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Don’t overlook fruits that start with C; they’re too delicious and healthy to always be your third choice! Get to know them, savor their flavors, and add them to your list of favorite fruits!

35 fruits that start with C.

1. Canistel Fruit

Canistels, also called egg fruit, are some of the most flavorful fruits around! They’re usually oval or egg-shaped and come in a smooth, orange to yellow color.

Fruits that start with C

What makes them unique is their custard-like, juicy flesh and sweet flavor. Fruits that start with C are winners in both taste and vibrancy!

2. Cantaloupe

This list of fruits that start with C can take those fruit salads to the next level! Cantaloupe is not only a delicious fruit. It’s also packed with nutritional benefits.

Fruits that start with C

It’s a good source of potassium, vitamin c, and powerful antioxidants. Why don’t you use these fabulous fruits to make refreshing drinks that pair well with a lot of summer dishes?!

3. Cacao

Fruits that start with C

The cacao fruit thrives in tropical regions in Asia and Africa. They have an elongated shape, with white flesh and a bitter, distinct flavor, unlike the sweet chocolates we enjoy.

But they do come from it. Those beans inside the cacao fruit are what we use to create delicious chocolates! 

4. Ceylon Gooseberry

Ceylon gooseberries are small, round fruits that typically grow in clusters. This exotic fruit is native to Sri Lanka but can also be found in other tropical and subtropical areas.

Fruits that start with C

It boasts a tangy, tart flavor, with a smooth, slightly translucent outer skin that’s delicate and easy to peel or bite into. Fruits that start with C really impress people all around the world!

5. Cape Gooseberry

Cape gooseberries, also known as goldenberries, thrive in regions across South America, South Africa, and parts of Europe and Asia.

These sweet, tart fruits are characterized by their yellow skin and mild flavor.

Fruits that start with C

Like many fruits that begin with C, they have earned a cherished spot in various traditional foods, thanks to their versatility and distinctive qualities. 

6. Cherimoya

The more you learn about fruits that start with C, the more you’ll crave a healthier lifestyle. Cherimoya, also known as star apple, grows in Central and South America.

Fruits that start with C

These tropical fruits offer a sweet taste, creamy texture, and potential health benefits. They are a good source of vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants.

Savor the flavor of cherimoya with some heavy cream, vanilla extract, and mint leaves!

7. Carob Fruit

At first glance, Carobs may not seem like edible fruits, but they are! These sweet fruits are native to the Mediterranean region and have tough, dark brown, leathery skin.

Fruits that start with C

They’re known for their distinctive flavor and are often considered an excellent chocolate substitute. Remember these C fruit names to make your desserts even more fun.

8. Crab Apple

This list of fruits that start with C will introduce you to different types of apples! Crab apples are known for their tangy and acidic flavor with hints of sourness.

Fruits beginning with C crab apple
Crab apple tree (Photo Credit: Food Plus Words)

They are very small, ranging from about the size of a cherry to a golf ball.

These are common fruits in the U.S., so once you get some, make crab apple jelly for everyone!

9. Cashew Apple

Cashew apples aren’t very popular in the U.S. because cashew trees thrive in tropical and subtropical climates.

However, if you come across some fresh ones, you can use them to experiment with various apple recipes.

Fruits that start with C

Compared to other apple varieties, this sweet fruit has a mild tangy flavor and acidic taste, but you can still get creative with its exotic flavor profile.

10. Capulin Cherry

I’ve never seen a single cherry tree, so I’m curious about these fruits beginning with C. Capulin cherry trees are from the Americas, including North America and Central America.

Fruits that start with C

They’re not like sour cherries, but you can still use them in recipes that call for a sour taste.

They’re often enjoyed fresh, with a flavor somewhat like traditional sweet cherries, but with a touch of tartness. 

11. Camu Camu

Camu camu is a versatile fruit used in various culinary applications, from beverages to desserts! It’s a type of sour berry with glossy skin and pulpy flesh, delivering a tangy taste.

Fruits that start with C

Experiment with camu camu berries to incorporate a zesty and sour contrast to your creations. Fruits that start with C pair well with tons of mouthwatering ingredients.

12. Cornelian Cherry

Fruits starting with C, like cherries, are so extraordinary that they are sometimes hard to find. Here in Southeast Asia, they’re not easy to find fresh.

Fruits that start with C

Cornelian cherries are even rarer! Got some? Lucky you. This tart berry is the perfect choice for making grilled meat sauces and jams.

You can also use this acidic fruit as an ingredient or garnish for your Halloween cocktails or ice creams.

13. Caper Berries

Caper berries come from the caper plant and are used in dishes like salads and pasta. They have green skin and pale, translucent flesh.

Fruits that start with C

I’m not a fan of capers, so I don’t know if I’ll love their slightly salty, briny taste. I can’t wait to give them a try! Let’s give all fruits that start with C a delicious chance.

14. Coffee Cherry

Fruits that begin with C are for special occasions! Coffee cherries come from the coffee plant. They’re mainly grown for coffee bean production, though.

Fruits that start with C

Try them in cherry pie filling recipes or desserts if you find some.

Coffee cherries are not a popular choice for sweet treats, but they are a versatile ingredient that can infuse an extraordinary twist to your meals!

15. Chico Fruit

Chico fruit is usually round with rough, brown, and grainy skin. It’s a popular fruit here in the Philippines – we even have a chico tree in our backyard!

Fruits that start with C

The taste? Imagine a mix of pear and brown sugar. That’s why it’s a ‘kid-friendly’ fruit, perfect for a healthy and simple summer snack for the whole family.

For me, it’s one of the most delicious fruits that start with C.

16. Calabash Fruit

There are many types of fruit, but nothing beats delicious fruits that start with C. Besides their sweet flavors, they’re also a healthy choice.

Fruits that start with C

Take the calabash fruit, for example, packed with a variety of health benefits like calcium, sodium, potassium, and vitamin C.

It’s a nutritious fruit known for its healing wonders! Well, all fruits starting with C are incredible superfoods.

17. Cherry Tomato

Fruits starting with C are the best ingredients for hot summer months! Is a summer salad really complete without cherry tomatoes?

Fruits that start with C

They’re famous for their natural sweetness and tanginess. They are intensely flavored compared to larger tomatoes.

I love them, but it’s funny how I thought they were vegetables when I was younger.

18. Canary Melon

Canary melons aren’t as common as honeydew melons, but they’re equally delicious!

Fruits that start with C

They’re typically considered a specialty melon and can be found mainly during their peak season from June through August.

What makes them unique is their distinct flavor and delightful aroma! It’s undoubtedly a great addition to fruit salads and smoothies.

19. Cupuacu

Exploring fruits that start with C can take you to places! Cupuacu, Brazil’s national fruit, can be found at the heart of the Amazon and other tropical regions of South America.

Fruits that start with C

It’s a large, brown fruit with a tough, woody shell that protects its creamy pulp and large seeds. This fruit is not only a staple in traditional cuisine but also boasts numerous nutritional benefits.

20. Calamondin

Fruits beginning with C include delicious citrus fruits that grow on small trees across Asia!

Calamondin fruits originally hail from China and were later introduced to other parts of Asia, like the Philippines and Indonesia.

Fruits that start with C

They are small, round, and orange, known for their tangy, sour flavor, reminiscent of a blend of tangerine and lime. My dad loves these fruits, alongside kumquat!

21. Chayote

I love chayote! It’s mild and crisp, like a cucumber, with a subtle sweet flavor. Here in the Philippines, it’s available all year round.

Fruits that start with C

We prepare it in different ways, such as steaming, sautéing, and stir-frying.

Like cherry tomatoes and other fruits that begin with C, it’s an excellent choice for savory dishes, contributing to a well-balanced mix of flavors and textures.

22. Cucumber

What do you think are the most refreshing fruits that start with C? Well, I’d say cucumbers! Yes, cucumbers are technically fruits!

Fruits that start with C

We often treat them like veggies, especially for their crisp flesh and cooling touch they add to salads and other savory summer dishes. You can use them in beverages, too!

23. Cranberry

Cranberries are among the most well-known fruits that start with C.

Fruits that start with C

Well, it’s a bit embarrassing, but I’ve only ever tried store-bought cranberry juices! For now, that’ll do, I guess?

In juice form, I can still enjoy their sweet-tangy flavor and benefit from nutrients like vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants!

24. Clementine

Consider clementines as mini oranges – they’re small, seedless, and super easy to peel. They’re usually smaller and taste sweeter and milder than regular oranges.

Fruits that start with C

While bigger oranges can be a bit tart, clementines are perfect for snacking, especially during the holidays.

Every citrus fruit that begins with C can help spark more festive experiences!

25. Citron

Citron fruit, also called Citrus medica, is a large, lemon-like citrus fruit valued for its thick, fragrant skin rather than its flesh or juice.

Fruits that start with C

Unlike oranges and lemons, citron has thick, bumpy skin, and its pulp is generally dry and less juicy.

Grate citron peel to infuse its unique fragrance into your stews and sauces!

26. Cedar Bay Cherry

Cedar bay cherries are tropical fruits native to Australia and nearby regions. They’re small, round, and turn reddish-orange when ripe.

Fruits that start with C

What makes these cherries special is that they are known not only for their unique flavors but also for their ornamental purposes.

You can shape the plants to beautify your garden or use the fruits as garnish for your meals. Fruits that start with C are really visual appeal champs.

27. Cluster Figs

Cluster figs are produced by the Ficus racemosa tree, which is native to South Asia and certain parts of Australia.

Fruits that start with C

They are small, round, and about the size of a marble, often found near riverbanks and in forested areas.

Their true flavor shines when they reach ripeness.

Their skin softens, and the fruit becomes sweeter with a subtle nutty undertone. This fruit that starts with C pairs well with spiced beef dishes.

28. Chilean Guava

Guava fruits are commonly found and grown in the Philippines; I grew up eating them!

Bayabas is the most popular variety here, and despite being different fruits, it shares similarities with Chilean Guava.

Fruits that start with C

Bayabas have a sweet, tropical flavor with varying degrees of tartness.

I have yet to taste Chilean guava, but they say that it has a unique sweet-tart flavor, similar to strawberries and cranberries.

It’s also citrusy, with a less tropical aroma. Fruits that start with C are exotically delicious!

29. Cempedak

I’ve always loved jackfruit, so I’m thrilled to know more of its fruit cousins. Cempedak comes from the same botanical family.

Fruits that start with C

It also has a spiky, greenish-brown outer skin covered in small, sharp spikes. They look similar, but cempedak is said to be sweeter and more aromatic.

Fruits starting with C may seem somewhat strange, but they are loved for their sweet flavor and aromatic qualities.

30. Chinese Dates

Chinese dates, or jujube, are cultivated in many countries across Asia, including China and Korea.

Fruits that start with C

They are reddish-brown, small, oval-shaped fruits the size of a cherry.

They are not cultivated in the Philippines, so I haven’t had the chance to obtain any fresh ones.

But we recently purchased some dried ones from a specialty fruit stand! Their sweetness and slightly chewy texture are irresistible.

31. Camachile

Camachile fruits, also known as Manila tamarind, are tropical treats with sweet and slightly tangy flavors.

Some people describe their taste as similar to that of tamarind or dates, depending on the ripeness and variety.

Fruits that start with C

They are native to tropical regions in Central and South America but have been introduced and cultivated in various countries with suitable climates.

I can’t believe I haven’t found some of these here in our local markets!

32. Coco Plum

Coco plum is a tropical fruit native to coastal regions of the Americas. This fruit beginning with C is best enjoyed fresh, thanks to its sweet and mildly tart taste.

Fruits that start with C

If you reside near the beach, you’ll love having this plant!

It’s also popular for its ornamental appeal. As a newbie gardener, I’m impressed by how well it thrives in sandy soils.

 33. Chokeberry

This one probably has the most unique name among all the fruits that start with C!

Fruits that start with C

When you bite into a fresh chokeberry, especially when it’s not fully ripe, you’ll notice a strong, dry, and puckering sensation in your mouth.

It’s so intense that it feels like your throat is ‘choking,’ and that’s how these berries got their name – chokeberries. Interesting, right?

If you find them too astringent to consume, you can use them to make jams or juices.

34. Che Fruit

Che fruits, native to East Asian countries, are somewhat rare in many parts of the world.

Fruits that start with C

If you’re eager to try less common fruits, this rarity definitely adds to their appeal!

They have a sweet, slightly tart taste, very similar to cherry, apple, and mulberry. Exploring more fruits that start with C can indeed be a challenge.

35. Carissa Fruit

Did you know that Carissa plants are loved for their ability to thrive in various soil types and drought conditions?

Fruits that start with C

If you want to have a constant supply of their fruits, try growing them in your home garden, especially if you’re located in California or Florida.

Carissa fruits are similar to cranberries and plums, making them perfect ingredients for jams and jellies.

FAQs on Fruits That Start with C

How many fruits begin with C?

This list mentions 35 fruits. However, there could be several dozen or even more, depending on regional varieties and less common fruits found around the world.

What is a citrus fruit that starts with the letter C?

A citrus fruit that starts with the letter C is clementine. They are small, sweet, and easy-to-peel fruits known for their bright orange color and juicy segments.

What is the name of an orange that starts with C?

The name of an orange variety that starts with the letter C is calamondin. Calamondin oranges are small, sour citrus fruits known for their tart juice and zesty flavors.

What dried fruit starts with C?

Many fruits that start with C are dried and sold, with one of the most popular options being dried cranberries.

What are the small oranges that start with C?

Clementines and calamondins are often referred to as small oranges because of their size and similar appearance to oranges. But it’s important to note that they have distinct flavors and characteristics that set them apart from typical sweet oranges.

What fruits that begin with the letter C has the highest Vitamin C content?

Cantaloupe has the highest vitamin C content among fruits that begin with C.

Which fruits that begin with the letter C has the highest water content?

Cucumber, among fruits that begin with the letter C, boasts the highest water content.

Final Thoughts on Fruits That Start with C

Mother Earth has given us a bounty of nutritious and delicious fruits! If you ever decided to eat only fruits for the rest of your life, you’d never run out of options.

But remember, some of these fruits are grown and loved in specific regions.

So, if you want to try more fruits that begin with C, you might need to visit their home countries.

Fruits that start with C
RECIPE: Asian Cucumber Salad

I hope you found this post helpful. For more fruit ideas and suggestions, check out the complete List of Fruits from A to Z series. Here are a few suggestions for you:


35 Fruits that start with C.
A list of 35 fruits that start with the letter C.

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