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Fruits are such joy givers – they give you a million different ways to try out that bland routine recipe.

With just a drop of their luscious flavor in your meal, they can introduce you to a whole new world of taste experience you never knew you could experience.

No one would recognize your cooking, not even yourself. You won’t believe the culinary magic you can perform with these fruits that start with S.

Ready to treat yourself to some delicious fruits you never knew existed? Let’s dive in already.

Sapodilla Fruits

fruits that start with s sapodilla fruit

Sapodilla Fruit is a rough brown-skinned native fruit of Central America, Southern Mexico, and parts of the Caribbean.

Split the Sapodilla fruit open, and you’ll come upon a grainy yellow interior. For starters, their texture is similar to pear, with a taste that’s not too different from caramel.

Taste connoisseurs would agree that the Sapodilla fruits also have sweetness strikingly identical to sweet potato and brown sugar with a dash of pear.

Star Apple Fruit

This fruit is a tropical fruit from Central America and the West Indies. Contrary to your assumption, the Star Apple Fruit isn’t star-shaped. Instead, it has a round shape with a star-shaped core.

This tropical fruit has a smooth and firm surface and is not related to the Apple family.

The taste you’ll get once you dig in is a bit vast as it blends a tropical, bright, and sweet taste with a fleshy taste that’s creamy, fruity, and jelly-like. 

Sweet Pepper Fruit

fruits that starts with s sweet pepper

The next fruit on our list of fruits that start with S has spurred quite the debate on whether it is a fruit or vegetable.

You can already tell that the only reason we added the Sweet Pepper fruit to this list of fruits is that it is botanically a fruit.

But we both know that we’d instead consume it as a vegetable. The different colors of the Sweet Pepper Fruit determine the kind of taste you’ll get. 

Soncoya Fruit

You’ll be in luck of finding the Soncoya Fruit in Southern Mexico or Panama. The yellowish-orange fruit has an intense aroma and is soft with a mild flavor.

The fruit has a spiny appearance and is not different from the soursop in taste. You can either enjoy this fruit raw or extract the juice as a tea recipe. 

Salak Fruit

salak fruit snake fruit

The Salak fruit is grown on the Salak tree, one of the many types of Palm trees. It is also called a Snake fruit because the exterior looks like it has scales.

The skin is reddish-brown, and when you crack it off, you’ll meet a fruit with the apple texture. It is a sweet fruit with a brush of intense and astringent flavor. 

Safou Fruit

The Safou fruit is the Cameroon name for Dacryodes edulis and is also called bush pear. It is a native of Africa and bears different names in the parts of Africa it originates from.

For instance, Nigerians call it the Ube fruit. To Gabon and Equatorial Guinea, this fruit is called the Atanga.

It is a blue-black drupe fruit with an oily pulp and a sour and tangy flavor. It has a touch of acidity to it too. 

Santol Fruit

fruits that start with s santol fruit

The Santol fruit comes in two varieties; yellow and red. Both types differ in their leaves. Generally, the Santol fruit has leathery skin and is yellowish-orange with a faded red blush.

It is one of the fruits that start with S that’s exotic. It has a sweet taste similar to candy with a dash of peach and apple flavor.

Salal Fruit

The Salal fruit is a berry that ranges from dark purple to black, and it tastes like sweet blueberries with notes of Conrad grape. The beautiful part is, Salal fruit grows on trees.

It is edible, benefiting human health. For instance, you can convert the Salal leaves into teas that are great ulcer, indigestion, and fever treatments. 

Sugar Apple Fruit

fruits that start with s sugar apple

The Sugar apple fruit looks nothing like sugar or apples as the exterior has a knobby look. But at least, they are shaped like an apple. It is a light green fruit with scales that tastes like custard with a minty flavor.

You can enjoy Sugar apple fruit raw, especially when served chilled. Then, it is a delicious recipe for ice cream and shakes.

Strawberry Guava Fruit

Thanks to its thin and edible skin, you can bite into the Strawberry Guava fruit directly. You’ll revel in the fruity, sweet, and floral flavor it massages your taste buds with.

Although the skin of the Strawberry guava fruit is thin, it is also chewy, which makes eating it raw a delightful experience. 

Sweet Orange

fruits that start with s sweet orange

Sweet Orange fruit differs from your regular orange. For starters, it usually ranges from oval to round and is sweet. The taste of the fruit feels like a sugar and acid blend. Feel free to eat this fruit raw or turn it into juice.

Saguaro Fruit

Saguaro fruit sits on our list of fruits as sweet fruits with edible seeds with a delicious nutty flavor. You’ll gain an amount of protein and fat when you consume the seed. It is a versatile fruit that can either be used in syrup or cooked, and you can eat it raw too.

Fun fact: the juice from this fruit is usually converted into alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Sugar Baby Watermelon

fruits that start with s sugar baby watermelon

Another fruit that starts with the letter S is the Sugar Baby Watermelon, a picnic watermelon. It is crispy and juicy with the classic watermelon taste. The interior of this fruit is more of a magenta or red-orange color.

Screw Pine Fruit

If you’re looking for a fruit that’s rich in anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties, the edible screw pine fruit is what you need. This tropical fruit is characterized by a sweet taste that has delicateness to it. 

Saigon Mango

fruits that start with s saigon mango

This is one of the fruits that start with S which is a native of Asia. The Saigon Mango is one of the various mango varieties, but its sweetness is mild, unlike the sweet Mango varieties. Ripe Saigon Mangoes are yellow with a light pink blush on them.

Sweet Lime

The Sweet lime fruit is one of the fruits that start with S, an excellent source of Vitamin C. Although it’s a citrus fruit, its acidity level is low.

You know you’re staring at a sweet lime fruit if it is small, round, and has a sweet flavor and aroma that’s similar to a lime. You can utilize this lime in making a delicious lime sauce.


fruits that start with s serviceberry

Also called Juneberry or Saskatoon, this berry fruit has a sweet flavor as its taste profile features a blend of flavors from the almond fruit, blueberry, and strawberry.

You can almost call this fruit a blueberry as they share the same color and size as blueberries. 


The Seagrape fruit grows in green clusters that depict its unripe nature. Once it matures, it has a red to purple color. While this fruit is sweet, it has a hint of acidity and mild saltiness. 


fruits that start with s satsuma

The Satsuma fruit made it to our exclusive list of fruits because of its semi-seedless nature. You’ll also find this fruit easy to peel. It is a native of Japan and China. The Satsuma fruit has a balanced tart and sweet flavor. 


Whatever you do, never consume unripe sunberries because they contain a high level of poisonous content. You’ll know a Sunberry is unripe from its green color. They assume a blue-black to deep purple color when ripe.

FAQs on Fruits that Start with S

  • Which of the Fruit Starting with the Letter S Is Rare?
  • The Sapodilla fruit is one of the fruits that start with S and is a rare fruit. It is a native fruit from Mexico.

    Which of These Fruits Is Exotic?

    There are many fruits on this list that are exotic. They include the Start Apple fruit, Saguaro, Salak Fruit, Santol fruit, and Star Fruit. 

    What Is a Fruit Name That Starts with S and Ends with Y?

    A fruit name that starts with S and ends with Y is Strawberry – it is a common fruit with tons of varieties.

    Which fruits that begin with the letter S are common in India?

    Some fruits that begin with the letter S found in India include; Screw Pine, Strawberry, Santol, Sugar Apple Fruit, Sugar Baby Watermelon, Star fruit, Sweet Lime, and Sapodilla fruits.

    What Fruits or Vegetables Start with S?

    There’s a list of fruits and vegetables that start with S. It includes Salal, Strawberries, Sweet Potatoes, Spinach, Soybeans, Snap, Peas, Squash, Salsify, Star Fruit, Snake Fruit, Sweet Lemon, and Sour Cherry.

    Conclusion on Fruits that Start with S

    Fruits always come with that “feel good” feeling, and it gets better when the fruits are tasty and recipe worthy. That’s the tale of these fruits that start with S.

    They aren’t just delicious fruits; they are also fruits that make you feel good and generally healthy.

    And yes, these fruits deserve the top spot on your grocery list. 

    I hope you found this post helpful. For more fruit ideas and suggestions, check out the complete List of Fruits from A to Z series. Here are a few suggestions for you:

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