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Looking for the best blender to puree meat? Check out this review of the top 10 best blenders for pureeing meat and find the right one for you.

The Best Blender To Purée Meat

Did you know you can puree meat in a blender? But before you do, make sure your blender can handle this demanding task.

To help you find the best blender to puree meat, we narrowed your options down to the top 10.

This list has everything from countertop blenders, handheld blenders, and blenders that can double as a food processor.

How Do I Choose The Best Blender To Puree Meat?


The best puree blender is, of course, powerful to handle tough ingredients. Nobody wants a lumpy meat puree for their recipe, and I’m sure such quality is also unreasonable, even for baby food. 😅

Our top 10 best blenders to puree meat combine impressive motor power and reliable blade construction to puree perfectly.


Pureeing meat doesn’t have to take so much time and effort. We ensured that the blenders in this list are intuitive to use and will do their job well: to make your kitchen life easier and quicker!

Ease of Cleaning

Finally, the best blender for meat should be easy to clean.

Can you just imagine how gross the blender will be over time if you can’t thoroughly clean it after each puree? 🤢

What To Look For In A Meat Purée Blender

Top 10 Best Blenders For Pureeing Meat

Ninja BL610 – Editor’s Choice

Have no time to go through the entire list? Our top pick is the 1000-watt Ninja BL610!

This countertop blender offers a large capacity with its 72-ounce blender pitcher, so you can make enough meat puree for your recipe in one go.

Just cut your meat into cubes, and Ninja will puree, chop or shred it like a champ!


  • Powerful motor and sharp blades can puree meats with ease
  • Large capacity


  • Plastic material

WantJoin WZ-200D

Yes, I know the brand may not be as popular as Ninja or Vitamix, but this countertop unit from WantJoin might be the best blender for meat that you’re looking for.

Based on its current price tag, you can enjoy 1,800 watts of power and a hardened stainless steel blade for under $100!

Why is WantJoin WZ-200D good for meat puree?

Besides the power, WantJoin features a one-button automatic cleaning feature. I think getting a blender that’s easy to clean is a must for food safety if you’ll often puree meats.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean


  • Can get very loud

Vitamix Professional Series 750

Next on our list is the Vitamix Professional Series 750, and it can be named the best puree blender because you have complete control of its pulse feature and speed adjustments for smooth pureed food.

Furthermore, what makes this Vitamix blender unique is the brand’s patented container.

The container design helps fold the ingredients back into the blades so you won’t end up with lumps on your meat puree.

If you must liquefy your food for consumption, this blender is for you.


  • Easy to control to puree meat smoothly
  • Tried and tested brand


  • Can crawl on the counter during heavy-duty tasks

BlendTec Total Blender

The best puree blender should have a powerful motor, which makes the BlendTec Total Blender a worthy contender for the title of the best blender to puree meat.

It uses a commercial-grade 1560 watt-motor that can do everything from mincing meat to liquefying cooked meat.

You can also use it for homemade baby food, and it can tackle both dry and wet ingredients like a champ!


  • Powerful motor for mincing and pureeing meat
  • Works well for dry and wet ingredients


  • Loud

Cleanblend Commercial Blender

The last countertop blender in this list is from Cleanblend.

This 1800-watt Cleanblend commercial blender with variable speed control will give you the ideal meat puree consistency for your post-operative diet or as your little one’s baby food.

And while it’s impossible to find a blender that’s completely noiseless, Cleanblend is actually not as loud as the other blenders for pureeing meat in this list.


  • Can blend and liquefy meats into a smooth consistency, ideal for baby food or post-operative diet
  • Reasonable noise level


  • Costs over $100

Vitamix Immersion Blender

Besides countertop blenders, you can also use an immersion blender for meat puree.

And if you don’t believe us, a user swore how this Vitamix immersion blender only took 15 seconds to puree meat!

Additionally, the overall build of this immersion blender feels durable. It should easily last for years, typically what Vitamix blenders are praised for.


  • Can puree meat quickly
  • Durable blender


  • Pricey

Breville BSB510XL Control Grip Immersion Blender

The Breville BSB510XL is another immersion blender for puree meats.

I think immersion blenders are perfect for those blending small portions of meats, like for homemade dog food.

And speaking of which, it’s one of the best value immersion blenders to get. Unlike most immersion blenders that don’t include attachments, you’ll get a chopper bowl, jug with lid, whisk attachment, and non-slip mat with the Breville blender.

You can even make ground meat with this Breville blender!


  • Versatile for meat puree and ground meat
  • Comes with attachments


  • Most complaints are about poor customer service

Mueller Smart Stick

Did you know that you can get a heavy-duty immersion blender? For under $50, as of this writing, consider the Mueller Smart Stick as an affordable blender for pureeing meats!

Turning meats into a smooth puree is a breeze thanks to the combo of a full copper 800-watt motor and titanium steel 4-blade rotation system.

You’ll also appreciate the ergonomic handle of Mueller to make the blending process more comfortable.


  • Heavy-duty built
  • Ergonomic handle


  • Some people find it heavy

Cuisinart BFP-703BC – Runner-Up Favorite

For tougher meats, it’s better to get a two-in-one unit that can work as a blender and a food processor. And our runner-up for the best blender to puree meat?

We picked the Cuisinart BFP-703BC Smart Power Duet Blender/Food Processor! For a blender with such a long name, the list of what you can do with it is also as long.

For under $80 as of this writing, you’ll get an efficient blender with die-cast metal housing, 500 watts of power, a premium stainless steel blender blade, overload protection, and for pureeing meats and tough veggies, a food processor attachment.


  • Well-priced
  • Can easily handle tough meats and veggies with the food processor attachment


  • Capacity might be limiting

Ninja AMZ493BRN Compact Kitchen System

Last but definitely not least in our search for the best blender for pureeing meat is the compact Kitchen System from Ninja.

While it’s pricier than the blender and food processor combo from Cuisinart, you’ll be getting a lot with this Ninja blender.

Consistent blending is achievable thanks to its 1,200-watt motor. But beyond meat puree, you can also play with the different attachments and accessories for various recipes.


  • Comes with different attachments for pureeing meats and beyond
  • Powerful and solid performance


  • Costs over $100

What Is The Best Way To Puree Meat?

Can you puree meat? Yes! But here is the best way to puree meat.

Whether you use your countertop or hand blender for meat puree, make sure to remove the skin, bones, connective tissue, and fat to give your blender a head start (and, of course, who wants these in their puree?!)

What Is The Best Way To Puree Meat

Then, cut the meat into smaller pieces and simmer, steam, or braise it until tender.

You may also add some liquid, such as stock, when you puree your meat to get the perfect texture.

Can You Blend Cooked Meat?

You can blend cooked meat using a blender.

In fact, doing so will yield more tender meat. I saw a tip for the tastiest meat pies, and this will be our little secret. 😉

After cooking your meat as you normally would, allow it to cool. Then give it a few pulses in the blender and you’ll get the perfect consistency of meat filling.

I’m thinking of trying that with our flaky Ghanaian meat pie recipe.

When Can Babies Eat Puree Meat?

Your child can start eating foods like meat and other proteins at 7 or 8 months old.

The best and safest way to introduce your child to meat is by pureeing it, so it’s smooth, easy to swallow, and won’t pose a choking hazard.

Furthermore, remember that whatever meat you give to your baby, it should be cooked at the minimum temperature. No rare or medium rare meats for your little one!

When Can Babies Eat Puree Meat

What Foods Can Be Pureed?

You can puree almost any food you can imagine, from cooked meats, pasta, rice, oatmeal, cheese, beans, fruits, and potatoes.

This is why you should invest in a powerful blender that can do so much more than smoothies. For example, the Hamilton Beach Power Elite Wave Action Blender can puree fruits and veggies!

It’s always useful to know how to puree because you can use it for various dishes like our easy vegan pumpkin sage pasta and mango popsicles.

People who can’t eat solid foods because of a health condition, babies, and pets can also benefit from pureeing foods.

How To Puree In A Blender?

Listen, there are only two tips to remember when pureeing in a blender to ensure you won’t get chunks of meat in your puree.

First, make sure the ingredients are cut into smaller pieces. Then, add some liquid and pulse until you achieve your desired texture.

How To Puree In A Blender

You can always add more liquid to thin out the puree or more of the ingredient to thicken the puree.

I should also note that very hard or sticky foods won’t puree well.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Blender To Puree Meat

Is it easy to purée meat with a blender?

Yes, as long as you use a high-quality blender like one of our top 10 picks above. The secret is to cook your meat until it’s tender, let it cool, then blend until smooth. Simmering meat on low should give you tender meat that will puree well.

How long does purée meat last?

Pureed meat, like baby food can be stored for one day only. After 24 hours, it’s recommended to be discarded.

Can you puree raw meat?

No. Meat should be cooked until tender before you puree it to kill parasites, bacteria, and viruses. You can use most cooking methods, such as steaming, braising, and baking, but not frying.

Can you puree meat in a blender?

As proven by our top-quality blenders, yes, you can definitely use a blender for meat puree. 

Can you puree meat in a Ninja blender?

You can puree meat in a Ninja blender, and we even have two Ninja models on this list. First is our top pick, the Ninja BL610 and the Ninja Compact Kitchen System, perfect for those who want a food processor and blender in one.

Can you puree meat in Nutribullet?

The Nutribullet is meant for basic food preparations and simple tasks like juicing and chopping. Meat can be challenging to puree, so you’ll need a bigger, more powerful blender, especially if you’ll puree meat on a regular basis.

How do you puree meat without a blender?

No blender? You can use a food processor to puree meat!

So What is the Best Blender to Puree Meat?

The best blender to puree meat is the Ninja BL610 because of its large capacity and powerful motor-blade combo to puree, chop, or shred meat.

What is the Best Blender to Puree Meat

If you want a food processor and blender in one, you can also never go wrong with the Cuisinart BFP-703BC. It’s such a value for money because you can use it to puree, then change attachments for your other kitchen needs.

Finally, for those looking to get an immersion hand blender for meat puree, the Breville BSB510XL would be perfect! It even comes with multiple attachments, so it’s possible to make an entire menu’s worth of food with this versatile blender.

Let us help you pick the blender of your dreams and read these buying guides:

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