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Truthfully, not everyone is familiar with fruits that start with U. You’d have to think hard to confirm if you’ve ever heard of fruit starting with the letter U and that’s fine.

While you might not know any U-fruit, you shouldn’t underrate them as lacking minerals and vitamins like other famous fruits. Let’s dive in already. 

Umbu Fruit

The Umbu fruit is also called the Brazil plum, and it is one of the fruits that start with U that can be eaten raw. When you lay your hand on the Umbu fruit, you could try the local recipe called umbuzada. 

Ugli Fruit

ugli fruits that start with u

The Ugli fruit is a citrus fruit that shares a similarity of appearance with grapefruit and orange, and that’s because it’s a hybrid fruit born from crossbreeding a grapefruit and a mandarin orange. The Ugli fruit is sweeter than the grapefruit.

Ububese Fruit

The Ububese fruit is a native fruit of Africa. This fruit has a yellowish or reddish color, and it is delicious. The sweet flavor makes eating or cooking the Ububese fruit pleasurable. 

Ugni Fruit

ugni fruits that start with u

The tree the Ugni fruit grows on is nurtured as an ornamental tree. But the Ugni fruit is edible. It has a purple color and a fantastic fragrance that fills the air when you dig in.

The Ugni fruit is a berry similar to strawberries in taste, but it has a hint of tartness. 

Urava Fruit

The Urava fruit tree is native to East Africa, with the fruit itself having a sour taste. Nevertheless, this fruit which is one of the fruits that start with the letter U stocks up on tons of vitamins and minerals. 

Usakhelauri Fruit

usakhelauri fruits that start with u

The Usakhelauri Fruit is a grapefruit that’s utilized in making wine. It is the fruit on our list of fruits that hails from Georgia. The wine gotten from this fruit is semi-sweet but delightful.

Usuma Fruit

The Usuma fruit has another pretty exciting name. It’s called the Peanut butter fruit, and it’s because its taste is similar to Peanut butter.

The Usuma fruit is a native of South America and is famous among Florida gardeners.

Uva Rara Grape

uva rara fruits that start with u

The Uva Rava grape is one of the fruits that start with U that’s useful in creating delicious wine. This fruit is converted into an Italian wine variety that’s sweet with a pleasant aroma and reduced acid levels. 

Uvalino Grape

Uvalino Grape is juicy, which makes it perfect for wine. It has a rustic kind of taste with similarity to Mediterranean wine. It is one of the numerous grapes from Italy that start with the letter U.

Uva Tosca Grape

uva tosca grape fruits that start with u

The Uva Tosca Grape is another Italian wine grape variety, specifically the red wine. It can be eaten raw to experience its sweet and spicy taste. 

Umari Fruit

This fruit is from the Amazon jungle and is oval-shaped with black, yellow, or red. When eaten raw, you’ll encounter a buttery taste, so the natives use it as vegetable butter.

Ume Fruit

ume fruits that start with u

This orange-colored fruit has a taste similar to apricot with a considerable level of acidity. It is one of the fruits that start with U with a lovely aroma and tart flavor.

Udara Fruit

This is an African fruit called Agbalumo or African Star Apple. It has a sweet and sour taste, and you can eat the skin raw as it would turn into gum when you eat it for long.


ulu fruits that start with u

Also called breadfruit, the ‘Ulu fruit is sweet and can be eaten raw or cooked.

FAQs on Fruits That Start with U

Which of These Fruits That Begin with the Letter U Is Exotic?

Three fruits on our list of fruits starting with the letter U are exotic fruits; Ububese fruit, Urava, and the Ugli fruit.

Which of the U-Fruits Are Famous in India?

Only two fruits starting with U are common in India, and these fruits include Ububese and the Urava fruit.

Which of These Fruits That Start with the Letter U Are Rare?

The only very rare fruit on this U-fruits list is the Umbu fruit.

Conclusion on Fruits That Start with U

After searching far and wide, this list of fruits that start with U were the ones we could find. You’d agree that it’s rare to casually hear fruits that start with the letter U.

Some of these fruits have spread to other parts of the world, while others remained in their native country.

If you ever get curious to the point of wanting to experience their tastes, feel free to embark on a trip to discover and experience these fruits firsthand.

I hope you found this post helpful. For more fruit ideas and suggestions, check out the complete List of Fruits from A to Z series. Here are a few suggestions for you:

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