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Mother earth has blessed humankind with tons of nutritious and delicious fruits. If you woke up one morning and decided to spend the rest of your life eating only fruits, you may never run out of what fruit to eat, and this article is proof. Here, we’ll explore as many fruits that start with C as possible so you’ll get an idea of what we mean. 

The good part about these fruits is that they all add unique nutritional benefits to our bodies at different levels. Note that these fruits are more common in some regions than others globally.

So, if you want to get your hands on some of the fruits in this list, you might need to travel to its native home. Ready to discover new fruits that you’ll add to your grocery list? Let’s dive in. 

Fruits That Start with C

Canistel Fruit

fruit that start with c canistel

The Canistel fruit takes us on a short trip to Southern Mexico, where it was born. However, over the years, the fruit has migrated to some parts of the world, now being cultivated. These parts of the world include Africa, America, and Asia. Sometimes, people refer to it with its other name; egg fruit.

The best part about this fruit is its taste. It gives off sweet flavors, making it a worthy substitute for sugar. If you’ve been searching for a healthy replacement for sugar in some of your recipes, here’s something for you. 

Cantaloupe Fruit

This fruit is part of the fruit family of cucumber, squashes, pumpkins, and the likes. Cantaloupe fruit is very juicy and has high water content. However, the high water content does not stop this fruit from having a very sweet and irresistible taste that’s to die for.

Aside from its high water content, it is also very rich in Vitamin C, as you can get 100% of the value you need from Vitamin C each day by consuming this fruit.

Cacao Fruit

fruits that start with c cacao 2

One reason to fall in love with this fruit is its health benefits. Did you know that consuming Cacao fruit generally boosts your energy levels? Well, now you know.

Its taste is a great combination of juicy, sweet, and a dash of sour goodness that balances it out. Truthfully, it has a wide taste profile that a few people have spotted a subtle chocolate taste in the mix. 

Ceylon Gooseberry

The Ceylon Gooseberry has lived in various parts of the world. As a result, it has more than one name. Some of its other names are Ketembilla and Kitambilla. You can easily tell when this fruit is unripe as it has a light green color. Once it ripens, it loses the green color for a deep purple color.

Generally, you can munch on a Ceylon Gooseberry as soon as you pluck it from the tree. Or, you could add it to your jam to improve the taste. It is sour and can be sweetened with sugar. 

Cherimoya Fruit

fruits that start with c cherimoya 1

If you ever want to get that candy-like sweetness that you derive from unhealthy junk in a healthy way, the Cherimoya fruit is the best way to go about it. A lot more people have described its taste profile as consisting of tastes indicative of a blend of banana, pineapple, and strawberry. This fruit is also called custard apple. 

Carob Fruit

If you need a healthy chocolate substitute, Carob fruit is the one for you. It is very dark but has a sweet taste. This fruit grows in the Carob tree and hails from the Mediterranean. The best part about this fruit is that it is high in fiber and does not contain caffeine. 

Crab Apple

fruits that start with c crab apple 1

Crab Apples are a lot smaller than the traditional Apples that you and I are familiar with. They are about the size of cherries, and they come in diverse colors like red, yellow, and green. Generally, you will easily know a crab apple when you see one based on its miniature size. Usually, Crab Apples taste both sweet and sour and are a great addition to jellies and jam.

Capulin Cherry

The Capulin Cherry goes by many names. Some of these names include Mexican bird cherry, Cereza, wild cherry, and black cherry. They are mostly red in color with a hint of green.

It has smooth skin and is mostly sweet with a bit of astringent touch to its taste. If you’re looking for a source of calcium and fiber, you’ll do yourself a favor by adding this fruit to your diet. 

Cape Gooseberry

fruits that start with c cape gooseberry

This fruit is a great source of Vitamin C. It unleashes many benefits on your body, starting from giving you an amazing skin glow to helping with digestion. The Cape Gooseberry fruit hails from Peru, where it’s referred to as Uchava. It gives off a tart and sweet taste when it sits on your taste buds.

They are about the size of tomatoes but are golden-yellow in color. Culinary-wise, this fruit is a great addition to ice creams, cheese, and meat, smoothie recipes, pies, and more. 

Canary Melon

Canary Melons have an elongated oval shape and are yellow in color. They are also called Spanish melons. The best part about Canary melon is that they release a tropical scent that’s a blend of pineapple and banana.

You’ll benefit a lot from consuming this fruit, not just from the sweet taste but from its numerous health benefits. For starters, if you’re trying to fight off aging, adding this fruit to your anti-aging plan and routine would do you so much good.  

Cupuacu Fruit

fruits that start with c cupuacu fruit

This Cupuacu fruit is one fruit you should add to your bucket list. Of course, it’s not just because it is an exotic fruit but because of its unique taste. When this fruit hits your taste buds, it releases a creamy white pulp laced with chocolate-pineapple flavor. Its juice tastes like a delicious mix of pear and banana. 

Calamondins Fruit 

This fruit is a citrus fruit that is native to China. It has the typical sour and tangy taste familiar with most of the other Citrus fruits on the planet. In fact, it shares a similarity of taste with the Lemon fruit.

You’ll enjoy the Calamondins fruit better when you consume it half-ripe with its taste still young, bold, fresh and sour. Unripe Calamondins are usually yellow in color, while the ripe variant is orange and soft. 

Cashew Apple

fruits that start with c cashew

The Cashew Apple fruit has an interesting culinary profile. You can either choose to eat this yellow or reddish fruit raw or use it as an ingredient in an alcoholic drink. It is also a great use to ferment it in vinegar. The taste of this fruit is a unique type of sweet and sour where you’ll feel both tastes struggling for dominance in different parts of your taste buds. 

Chayote Fruit

Chayote Fruit or Chayote Squash, as the internet calls it, is a light green fruit that looks confusing to eat at first glance. However, when you finally find the courage to bite into this fruit, you’ll experience a mild taste, with its skin feeling crunchy as you crush it in between your teeth. However, if you don’t want to eat it raw, you can bake, boil or sauté it in vegetables. 

Calabash Fruit

fruits that start with c calabash fruit

Also known as the miracle fruit, the Calabash fruit is another one of the fruits that start with C. It has quite a lot of benefits. It contains a host of nutrients, including Vitamin B1, vitamin C, calcium, iron, sodium, and potassium. All these nutrients contribute to the numerous benefits that you could gain from this fruit.

Truthfully, Calabash fruit isn’t the most delicious fruit on the planet. It has a very bitter and sour taste that’ll make you contort your face in disgust once it settles on your lips. 

FAQs on Fruits That Start with C

How Many Fruits That Begin with the Letter C Are Mentioned Here?

While there are more fruits that start with C, this list captures 15+ fruits that start with C.

What Fruits That Begin with the Letter C Has the Highest Content of Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is beneficial to health. If you’re looking to increase your intake of vitamins, you should consume fruits with high vitamin C content. One fruit that’s a good source of Vitamin C and starts with C is the Cantaloupe

Which Vegetables start with the Letter C?

Vegetables like Carrot, Cabbage, Cactus, Cape, and Cassava, all start with Letter C. The best part is that they are rich with numerous benefits that enrich the body, muscles, and bones.

What Does Cantaloupe Do in the Body?

Aside from being the best fruit that starts with C that is high in Vitamin C, Cantaloupe benefits the human body in different ways. For starters, it contains Vitamin A that makes the eyes and other vital parts of the body healthy. It also keeps you hydrated. 

Which Fruits That Begin with the Letter C Has the Highest Water Content?

Again, Cantaloupe has the highest water content among all fruits after Watermelon and Strawberry. It has a 90% water content. Like a melon, it contains enough water content, fiber, and other nutrients that boost your immune system and overall health. 

Conclusion: Fruits That Start with C

Now that you know more fruits, you can modify your grocery shopping list to include some of these fruits. You no longer have to be bored of reshuffling and eating the same old fruits that you’ve been used to from childhood.

These fruits that start with C are a great way to explore most of nature’s goodies. 

I hope you found this post helpful. For more fruit ideas and suggestions, check out the complete List of Fruits from A to Z series. Here are a few suggestions for you:

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