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It is one thing to casually munch on foods and fruits to alleviate hunger. But it’s another thing to derive both pleasure and satisfaction from the food you consume while satisfying your appetite.

These fruits that start with R are more than hunger pacifiers; their luxurious taste would leave you craving more than one bite or round.

When we’re done exploring the fruits on this list, you’ll be stunned at the wonder of their existence.

The next time the fire of hunger attacks you, quench its flames with these fruits that are the perfect blend of deliciousness and satisfaction. 

1. Red Banana

When you see the Red Banana fruit, you’ll quickly identify it. Although it looks like a regular banana, it is enveloped in reddish-purple skin.

Fruits that start with R

Aside from the skin color, the plumper and smaller size differentiate it from the typical banana.

You’ll see the red banana ditch its reddish-purple coat for a cream or light pink color as it takes on a sweet flavor. 

2. Rollinia Fruit

The Rollinia fruit is conical and grows yellow to indicate its ripeness. That means Green Rollinia fruit depicts unripeness.

Fruits that start with R

The skin of this fruit is not smooth as it breaks out into different diamond-shaped sections that are soft.

The flesh has a beautiful aroma, and the fruit tastes like a combination of tropical flavors with coconut, banana, and pineapple.

3. Red Delicious Apple

This is a conical-shaped fruit that starts with R. Although the Red Delicious Apple is medium-sized, it is long.

fruits that start withr red delicious apple

It is also sweet but has a mild flavor attached to it. The mildness might overpower the sweetness of the Apple as some people think the taste is quite bland. It has an intense crimson color.

4. Raspuri Mango

Raspuri Mango is a reddish-yellow fruit with warmth to its sweetness. It is one of the oval-shaped fruits that start with R on our list and has a pleasant aroma.

Unlike other mango species, the flesh of this fruit is not edible. Regardless, the Raspuri mango makes an excellent addition to smoothies, jellies, jam, yogurts, ice cream, and more.

5. Rangpur Lime

The Rangpur lime has an acidic taste which is common with citrus fruit. It looks a bit like a Mandarin and has glowing orange skin.

fruits that start with r rangpur lime

Aside from the acidity, you’ll encounter a sour taste with hints of smokiness. The Rangpur lime is rich in calcium, vitamin C, and potassium, among other nutrients. 

6. Rumdul

Although a native fruit of Southeast Asia, The Rumdul fruit has popularity in Cambodia. Once it matures, it grows as a cluster fruit that assumes a red-black color.

The aroma from the Rumdul fruit is intense and can steal an entire atmosphere, lingering in the air for as long as possible. It gets better because the Ramdul fruit has a pleasant aroma.

7. Rose Hip

If you’re familiar with aromatherapy, you’ve likely heard of rosehip oil. The rosehip oil is usually pressed from the rosehip fruit or the seed.

fruits that start with r rosehip

The typical rose hip fruit is red, but you can always find some rosehip species in dark purple to black. This fruit comes in a round or oval shape and is rich in vitamin C. 

8. Red Huckleberry

The red huckleberries are a great source of Vitamin C as they boost your immune system. However, they are not as sweet as the other huckleberry variant.

Fruits that start with R

You’ll get a tart flavor with red huckleberries, which explains why this huckleberry variant is better used in preservatives, jellies, and jam. 

9. Red Mulberry

The Red Mulberry fruit is a variant of the mulberry. By all means, avoid consuming Red Mulberry fruits unripe as they will make you sick.

fruits that start with r red mulberry

Native to North America, this fruit has a rich, sweet flavor. It grows in a cluster and has a red to dark-purple hue. Because of its sweet taste, you can consume the red mulberry fruit raw. 

10. Rough Lemon

Rough lemon is, well, rough – it has profoundly wrinkled skin. It is the result of crossbreeding a Mandarin and a citron.

fruits that start with r rough lemon

You’ll best enjoy this fruit as a garnish for your fish and meat, or you can add it to your iced tea recipe as the rough lemon flavor is sweeter compared to other lemon varieties.

11. Red Mombin Fruit

The Red Mombin fruit is a drupe fruit with an oval shape and dark red to yellow. It is one of the fruits that start with R that you can enjoy however you wish.

Fruits that start with R

For starters, sprinkle unripe Red Mombin Fruit with salt and lime juice or vinegar to enjoy a unique and satisfying taste. The taste of this tropical fruit is primarily sweet, so you have nothing to worry about.

With an enticing aroma, you’d want to dig into Red Mombin fruit fresh, without boiling or cooking it.

12. Red Bayberry

Red Bayberries are also known as the Chinese or Japanese bayberry. Although they’re the red variant of Bayberries, they come in bright red colors or black, depending on how they’re cultivated.

fruits that start with r red bayberry

Taste-wise, the red bayberry pampers you with sweetness and its abundant juicy flavor laced with hints of acidity.

When you’re not in the mood to consume this high sugary content fruit, you can add it to your wine or juice recipe to still enjoy that delicious taste. 

13. Red Bush Apple

The Red Bush Apple is closer to a Pomegranate than an Apple judging from its appearance. The flesh of this fruit combines mild sweetness with an intense tart and tangy taste.

Fruits that start with R

The Red Bush Apple gives you the luxury of spicing up your pastries, and they also come in handy in making juice and jams.

14. Rocha Pear

Rocha Pears are natives of Portugal with abundant juice and a deliciously sweet flavor. Their skin is usually crispy.

fruits that start with r rocha pear

However, a green Rocha pear would always be crisper than the yellow, ripe variant. The best part is the more yellow a Rocha pear becomes, the more sweetness it delivers.

15. Rhobs el Arsa Fruit

A popular Morrocan citrus fruit, the Rhobs el Arsa fruit has wrinkled, yellow skin. It has a flattened, round shape with moderate acidity and juice levels — fun fact: it is different from the rough lemon. The taste of this citrus fruit is a mix of fruity and acid flavor.

16. Rambutan Fruit

Rambutan is from Southeast Asia with strong antioxidant properties. Adding this fruit to your diet joins forces with your system to fight off free radicals.

fruits that start with r rambutan fruit

Want to know the best part? Rambutan fruit has a sweet and creamy taste, making it excellent ice cream and salad ingredient.

17. Ramontchi

We love fruits that we can dig right into as soon as we buy them as that’s the luxury the Ramontchi offers.

Fruits that start with R

The other names for this fruit include the Madagascar plum and Indian plum – it does look like a purple, well-rounded plum.

The Ramontchi isn’t too different from the European plum, but it has a high acidic taste and bitterness.

18. Raisin

Raisins are unique fruits that start with R. They are special because of their formation.

fruits that start with r raisin

First, you’ll need to select grapes from the finest and freshest grape varieties. Then, dehydrate them under the sun or with a dehydrator. Once they dry, you’ll have your raisins.

Ripe raisins assume a darker color, are sweeter and are loaded with many nutrients.

19. Rajka Apple

This modern Apple that starts with the letter R was born due to several factors in a breeding program in the Czech Republic.

Fruits that start with R

It has a round shape with a unique scarlet red and yellow color blend. The acidic taste in this fruit is perfect, and it has a sweet flavor. 

20. Raspberry

The Raspberry fruit is a cluster of drupelets, also called tiny beads. There are varieties of this fruit, and they come in various colors ranging from black, pink, yellow, red, and purple.

fruits that start with r raspberry

This fruit is rich in riboflavin, vitamin A and B6, calcium, thiamine, and zinc. While they’re sweet, they also have an acidic taste.

21. Rata Fruit

The Rata fruit is a light yellow fruit from Asia with a spherical shape.

Fruits that start with R

It has a mild, almost unnoticeable fragrance, balances a sour and sweet taste with a buttery texture, and is excellent for making jams. There are also notes of acidic taste in this fruit.

22. Rockmelon

Rockmelon is another name for the Cantaloupe fruit. It is one of the fruits that start with R with high water content and essential nutrients.

fruits that start with r rockmelon

Some of these nutrients include Vitamins C and B and Potassium. The presence of these nutrients means this fruit is perfect for people who are undergoing treatments to reduce their cholesterol levels. 

23. Rambai

The Rambai fruit is one of the flexible fruits that start with the letter R.

Fruits that start with R

There is no single pattern for how the Rambai fruit looks. For instance, some Rambai fruits are oval-shaped, while others are round or oblong.

But that’s not all. You’ll either catch the Rambai fruit in yellow, salmon or brown color. A consistency that Rambai fruits have is their velvety texture.

24. Riberry Fruit

If you can’t do without that unique fruity flavor in your sauce, jams, jellies, cakes, and salads, you need the Riberry in your kitchen.

fruits that start with r riberry

It has a spicy and tart flavor with lingering Cinnamon and cloves taste. Riberry is one of the fruits that start with R with high calcium levels. 

25. Rosigold Mango

The Rosigold Mango has an oval shape with an orange-yellow fruit wrapped in green skin. The fruit might not look enticing but it is sweet and has zero fiber.

26. Red Currant

Despite not being known for their sweet flavor, red currants are still a treat to your taste buds.

Fruits that start with R

They have a tart flavor, so they are often used in jams, jellies, and desserts where sugar or other sweeteners are added to balance the tartness.

Make these attractive fruits a part of your favorite tasty snack! These fruits that start with R are a rich source of vitamin C, iron, and dietary fiber.

27. Roselle Fruit

Are cranberries your favorite fruit? Then you’ll love Roselle, also known as Hibiscus sabdariffa.

Fruits that start with R

Originating from West Africa, they thrive in tropical regions worldwide, from Asia to Central America.

These fruits that start with R are recognizable by their deep red calyces. Often mistaken for the actual fruit, these vibrant parts are the fleshy coverings that encase the plant’s seeds.

Their exterior has a slightly ribbed and leathery texture, but inside, they are juicy and tender.

28. Red Pineapple

The Red pineapple is known for its tropical charm and pleasant taste.

Fruits that start with R

It stands out with its vivid reddish-brown color and the typical spiky texture, similar to its yellow counterpart!

Meanwhile, its bright pink flesh showcases a balance of sweetness and acidity. These exotic fruits that start with R are also nutritious.

Like the usual pineapples, they have a high vitamin C and fiber content, which can help improve skin health and regulate blood pressure.

29. Red Custard Apple

The Red Custard Apple is an enchanting variant of the more common green custard apple.

Compared to the bumpy skin of the green variety, this red one has a smoother texture, yet retains some wavy patterns, reminiscent of a quilt. Its flesh is soft, creamy, and custard-like.

You’ll enjoy its sweet, mild taste. Indulge in this as a refreshing snack instead of sugary desserts, to stay on track with your weight loss and weight management journey.

30. Red Plum

The Red Plum is a popular snack for good reason! They typically lean on the sweet side but have a bit of tartness.

Fruits that start with R

These delicious fruits are related to cherries, as both are stone fruits, but they have their own unique taste and texture.

If only I could find these in our local markets, I wouldn’t hesitate to grab some!

The thing is, they don’t have a long shelf life, so if I happen to get a few, I might transform them into jams to preserve their flavors.

31. Rainier Cherry

Rainier cherries are truly a gem among cherries, known for their aromatic taste, fragrant flesh, and vibrant colors.

Fruits that start with R

They grow in a fruit tree native to the Pacific Northwest area of the United States. These popular fruits that start with R are so sweet that people enjoy eating them fresh.

But they’re also versatile for a range of culinary applications. They can be used in ice creams and puddings, as well as in salads and beverages.

32. Rubus Parviflorus

The Rubus parviflorus, commonly known as thimbleberry, is a remarkable fruit native to North America.

Fruits that start with R

These fruits, which start with R, capture attention with their soft, velvety, and vibrant red outer skin.

They have delicate, pulpy flesh that’s sweet yet tart, combining elements of both raspberries and wild strawberries.

This has to be one of the most adorable fruits ever. They have a distinct shape that closely resembles a thimble!

33. Red Guava

The Red Guava may seem like an ordinary green fruit on the outside, but on the inside, it truly shines, boasting a deep pink to ruby-red color. Its flesh has a texture similar to that of a pear.

Fruits that start with R

It features a unique flavor combination: a blend of sweetness with subtle undertones of tartness reminiscent of strawberries and pears.

You can transform this into several types of desserts, like ice cream and pie!

FAQs on Fruits That Start with R

Which of these fruits is exotic?

Some of the R fruits on this list that are exotic are the Rollinia and Rambutan fruit. 

Which fruits that begin with the letter R are common in India?

The Rambutan, Rollinia, Rangpur, and 47 raspberry species are common in India.

Which fruits that start with R have eight letters?

Four fruits start with R and have eight letters. They are the Rambutan fruit, Rosehip fruit, Rumberry fruit, and Rashmato fruit.

What fruit or veg begins with R?

Here’s a mini list for you when you need a quick reminder on fruits and vegetables that start with R. These fruits and vegetables include Rosemary, Radish, Radish pods, Raw plantain, Ribbed gourd, Runner beans, Rutabaga, Roselle, and Rhubarb.

Are Rough Lemons edible?

Yes, they are edible. Although their skin looks rough, making it seem unattractive and inedible, Rough lemons can be eaten raw or added as recipes to certain dishes. For instance, you can use it to garnish your meat or fish. 

What is a dry fruit that starts with the letter R?

Raisin is a dry fruit that starts with the letter R. It is a dried grape, often used in baking and cooking for its sweet taste and chewy texture.

What is a small berry beginning with R?

Raspberry is a small berry that begins with the letter R.

What Apple starts with an R?

What Apple starts with an R?

What is a hairy fruit that starts with R?

Rambutan is a hairy fruit that starts with the letter R.

Conclusion on Fruits That Start with R

Now that you know that the best way to silence hunger’s call is with these fruits that start with R, you shouldn’t stall infusing them into your recipes and diet.

Want to know the best part? As you quench hunger’s flames with these fruits, you’ll automatically improve the quality of your health as these fruits stock up on the necessary nutrients your body requires to function correctly.

I hope you found this post helpful. For more fruit ideas and suggestions, check out the complete List of Fruits from A to Z series. Here are a few suggestions for you:

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