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When you come across fruits that start with V, you know you’ve come across powerhouse fruits that would benefit your diet.

Most of these fruits on our list are packed with essential minerals and vitamins that would improve your health and overall well-being. 

If you’re looking for fruits that you can enjoy raw as a dessert or spice up your food with, here are some options for you. Keep reading.

Valencia Orange Fruit

valencia orange fruits that start v

Thanks to its sweet taste, you can snack on the Valencia Orange fruit anytime you wish. You’re correct if you thought that this fruit was named after a Spanish city – Valencia.

The Valencia Orange Fruit is an excellent ingredient for boosting the taste of your sauces and salads. 

Voavanga Fruit

The Voavanga fruit is another fruit on our list of fruits that start with V with tons of nutrients. A native of Africa, the Vaovanga fruit is not a commercial fruit. It is a green fruit that’s reasonably juicy with an acidic flavor. 

Victoria Plum

victoria plum fruits that start with v

The Victoria Plum is a dark purple to red fruit that is juicy and sweet. Its flavor is similar to the almond fruit.

The Victoria plum is one plum variety that you can eat either raw or cooked. When the fruit isn’t fully ripe, you’ll enjoy it as an ingredient in your cooking. But when it’s grown, you can eat the Victoria plum raw. 

Vanilla Fruit

I bet you did not know Vanilla was a fruit. Well, now you do. It is a member of the orchid family, and it is the only fruit in the orchid family that can be eaten.

Fun fact, there are diverse vanilla cultivars, with the Vanilla fruit itself having tons of tricks up its sleeves. You could use Vanilla fruit in your food to reduce its spiciness.

Vaccarese Grape

vaccarese grape fruits that start with v

This fruit is one of the numerous wine grape varieties. It is dark-skinned, specifically dark purple. The Vaccarese Grape is heavy with a fragrance reminiscent of juniper and pine forest. 

Valencia Pride Mango

Another fascinating fruit on our list of fruits that start with V is the Valencia pride mango. It has an elongated shape and retains a yellow color once it ripens. You’ll enjoy a floral and fruity taste with this fruit once you bite into it.

Vernaccia Grape

vernaccia grape

This grape is another fruit on our list of fruits used for wine. Majorly, the Vernaccia grape produces red wine. It has a blend of citrus and acidic taste. 

Velvet Apple

Velvet Apple has an orange or purplish-red color with thin skin. It has a sweet flavor similar to what you will get from mixing strawberry, mango, and yogurt with bubblegum and berries.

You can create a Caramel Velvet Apple pie with this fruit and other recipes. 

Vespolina Grape  

vespolina grape

This is an Italian grape variety used to create some of the finest Italian red wine. It flavors your taste buds with its spicy and floral taste once you bite into it. 

Velvet Tamarind Fruit

The Velvet Tamarind fruit is an orange fruit engulfed inside a black velvet shell. The fruit has a powdery consistency and a sweet taste.

In Nigeria, this fruit is called“Awin,” It stocks up on nutrients like Vitamin C, Iron, and Potassium. 

Vicar of Winkfield Pear

vicar of winkfield pear

The Vicar of Winkfield Pear is one of the fruits that start with V with a greenish-yellow color. You’ll enjoy it better when you cook with it. 

Van Dyke Mango

The Van Dyke Mango is a native fruit of Florida with a yellow color and a touch of red similar to a blush. Everything from the aroma of this fruit to the taste is pleasant, luxurious, and sweet.

Volkamer Lemon

volkamer lemon

This is one of the citrus fruit on our list of fruits believed to be a mandarin variety. It is yellow and has a lovely fragrance and an enjoyable flavor. 

FAQs on Fruits that Start with V

Which Fruits Starting with the Letter V Have the Highest Water Content?

Valencia Orange Fruit is the V-fruit with the highest water content as it is made of 87% water content. 

Which Fruits Starting with the Letter V Are Rich in Fibrous Contents?

The two incredible fruit on this list with a fantastic amount of fiber content are the Valencia Orange Fruit and the Velvet Apple.

Which of the Fruits Starting with the Letter V Are Rich in Proteins?

Not many of the V-fruits are rich in protein. However, you’ll gain an amount of protein content from Vanilla Fruit and the Valencia Orange.

Conclusion on Fruits that Start with V

No doubt, our list of fruits that start with V is filled with fruits that are good for your growth and development. The minerals and vitamin content in these fruits are beneficial to your health. 

You’ll also gain a lot from these fruits culinary-wise. They are flexible and can be added to your recipe for a perfect meal.

I hope you found this post helpful. For more fruit ideas and suggestions, check out the complete List of Fruits from A to Z series. Here are a few suggestions for you:

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