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How many fruits that start with U can you name? Before writing this list, I couldn’t name even one. This list will unveil exotic and unique finds you might have never encountered before. It’s going to be a fruity adventure from Southeast Asia to Africa!

1. Uva Rara Grape

First in this list of fruits that start with U is the Uva Rara, an Italian wine grape variety primarily found in Northern Italy, specifically in Piedmont and Lombardy.

It’s considered a blending grape, often paired with more dominant types.

It has deep red to purple skin and sweet flesh with tart flavor. This vivid skin color is one of its distinguishing characteristics.

2. Umbu Fruit

The Umbu fruit, known scientifically as Spondias tuberosa, hails from Northeastern Brazil.

Fruits that start with U

It has green skin when unripe, and as it matures, the color changes to a yellow hue. It’s a sweet fruit with a hint of sourness.

Include these fruits that start with U in your fruit salads to enjoy their flavor profile and health benefits.

They’re an excellent source of vitamin C and calcium, improving skin health and bone health.

3. Ugli Fruit

The ugli fruit, also called Jamaican tangelo or uniq fruit, is a citrus fruit that originates from Jamaica.

Fruits that start with U

It has juicy flesh with a sweet flavor and a hint of tartness. Segment these fruits that start with U and toss them into your salads, salsas, and other savory dishes.

They are not only delicious but also nutritious. With high levels of vitamin C, they can strengthen our immune system and keep our skin healthy.

They are also a good source of fibre and can nurture our digestive health.

4. Ububese Fruit

The Ububese, or Annona senegalensis, thrives in the tropical regions of Africa, spanning from West Africa to Central Africa.

Like other members of the Annona family, they have a buttery texture and sweet taste with a bit of tangy flavor.

It may not be the most popular fruit, but it’s an excellent addition to several dishes, especially salad dressings fruit-based sauces. 

5. Ugni Fruit

The ugni berry, also called Chilean guava berry, is a small fruit that hails from South America, mainly from Chile and Argentina.

Fruits that start with U

Its outer skin glistens with a deep ruby red to purplish color. When it comes to taste, this type of fruit is predominantly sweet, with hints of wild strawberry and passion fruit.

It also has a distinct fruity aroma! These fruits that start with U are popular choices for smoothie bowls. 

6. Urava Fruit

Uravas, also known as mangrove apples, hail from Australia, thriving in the mangrove forests there.

Mangrove apple trees are beautiful, and so are their fruits. These green fruits that start with U have a tart taste, especially when they’re not fully ripe.

As they mature, the sour flavor is complemented by a hint of sweetness.

They are not as commonly used in culinary dishes as some other fruits, but local communities sometimes incorporate them into traditional recipes.

Their unique, light aroma can add a layer of complexity to dishes.  

7. Uvalino Grape

The Uvalino grape is a variety of grape that thrives in northwest Italy. It boasts a dark purple color, smooth skin, and a slightly oval shape.

When eaten fresh, they deliver a delightful natural sweetness with a bit of acidic taste.

If you have a sweet tooth and are on a weight loss program, these fruits that start with U might appeal to you.

However, it’s worth noting that they’re not typically used as table grapes. Instead, they’re primarily cultivated for winemaking. 

8. Uvilla Fruit

The Uvilla fruit, or Physalis peruviana, is a berry native to Chile, Ecuador, and Peru.

Fruits that start with U

One of its key distinguishing features is its protective papery husk, which encloses a berry inside.

The U fruit itself has a yellow color and offers a balance of sweetness and tartness. It doesn’t have an overly intense aroma but does possess a pleasant fragrance.

Enjoy its flavor and nutritional benefits! It’s a rich source of antioxidants and vitamin K.

9. Usuma Fruit

The Usuma, also popularly known as the peanut butter fruit, is native to South and Central America.

Fruits that start with U

It has a reddish-orange to bright orange skin when ripe.

These fruits that start with U flourish in tropical and subtropical regions, with their growth and fruit-bearing seasons aligning with the area’s warm months.

They aren’t commonly used as ingredients in many dishes, but when they are, it’s due to their remarkable flavor. Some describe their taste as a blend of peanut butter and apricot. 

10. Umeboshi Fruit

Looking for another lesser-known, versatile fruit that you can include in your family favorites?

Umeboshi, or the Japanese plum, is native to Japan and a culinary staple. It’s a small fruit with smooth, light green to yellowish skin. Inside, the flesh is soft with a distinctively sour taste.

Fruits that start with U

This sourness is intensified when it is pickled, a common preparation for these fruits that start with U.

You can also finely chop them to add a zesty punch to salads, balancing out sweet or creamy dressings.

11. Umari Fruit

Learning about tropical fruits that start with U can take us to another part of the world – as far as the Amazonian jungle.

The Umari, scientifically known as Poraqueiba sericea, finds its roots in the lush rainforests of the Amazon Basin.

It offers a subtle sweetness with a hint of tropical tang. You can eat Umari fruits raw; simply peel off the skin and remove the seeds.

12. Udara Fruit

Here’s an exotic fruit from Africa you shouldn’t miss – the Udara!

Also known as the African Star Apple, it’s a delicious fruit from the tropical regions of West Africa, particularly countries like Nigeria and Ghana.

It offers a harmonious blend of sweet and tart flavors. This U fruit can be enjoyed as a standalone snack or an ingredient in various dishes, even cocktails or sauces.

13. Umbra Fruit

These fruits that start with U may have unfamiliar names, but they are as delicious as our classic favorites.

The umbra fruit, or June plum, takes us on a tropical journey to Southeast Asia.

Fruits that start with U

It presents a smooth skin that ranges from a refreshing light green to a sunny yellow, with a juicy, semi-crisp interior reminiscent of an apple.

It’s often juiced or blended into smoothies. The tartness is balanced out with a bit of sugar or other sweet fruits.

14. Utu Fruit

The Utu fruit, also known as the white rubber vine, is native to West Africa. It’s known for its creamy, white flesh, subtle sweetness, and woody aroma.

It looks like our local lanzones here in the Philippines, both in its skin texture and clustered growth pattern; it’s just a little bigger!

I think this fruit starting with U is best enjoyed on its own. However, suppose you have access to it and are feeling adventurous.

You can incorporate it into your savory dishes, perhaps as an addition to your tacos and wraps with spicy grilled meat.

15. Upo

Yes, gourds are fruits. And one of them, the upo, sometimes called upo squash, is a staple in Filipino cuisine!

Fruits that start with U

These fruits that start with U often have a mild, neutral taste, making them adaptable in many dishes. They absorb the flavors of the ingredients they’re cooked with.

We usually sauté this U fruit with garlic, onions, tomatoes, and sometimes with shrimp or ground pork.

16. Ukrainian Heart Tomato

The Ukrainian heart tomato, as its name suggests, hails from the fertile soils of Ukraine.

You’ll easily recognize this tomato variety in local markets by its vibrant, rosy-red outer skin and a shape that can be reminiscent of a heart.

It has juicy flesh that is both sweet and tart, accompanied by a few seeds.

These fruits that start with U are treasured heirloom tomatoes handed down through many generations of Ukrainian farmers.

17. Ugni Blanc Grape

The Ugni Blanc grape is widely grown in French wine regions.

They are characterized by a thin, pale yellow skin and a refreshing tang with slight citric undertones. They are some of the best varieties for wine production!

These fruits that start with U would make excellent sweet snacks, but like other grapes on this list, they are primarily used for winemaking rather than being consumed as table grapes.

18. Uva Tosca Grape

The Uva Tosca grape variety, predominantly found in Italy, is another grape prominently used in winemaking.

It’s usually used to produce red wines with fruity undertones and hints of herbs and spices.

The moderate acidity in these wines makes them an ideal pairing for cheeses, grilled meats, and even vegetable dishes!

My friends and I enjoy wine nights from time to time, and it’s fascinating to learn more about the fruits behind our drinks!

19. Uvaria Fruit

The Uvaria Rufa, commonly known as the red wild banana, hails from the tropical forests of Southeast Asia.

Fruits that start with U

This fruit boasts a striking red exterior, while its soft, creamy interior offers a delicate sweetness.

Due to its unique taste and texture, it’s typically savored on its own rather than incorporated into complex dishes.

Moreover, many local communities appreciate these fruits that start with U not only as a food source but also for their potential medicinal benefits.

20. Uvalha

Yellow fruits that start with U are so inviting that you’d want to eat them every day.

The uvalha, native to Brazil, boasts a vibrant yellow to orange skin and a succulent texture similar to a ripe peach.

This fruit is quite popular in its home country and is primarily enjoyed fresh. While it might not be as renowned as guava or acai, it is cherished for its natural taste and texture.

21. Usakhelauri Grape

The Usakhelauri grape is a rare variety from Georgia. It has a deep reddish-purple hue with a distinctive sweet-tart flavor profile.

While it can technically be enjoyed as a table grape, its primary and most cherished use lies in winemaking.

Wines produced from these fruits that start with U are usually sweet, mirroring their inherent sugar content.

These fruits are so hard to find. However, a visit to Georgia’s wine regions offers a golden opportunity to taste this unique grape firsthand.

22. Unshu Mikan

The Unshu Mikan is one of Japan’s most popular fruits! It has vibrant orange, smooth skin and juicy, seedless flesh tender to the bite.

Fruits that start with U

Its taste is a harmonious blend of sweetness with just the right hint of tang, reminiscent of a perfectly ripe tangerine.

Aside from juicing, you can further savor this fruit’s delightful flavors by pairing it with chocolate!

Use its segments as a juicy topping for a rich chocolate ganache tart to add a tangy contrast to the dark chocolate.

23. Ulu Breadfruit

There are many fun things you can discover on a Hawaiian grand adventure, and one of them is the Ulu!

It’s a delicious fruit with starchy flesh and a texture similar to a potato and soft bread. It has a subtle, earthy, and comforting scent, much like freshly baked bread.

This fruit starting with U is a vital food source for communities and is known for its historical significance.

24. Ugiri Fruit

The Ugiri fruit, predominantly found in West Africa, sports a green outer skin and a pale-yellow, creamy flesh that offers a balanced sweet-tart flavor.

This fruit starting with the letter U is also known as the African bush mango due to its origin and the resemblance of its seeds to mangoes.

Its kernel, found in the innermost part of its seed, is highly valued and used in various dishes.

25. Unnab Fruit

The Unnab fruit, more commonly recognized as jujube, traces its origins from China.

Fruits that start with U

It’s now cultivated in various parts of the world, from Asia to Europe!

It’s sweet with a bit of tartness. Have you seen it in your Asian specialty stores?! It is frequently dried and sold as snacks in Asian markets.

When dried, these fruits that start with U shrink in size, and their skin transitions from reddish-brown to dark brown or almost black.

FAQs on Fruits That Start with U

What is a red fruit that starts with U?

The Unnab fruit is a red fruit that starts with the letter U.

What is a red fruit with Z?

The Ziziphus jujuba, also known as the red jujube or Chinese date, is a red fruit that starts with Z.

What fruit is red and furry? 

The fruit that is red and furry is called a rambutan.

Which fruit is grey in color?

Gray fruits are rare, but wood apples stand out as a unique example.

Which fruit is black in color?

There are several fruits that are black in color, but blackberries are among the most popular.

Which of these fruits that begin with the letter U is exotic?

Among the fruits that begin with the letter U, the Ugiri and Unnab are considered exotic in many parts of the world.

Which of the U-fruits are famous in India?

Among these fruits that start with U, the Unnab is quite popular in India.

Conclusion on Fruits That Start with U

I just realized today that many grape varieties start with U! U fruits are, indeed, on a whole new level. We can transform them into various dishes, even into wines, and other beverages. Let these exotic wonders be the highlights of your next cooking project.

I hope you found this post helpful. For more fruit ideas and suggestions, check out the complete List of Fruits from A to Z series. Here are a few suggestions for you:

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