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Fruits that start with Q are quintessential additions to any platter. Not only are they delicious, but they’re visually appealing as well! These unique varieties can elevate your favorite dishes with a whole new look and flavor.

1. Queen Anne Cherry Fruit

Queen Anne cherries, often known as Royal Ann cherries, come from Western Asia and Europe.

They are pale red or blush pink, contrasting beautifully with their yellow creamy flesh.

Fruits that start with Q

As for the taste, they are sweet with a hint of tartness.

You can use these fruits that start with Q to make maraschino cherries!

They are best enjoyed fresh, though, because of their natural sweetness. I suggest you use this variety of cherry for your homemade cocktails.

2. Quararibea Cordata Fruit

Not familiar with Quararibea cordata? You probably know this exotic tropical fruit as Sapote Mamey, Chupa Chupa or South American sapote.

Fruits that start with Q

It grows on a fruit tree native to South America. Don’t be deterred by its rough exterior! Inside, you’ll find a bright orange, juicy flesh that’s a perfect addition to your fruit salad.

When it comes to taste, this fun fruit has won the hearts of many, thanks to its sweet flavor reminiscent of pumpkin and almond, with undertones of honey and chocolate.

3. Quinault Strawberry

Use a new variety of strawberry to elevate your favorite desserts and salads!

It comes with a sweet and tangy flavor, making it an ideal choice for pie fillings and other sweets.

Like many other fruits that start with Q, this type of strawberry is also packed with essential vitamins like vitamin C, potassium, and antioxidants.

Even if you don’t feel like baking, consider this as a healthy snack to take advantage of its nutritional benefits.

4. Queen Tahiti Pineapple

The Queen Tahiti Pineapple comes straight from the tropical shores of Tahiti in French Polynesia.

It’s known for its tart and sweet taste, and its typical rough diamond pattern. I’ve never tried this variety yet, but I would love to if given the chance!

These popular fruits that start with Q are an excellent source of vitamins and dietary fibers. They also contain important nutrients that help regulate blood pressure and keep our skin healthy.

5. Quandong Fruit

Have you ever heard about the Quandong and its striking, alluring skin?

Fruits that start with Q

This delicious fruit, also called native peach, has a bright red exterior and a contrasting white flesh.

It can be eaten fresh, straight off the tree, but it’s also popular in various sweet and savory dishes.

When enjoyed fresh as a tasty snack, its tanginess is more pronounced.

The Quandong’s distinct tangy taste is perfect for jams and pies. It’s often paired with sweeter ingredients to create a balanced flavor.

6. Queen Forelle Pear

Next on this list of fruits that start with Q is the Queen Forelle pear.

It boasts a beautiful red blush over a green-yellow base, setting it apart from other members of the pear family.

Expect a sweet and slightly tangy taste, reminiscent of the traditional pear flavor but with its own unique twist. You’ll love its aromatic taste and crunchy texture!

7. Querina Apple

The Querina Apple is a French variety known for its smooth and glossy finish, as well as its juicy, crunchy taste.

Fruits that start with Q

It’s a sweet fruit with a hint of tartness! This flavor sets it apart from other apple types, which lean heavily towards either sweetness or excessive tartness.

Looking to elevate that apple crumble recipe? Given its balanced sweet-tart flavor profile, this variety can lend a delightful taste to that dessert.

8. Quince Fruit

Quince originates from Western Asia. You won’t see much of this fruit in local markets, but once you spot it, you’ll recognize it instantly!

Fruits that start with Q

Its rough, yellow skin is easily identifiable. The flesh, on the other hand, is pale, firm, and tart when raw. However, cook it up, and you’re in for a treat!

Its texture softens, its color turns a rosy hue, and it releases a delightful aroma – a blend of vanilla and citrus.

These fruits that start with Q are seldom eaten raw due to their tartness and astringency. But when cooked, they transform, becoming sweet, soft, and fragrant – perfect for jams and preserves.

9. Quenapa

The Quenepa, also known as the Spanish lime, is native to Central and South America.

Fruits that start with Q

It offers a mix of tartness and sweetness, with a subtle tropical aroma that hints at lime zest and lychee.

Thinking of a way to infuse it in your dishes? Its pulp can be pureed and incorporated into vinaigrettes or sauces for a refreshing zest.

Its juice can also be extracted and mixed into cocktails or other beverages.

FAQs on Fruits that Start with Q

What is a berry that starts with Q?

A berry that starts with Q is the Quenepa, also known as the Spanish lime.

What is a red fruit with the letter Q?

A red fruit that starts with the letter Q is the Quandong.

What forbidden fruit starts with Q?

The Q fruit often referred to as the “forbidden fruit” is the Quince. While many believe the forbidden fruit identified in the Bible’s book of Genesis is an apple, several interpretations suggest that it might have been a Quince.

Which fruits starting with the letter Q have the highest amount of water?

The Quenepa, also known as Spanish lime, is a fruit starting with the letter Q that has high water content.

Conclusion on Fruits That Start with Q

There aren’t many fruits that start with Q, but each one is sure to impress! I hope to spot some of these in specialty markets here in the Philippines, especially the cherries and pineapples. Even searching for them feels like an adventure, doesn’t it?

I hope you found this post helpful. For more fruit ideas and suggestions, check out the complete List of Fruits from A to Z series. Here are a few suggestions for you:

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