas. Hence, it’s no surprise that it gained the name “Banana Yucca.”

But the shape is the only similarity the Yucca fruit shares with the Banana fruit. When it comes to taste, it’s similar to bell peppers, especially when you roast or grill them.

Fun fact: The Yucca fruit tree flowers are consumed by Mexican Indians because of their striking similarity of taste to Sweet Potatoes

Yuzu Fruit

yuzu fruit

The Yuzu fruit is a native of major parts of Asia from China, Korea to Japan. With their pale yellow color when they ripen and their shape, they share a striking similarity with lemons.

You cannot eat Yuzu fruit raw because of their overly tart flavor. Hence, they’re best used as souring ingredients.

One key fact about Yuzu fruit is that it is aromatic – it fills the air with its fragrance. 

Yemenite Citron

The Yemenite Citron is one of the fruits that start with Y, but there’s more. It is a hybrid fruit that belongs to the family of Citrus fruitsYemenite Citron fruit is a native of Israel.

The better use of this sour and bitter-tasting fruit is to add it in Jam or preservatives.

Yali Pear

yali pear

The Crispiness and juiciness of the Yali Pear can make you fall in love with it entirely. Although it’s a cream-colored fruit, the Yali Pear has a sweet flavor that you will not forget in a hurry.

It is an Asian pear variety that can be eaten raw or added to salad recipes to improve the taste.

Young Mango

young mango

The young mango fruit is from the United States – specifically from South Florida. You’ll see Young Mango in either Green or yellow once it ripens.

One of my favorite parts about young Mangoes is the nutrients they give. Some of these nutrients contribute to boosting your immune system.

You can enjoy this fruit by adding it to your Jam recipe or as part of a salad recipe. Expect an acidic and tangy taste when you bite into a Young Mango. 

Yellow Sapote

With an orange-yellow skin, the Yellow Sapote fruit gives off a taste similar to when you blend sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, pumpkin, honey, cinnamon, and cantaloupe. It can be eaten raw.

Yellow Watermelon

yellow watermelon

The Yellow watermelon earned its name because of its lack of lycopene (the chemical responsible for the redness of the red watermelon).

There’s no difference between Red and Yellow Watermelon on the outside – until you slice them both open.

The lack of Lycopene in Yellow watermelon does not mean they lack nutrients. Yellow watermelon has low calories, but it is filled with nutrients.

Yellow Passion Fruit

yellow passion fruit

Yellow Passion fruits are marked by their unique thick yellow skins and egg shape. You will derive Vitamin C, A, Potassium, Fiber, and Calcium from this fruit.

There are different ways to enjoy this fruit. For starters, the Yellow Passion fruit makes a great addition to smoothies. You can also eat them raw or toss them into salads.


The youngberry fruit is red-blackish in color and was born from crossbreeding blackberry and dewberry fruit. It is one of the fruits that start with Y with a sweet and tart taste.


yumberry fruit

This crimson-colored fruit has a sweet and tart taste that mimics the taste of pomegranate and raspberry. This fruit can be eaten raw or added to a mocktail recipe.

Yellow Strawberry

Yellow strawberries have a golden yellow color and a sweet flavor that you’ll get if you’ve ever blended strawberry, rose, and pineapple.

FAQs: Fruits That Start With Y

Which of these fruits, starting with the letter Y, is a Citrus fruit?

The Yemenite Citron is one of the fruits that start with Y, a Citrus fruit. Native to Israel, the Yemenite Citron is often referred to as the “Original” citrus amongst other Citrus fruits.

What is YUJA fruit?

Yuja fruit is another name for the hybrid citrus fruit known as the Yuzu fruit.

Which fruits that begin with the letter Y are common in India?

While you won’t find all these fruits casually, India houses some of the Y-fruits on this list that you should try out. They are Yellow Watermelon and Yellow Passion Fruits.

Which of these fruits that start with the letter Y are expensive?

The most expensive Y-fruit is the Yuzu fruit, and that’s because of its scarcity.

Conclusion: Fruits That Start With Y

You can already see that these Fruits that start with Y are juicy fruits with a unique taste that adds flavor to your meal and cooking.

While some are heavy with aroma, others have mild aromas. However, one connecting factor is that they all have unique flavors that transform your food into a delicious one.

Now that you know these Y-fruits and where you can find some of them, feel free to go fruit hunting so you can benefit from all the benefits and flavor they can add to your meal.

I hope you found this post helpful. For more fruit ideas and suggestions, check out the complete List of Fruits from A to Z series. Here are a few suggestions for you:

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