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If dates, dewberry, and dragon fruits are the only fruits that start with D in your fruit collection, you have so much to learn. Good for you; today is your lucky day. We’ll take you down the aisle of fruits whose names start with D so you can discover the wonder of nature and know just how much you’re missing out on the goodness some fruits offer. 

Learning about these fruits is a great way to start if you’re looking to broaden the scope of fruits you eat.

It gives you more to explore. Also, the next time you see a particular fruit whose name starts with D, you’ll call it by its name. Ready to learn about fruits with the letter D as the start of their name? Let’s dive in.

Fruits that Start with D

Damson Plum

fruits that start with D Damson Plum

If you’re a foodie and you’re looking for the perfect fruit that’ll give your jam and jellies an intense taste or flavor, Damson Plum is the right candidate for that task. It perfectly blends a sweet and tart taste, making it an ideal ingredient in liqueurs. This tropical fruit is native to Britain and has a light blue color. 


Dangleberry belongs to the berry family. This blue-colored berry is small and native to the eastern United States. Another name for this fruit is the Blue Huckleberry which you might know it as.

This fruit has a sweet, juicy taste, making it a worthy addition in a jam, as a recipe in baked goods, pie, pancakes or can be consumed raw. You will be lucky to catch Dangleberries towards the end of summer and in the early periods of the fall season.

Dessert Banana

fruits that start with d desert banana

Contrary to what you might have thought, Desert Bananas bear no similar look or taste to regular bananas. Instead, they are pendulum-shaped, have a mild taste compared, and are green in color. They are native to Australia and are also called “Bush Banana.”

Australians consume Bush Banana in two ways; they either eat it raw when it’s young or when it matures, they cook it and feed on it. 

Dabai Fruit

Like every other fruit, this tropical fruit grows on a specific type of tree in a tropical rainforest in Borneo. It looks like what would happen if black olive and a grape decided to procreate 😉

This fruit has a dusty black color and can be eaten raw. Nevertheless, people who enjoy the Dabai fruit raw always soak it for a while in the water to enjoy the goodness it gives. It is rock solid and doesn’t seem edible at first contact.

What does it taste like? A blend of tangy and salty flavor. 


fruits that start with d date plum

Although the Date-plum fruit is small, it’s bigger than a cherry. It is yellowish-orange in color and is a member of the Persimmon family. They are also called “the Divine Fruit” and have another color variant, deep purple-brown. Their taste is heavenly and mostly sweet. You’ll experience a honey-like and juicy flavor that blends the taste of dates and plum.

Dinosaur Eggs

If you feel uncomfortable calling this fruit “Dinosaur eggs,” call it Pluots. Pluot is the more common name, and it looks somewhere between an apricot and a plum. Some people refer to this fruit as a hybrid fruit due to its appearance.

Aside from its shared appearance with the aforementioned fruits, Dinosaur eggs are sweeter than plum and apricot combined. 


fruits that start with d dates

Palm trees are the home of this small, reddish-brown, and sweet fruit called Dates. When you think of fruits that start with D, it’s probably the only fruit that’ll come to mind. Because it has been cultivated for years, no one exactly knows its origin. But speculations say that it stemmed from either North Africa, India, or the Middle East. Research proves that Dates have 68% sugar content when it’s dry. 

Dead Man’s fingers

First, this fruit doesn’t stem from a dead man’s fingers. Second, it doesn’t have the bitter, rotten, or sour taste that you might assume it has because of its name. On the contrary, it is sweet and tasty.

The Deadman finger’s fruit is deep blue and shaped like a sausage. Its deep blue color makes it look a bit like a dead man’s fingers. But its taste is rewarding. You will spice up your recipe library with this fruit. Peel it and enjoy the goodness it brings. 

Discovery Apple

fruits that start with d discovery apple

Apples are sweet. But if you want that unique crispiness to its sweet taste, then you have to try the Discovery apple. Grown in the United Kingdom (UK), this variety of apples has a pink-red appearance.

Like Apples, it is sweet but has a bit of tartness. Nevertheless, it doesn’t store well as it starts to lose its originality, taste, and color after a week. 


On our list of fruits is Dewberry. This is another berry fruit native to the Northern part of the world. That is, it’s common in Northern America and Northern Europe. While it’s smaller than a blackberry, it looks a lot like a raspberry. The only difference is its color.

It is deep purplish-red. Nevertheless, they are not too different in taste from blackberries and make an excellent addition to pies, and can be great preservatives.

Desert Lime

fruits that start with d desert lime

The first thing you should know about this fruit is true citrus. Also, it grows in Australia. With its light yellow-green color, this fruit does not take long to bloom out of the tree after flowering. It’s best used in jams, marinades, and preservatives. You can consume this fruit raw if you do not mind a sour and bitter taste. 

Double Coconut

Double coconut is another fruit that starts with D that you probably did not know existed, right? For starters, double coconuts are the world’s largest seeds. Its seeds give birth to the double coconut fruit that weighs up to 55 lbs. Labeled as an “endangered species”, this fruit is rare, but they taste good. They taste more like sweet and citrusy coconut.

Dragon Fruit

fruits that start with d dragon fruit

If you’re a smoothie fanatic, you should know Dragon Fruit. It makes for an excellent smoothie recipe with its beautiful red-pink color. Aside from its appearance, the Dragon fruit has a creamy and silky texture that adds to its suitability as a smoothie recipe.

If you’re curious about its taste, one bite will leave you wondering if you ate a kiwi or a pear as its taste is split between these two fruits.

Dekopon Fruit

fruits that start with d dekopon fruit edited

The Dekopon fruit is a citrus fruit that’s intense and sweeter than an orange. A glance at this fruit would leave you doubting the sweet taste that this fruit has as its skin is thick, rough, and bumpy. But you should know that this fruit is the sweetest Citrus fruit globally. Another thing is, they do not have seeds. 

Desert Quandong

If you ever have difficulty pronouncing this fruit, refer to it as the Native Peach. They hail from Australia and only require 4-6 weeks to grow. When ripe, they look mostly red or yellow.

While it is sweet, its sweetness depends on the tree it grows on. Nevertheless, the taste profile of this fruit has a mild sourness and saltiness to it.

FAQs on Fruits That Start with D

What Kind of Fruit Starts with D?

Different kinds of fruits start with D. These fruits fall under different classes or families. For instance, Date-palm is a tropical fruit that starts with D. There are other tropical fruits that start with D like Double coconut, Damson, Dabai fruit, and Duku fruit. There are also Berry fruits that start with D too like Dangleberry, Dewberry andDarwin’s Barberry. Other fruits that start with D are Citrus Fruits like Desert lime, Pome fruits like Discovery Apple, and Stone Fruits like Darling fruits. 

Can Dogs Eat Dates?

Yes, Dogs can eat dates. However, it would be best to be mindful of the number of dates you feed your dog, so you don’t negatively impact their health. Ensure you do not feed Dates to your Dogs often or occasionally. Only feed it to your Dogs sparingly, like once in a very blue moon. 

Are Dates Good for Sperm?

Yes, it is good for sperm. Based on research, dates improve men’s sexual health and sexual stamina. Thanks to flavonoid and estradiol, dates positively impact the sperm and sperm count in men, increasing it in the process. 

Are There Any Vegetables That Start with the Letter D?

Yes, a handful of vegetables start with D. Some vegetables include Daylily, Dill, Dolichos Beans, Drumstick Plant, Delicata Squash, Dasheen, and Dinosaur Kale. 

Are Medjool Dates?

Medjool is a type of Dates that are naturally sweet as they give off a caramel-like taste. They are darker and larger than the regular dates that you know. 

Conclusion on Fruits That Start with D

I’m pretty sure you just came across some of these fruits that start with D for the first time in your life. Or if you’ve come across some of these fruits previously, you probably had no idea what their name is.

But now that you know their names and that these fruits exist, you should consider trying out most of them at least once in your lifetime. They are filled with vitamins and dietary benefits to help prevent certain medical conditions. 

I hope you found this post helpful. For more fruit ideas and suggestions, check out the complete List of Fruits from A to Z series. Here are a few suggestions for you:

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