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Trying to eat more fruits and vegetables can feel daunting, especially when you’re stuck in a rut of only eating the same things.

But there are so many delicious fruits out there, many of which start with the letter T! Here are 15 tasty fruits that start with T to help you break out of your fruit-and-vegetable rut.

A single taste of these fruits would make you experience pure joy, and it’s thanks to their unique taste. 

Tamarind Fruit

fruits that start with t tamarind

The Tamarind fruit stocks up on essential nutrients that affect the body positively. For starters, you’ll benefit from its anti-oxidant and anti-cancer properties if you consume it in the right proportion.

The taste profile of the Tamarind fruit stretches from sweet to sour and includes a tart and tangy flavor. Nevertheless, the taste you’ll experience with a Tamarind fruit depends on its ripeness level.

Tompkins King Apple

The origin of this variety of Apple stems from the United States. It is native to Tompkins city in New York and is called the King of Tompkins County.

It doesn’t have a singular color as it blends a yellow and green color with a red blush mildly sitting on the yellow and green background.

It is loaded with incredible amounts of Vitamin C, fibers, iron, and more.

Tamarillo Fruit

fruits that start with t tamarillo fruit

Another name for the Tamarillo fruit is tree tomato. Unlike the regular Tomato, the Tamarillo fruit is not plum. Instead, it is a unique fruit that is egg-shaped and comes in various colors.

You’ll most likely find a tree tomato with blood red, yellow and red, orange, yellow, or deep-purple skin color. Each skin color depicts a variety of the Tamarillo fruit. But, there is more.

Once you sink your teeth into this fruit, an intense flavor would attack your taste bud. Then, the flavor would usher in hints of sweetness. 

Taylor’s Gold Pear

Another T fruit on this list of fruits is Taylor’s Gold Pear. Although it’s not a citrus fruit, Taylor’s Gold pear is juicy in all senses of the word. It takes the shape of a pear but with slight modifications – it is rounder and fuller.

Also, the skin is beautiful as it is golden brown, making it easy to tell that it is a sweet fruit. It adds to its taste profile a creamy and mild honey flavor that’ll make you crave more.

Feel free to eat this fruit raw or add it to a cake, salad, sauce, muffins, or jam recipe for maximum food pleasure. The presence of Vitamin C improves the immune system.

Tart Cherry

fruits that start with t tart cherry

You’re most likely familiar with the sweet red cherries that can be snacked on raw because of their juicy appearance and delicious taste. But have you met the Tart Cherry fruit? To be fair, we just introduced it to you.

Unlike your delicious, juicy cherry, the Tart cherry is often dried with a sour and sweet taste. They are best converted into cherry juice, making an excellent sleep supplement for insomnia.

Tangelo Fruit

Tangelo is the first hybrid fruit on our list of fruits that start with T. It is a seedless, loose-skinned fruit that requires the crossbreeding of a Tangerine or Mandarin and Pomelo fruit.

This citrus fruit adopts a bit of tangy flavor from the Pomelo fruit and the sweet taste from the Tangerine or Mandarin.

Compared to Mandarin and Tangerine, the Tangelo fruit is easier to peel, and it’s thanks to its loose skin.

You’ll get a good level of dietary fiber from this fruit which takes care of digestion issues.

Tangerine Fruit

fruits that start with t tangelo fruit

Up next on our list is the Parent fruit of the Tangelo – the Tangerine. The tangerine fruit has seeds in almost every section, and it is a native fruit from Southeastern Asia.

It has an intense and sweet flavor. Compared to the Orange, this fruit is smaller and easy to peel. Tangerines are oval-shaped but not perfect as the oval shape is a bit flattened.

If you don’t want to munch on this citrus fruit raw, feel free to add them to cake recipes. 

Tayberry Fruit

Tayberries makes the list of fruits that start with the letter T. They are sweet fruit with a delicious aroma more intense than a loganberry.

Berry cross breeders messed around again, this time, with red raspberry and blackberry, and gave fruit lovers all over the world this fruit.

They grow in clusters, forming a cone shape in the process. Thanks to its Vitamin C content, this berry comes in handy as an immune system booster.

It has reddish-purple skin and is a genuine pleasure giver when used in recipes. You can make Tayberry jam or Biscuit cobbler. 

Tomato Fruit

fruits that start with t tomato fruit

Whether or not Tomato is a fruit has been a confusing endeavor. But we’ve added it to our list of fruits because it is a fruit botanically. If you’re wondering what type of fruit it is, it has been classified as a type of berry.

While you’re most likely familiar with the red plum tomatoes, you should know that there are other Tomato varieties. Each variant has its specific use case. The classic red tomato fruit is juicy and tasty.

Texas Persimmon Fruit

It is a soft fruit that’s primarily sugary with hints of tartness. As one of the fruits that start with the letter T, you’ll enjoy consuming this fruit as it is soft.

The Texas persimmon fruit is rich in fibers. It also plays a vital role in fighting constipation.

Topaz Apple

fruits that start with t topaz apple

Topaz Apple is one of the fruits that start with T with a delicious blend of tart and sweet flavor. It is a hybrid fruit born from two Czech apples known as the Rubin and Vanda apples.

You can bite into the Topaz Apple directly for delightful pleasure, thanks to its crisp skin. You can also choose to slice it and add it to a salad. An irresistible way to eat the Topaz Apple is to pair it with cheese or cream dip. 

Thimbleberry Fruit

fruits that start with t thimbleberry fruit

If you thought the Thimbleberry fruit was a raspberry, you’re correct. It is a red raspberry from the United States – specifically Michigan.

The Thimbleberry fruit is one of the numerous fruits that start with the letter T which has a suitable combination of sweet and tart tastes.

Consuming the Thimbleberry raw or as part of a jam would boost your immune system, thanks to the presence of excellent vitamin C levels.

Terap Fruit

Up next on this list of fruits is the Terap fruit. It is closely related to the Jackfruit, which explains why these fruits share a striking similarity. The Terap fruit gets soft when ripe and has an intense aroma similar to the durian fruit.

Pop this fruit into your mouth, and you’ll enjoy the pleasure of the banana and ice cream mix kind of taste it showers on your taste buds.

Beyond being one of the fruits that start with the letter T, this fruit positively impacts your health. For instance, it aids digestion and improves body stamina.

Tangor Fruit

fruits that start with t tangor fruit

This is another citrus fruit on our list of fruits that start with T. It’s a hybrid fruit born from the combination of a Mandarin and sweet orange.

It has the sweetness of an orange and the floral flavor typical of tangerines. The tango fruit is also fruity and juicy with tart taste hints. 

Totapuri Mango

This Mango variety has an oblong shape and golden yellow color. It has a bearable level of acidity and compensates you with its sweet taste.

Most people convert this fruit into a tonic that’s an effective treatment against heatstroke. It also impacts the immune system on some levels. 

FAQs on Fruits That Start with T

What Is the Name of the Fruit That Looks Like a Tomato?

The Persimmon fruit looks a lot like the Tomato in shape. The only difference is that while the Tomato is red, Persimmon is orange.

Is Tomato a Fruit?

Botanically, tomatoes are classified as fruit. However, it is mainly used and classified as a vegetable in the culinary field. 

What Looks Like a Tomato Plant but Isn’t?

The Horse nettle is a wild cousin of the Tomato that’s poisonous. It looks like baby tomatoes, but they are not tomatoes.

Does Tart Cherry Juice Make You Sleepy?

Tart Cherry juice effectively improves and boosts sleep quality, especially for those battling insomnia.

What Is the Difference between Tangerine and Tangelo?

A significant difference between Tangerine and Tangelo is the texture of their skin. While Tangerine has thick skin and seeds, the Tangelo is thin-skinned and seedless. 

Conclusion on Fruits That Start with T

Never underestimate the amount of pleasure you can get from fruits, especially from our list of fruits that start with T.

Every fruit on the list has a uniqueness to offer. One taste of any fruit of your choice on this list, and you’ll be hooked forever. 

The best part is that these fruits are versatile; they play vital roles in culinary contexts.

Eat them raw or use them in a recipe; either way, you’ll derive true pleasure from consuming them.

I hope you found this post helpful. For more fruit ideas and suggestions, check out the complete List of Fruits from A to Z series. Here are a few suggestions for you:

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