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Surely one of the most joyous things in life is seeing a chocolate fountain at a party or restaurant. It is very easy to get lost for hours watching the swirling chocolate layers, and it can also be a real talking point amongst guests.

Best Chocolate For A Chocolate Fountain

However, what type of chocolate is actually used in chocolate fountains?

The eagle-eyed chocolate-lovers amongst you will already have noticed that the consistency of fountain chocolate is much smoother than you type you might find in shop-bought chocolate.

One of the ways to get this smooth consistency is by melting down regular chocolate and adding oil. The oil thins out the mixture and will mean that the normally solid chocolate won’t dry up and clog the mechanism of your fountain.

As a result, the fat content of a chocolate fountain is guaranteed to be astronomically high. But considering that you’re only nibbling your favorite chocolate-coated fruit as a one-off treat, you can forgive yourself.

But you can get chocolate mixes specifically designed to be used in your fountain. These chocolate mixes are ready-made to be heated up and poured straight into your chocolate fountain.

Best Chocolate For A Chocolate Fountain

But what are the best chocolate mixes currently available on the market for your next party?

What flavors and varieties can you pick up?

Is there a fixed sugar content? Is there such a thing as a healthy chocolate fountain mix?

How much can premium quality chocolate mix be looking to set you back in terms of price?

Well, don’t panic chocolate-lovers, we have the answers to your fountain-related questions, with our list of some of the best chocolates for chocolate fountains currently available on the market.

We also have a buyer’s guide that will help ease you into the dizzying world of chocolate fountains, as well as some frequently asked questions about chocolate types and flavors.

Top Picks for Best Chocolates For A Chocolate Fountain

Sephra Premium Dark Fondue Chocolate

Sephra Premium Dark Fondue Chocolate for Chocolate Fountain, Kosher Dairy, Gluten and Trans Fat Free Dipping Chocolate, Chocolate Fountain Dark Chocolate Fondue, Best Baking Chocolate Chips, 4 LBS

Our first chocolate chip mix comes from a brand that specializes in making smooth chocolate for fountains and baking in general.

The high percentage of cocoa butter is what makes these chocolate chips so delicious, with a bar of semi-sweet dark chocolate that you can use for strawberries, marshmallows or savory items like salted pretzels – introducing the Sephra Premium Dark Fondue Chocolate.

Now, most people might think that dark chocolate is a divisive choice when it comes to entertaining a party of people, as it is usually very strong and bitter in flavor.

However, this chocolate chip mix could be described as more of a semi-sweet flavor, not conforming to the super bitter flavor we normally associate with dark chocolate.

You can put this is a party setting in your chocolate fountain, although this dark and luxurious chocolate might be better used in a more private setting, such as a fondue dessert at the end of a romantic meal.

You can dip your favorite sour fruits such as strawberry and raspberry, or maybe warmed marshmallows or even a savory cheese biscuit or salted pretzel.


  • This is a very versatile type of chocolate that can easily be used in a party as well as a private setting, it is dairy-free, so it will make the perfect addition to a vegan-themed gathering.
  • This chocolate chip mix can also be used in baking – add dark chocolate to your brownies, cookies or cake mix for that extra strong sweet flavor.
  • This will be the ideal complement to a cheese platter or anything that contains salt – we highly recommend the savory contrast with dark chocolate.


  • Be careful with storing this chocolate in a warm area – some users have complained that their chocolate chips have congealed into one inedible chocolate lump!

Sephra Premium Milk Fondue Chocolate

Sephra Premium Melting Milk Chocolate- Finest Chocolate for Baking- Melting Chocolate Fondue Fountain Ready- Milk Couverture Chocolate OK Kosher, HALAL, VEGAN Gluten & Trans Fat Free- 2lbs

Sticking with the same company, we now have a more traditional chocolate flavor of plain milk chocolate, which will hopefully put your guests more at ease than the abrasive texture of dark chocolate.

This smooth and creamy chocolate will look just fine cascading down the centerpiece of your buffet or in the front window of your candy store – introducing Sephra Premium Milk Fondue Chocolate.

You’ll be hard pushed to find a party guest that doesn’t enjoy the flavor of milk chocolate.

It’s a chocolate that complements a wide range of foods, from strawberries, cherries, raspberries, savory biscuits, pretzels, marshmallows, pineapple, or even other varieties of hard chocolate if you’re feeling particularly decadent.

This chocolate can also be used in your baking and is Kosher dairy, so it can be added to a batch of cookies if you’re thinking of baking for a Bar-Mitzvah.


  • This chocolate comes with a 100% cocoa butter concentration, so it is extra smooth and won’t harden at room temperature.
  • The price – a bag of this won’t break the bank, so you can buy a few packets if you are planning on keeping your chocolate fountain running well into the night.
  • Dairy-free, Kosher chocolate, this mix is amenable to many different types of occasions and caters to several different dietary requirements.
  • The creamy chocolate texture of the Sephra brand will be maintained throughout use, it requires no additional oil or tempering, which is perfect for late-night events where you’d rather enjoy yourself than worry about your chocolate fountain.

Wilton Chocolate Pro

Wilton Chocolate Pro Melting Chocolate Candy Wafers for Chocolate Fountain, 2 lbs (Pack of 2)

Now we move on to a very different brand of melting chocolate with a premium couverture that will stay smooth and creamy all through the night.

The pieces of this chocolate come in a wafer-thin style, which allows for easy and fast melting in your fountain, coming in a 2-pound measurement that makes it ideal for a gathering of around 12 people – introducing the Wilton Chocolate Pro.

If you’re planning on heating this in the microwave, you won’t have to worry about scorching, as long as you make sure to stir frequently during cooking.

You can also put this on the hob, which will allow you greater control over the consistency of the final mixture, but the Wilton Pro will give you consistent results using both methods.

The chocolate can be applied to your strawberry, marshmallow or biscuit dips with little run-off or dripping, it also comes in 3 different flavors – milk, dark and white chocolate. This chocolate fondue comes highly rated by Amazon users.


  • This is the perfect chocolate for melting in bulk, whether you’re organizing a birthday party or cooking for yourself and a friend or partner. This chocolate comes in a resealable bag and will also keep at room temperature without hardening.
  • You won’t need to add any oil to this chocolate during the melting process, coming in a wafer-thin style that gives you an even and consistent melting.
  • The texture of this chocolate is super sweet and the texture is creamy, perfect for adding to a whole range of dips, from fruit to savory to salty. We recommend adding this dip to a salty biscuit for that sweet and savory contrast.


  • When melted, this chocolate can have a grainy, sugary texture that some users might find off-putting.

ChocoMaker Milk Chocolate Microwavable Fondue and Fountain Dipping Candy

ChocoMaker Milk Chocolate Microwavable Fondue and Fountain Dipping Candy - 2 Pound Bag

Finally, we have another chocolate fondue mix that comes very highly rated by chocolate-lovers on Amazon, this bulk chocolate is smooth and consistent, coming in a sizable 2-pound bag that won’t need additional oil when it comes to cooking.

Again, this batch comes in wafer-thin strips that will aid melting and avoid lumps of sugar – introducing the ChocoMaker Milk Chocolate Microwavable Fondue and Fountain Dipping Candy.

You can put this chocolate in the microwave and not have to worry about scorching on the side of the pan, although you will have to stir it every so often.

This chocolate can be cooked in a pan for a smaller dinner party fondue or thrown straight into your chocolate fountain for your larger gathering.

What’s wonderful about this product is its versatility. You can add any number of dips to this fondue and you can be sure that it won’t drip or run onto your guest’s evening wear. The smoothness of the chocolate will ensure that it runs through the mechanism of your fountain with ease.


  • You have 3 different flavor options – milk, dark and white vanilla – so that if you’re feeling extra lavish, you can set up 3 fountains with 3 different flavors.
  • This chocolate can easily be refrigerated and reused for another occasion. Simply take the excess chocolate and pour it into a metal tray and put it in the fridge. You can then break the pieces apart for easy storage.
  • The 2-pound bag is easy for storage and refrigeration, it will also be perfect larger parties and doesn’t require any extra oil for melting.


  • The facility that processes this chocolate mix also processes peanuts, so if you have any extreme allergies to nuts, you might want to avoid this mix altogether.
  • Some users have complained of a chalky aftertaste when they eat the chocolate straight, so you might want to make sure you have plenty of dips!

Best Chocolate For A Chocolate Fountain Buying Guide

When it comes to buying the perfect chocolate for your chocolate fountain there are several factors that you have to consider.

Dipping chocolate has to have a certain percentage of fats to melt smoothly and with the best consistency.

It Needs A Higher Fat Content

None of us want to be faced with the facts when it comes to the calorie content of chocolate, but the honest truth is that dipping chocolate comes with a higher concentration of fat for it to maintain that velvety consistency. Luckily, you’re only applying a small amount of it to your dips.

Most chocolatiers use something called a couverture to help liquefy their chocolates, which usually contain around 36 to 39% cocoa butter.

As we have seen from some of the chocolates above, a few of these couvertures use 100% cocoa butter.

Before pouring into your chocolate fountain, you will have to preheat your chocolate mix first. You could try and reduce the amount of fat in your chocolate mix by melting ordinary chocolate and then adding your own oil and couvertures.

However, this might take the skill and patience of a scientist and it might end up not reducing your fat content by that much!

Types Of Chocolate

You can have any type of chocolate in your fountain, as long as it comes with the requisite fat content.

It will all depend on what dips you plan on having and which chocolate you feel will complement them.

  • Dark chocolate – this chocolate is often not as bitter as it’s a shop-sold counterpart, as the couverture usually helps to sweeten up the mix. Dark chocolate compliments tarty fruit dips such as strawberries, raspberries and cherries, really bringing out that sourness.
  • Milk chocolate – the sweeter alternative to dark chocolate that is pretty much applicable to any type of dip, from fruit to salted biscuit to cheese, if you’re feeling experimental. Citrus fruits are often good combinations for milk chocolate, as the sugary coating will offset the bitter taste of the apple or pear.
  • White chocolate – with a creamy, almost vanillery taste, white chocolate is often associated with strawberries. However, the richness of this chocolate can be used to counterbalance flavors at the opposite end of the spectrum, such as cheese and even, wait for it, dark chocolate segments.

How Much Will Fountain Chocolate Cost You?

This will all depend on how many people you are thinking of entertaining. Consider that your average 2-pound bag of chocolate mix will be enough for 12 people, so if you’re planning on hosting a party of 50 people, then you can be expected to spend a hundred or so dollars on chocolate alone.

If you don’t want to spend a great deal of money on fondue chocolate for a small gathering, it might be better to take regular chocolate and melt it down with some added vegetable oil to create that couverture-style consistency. 

However, if the notion of vegetable oil in your chocolate makes you flinch, then you can substitute that for coconut or roasted almond oil, which will not only soften your melted chocolate but will also add some extra flavor to your fondue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Prepare Your Chocolate?

Most professional chocolate makers use couverture to achieve that buttery, creamy texture.

A lot of the chocolate mixes that we’ve listed above come with a couverture already in them, so you won’t really have to do anything other than bringing a pan to a medium temperature and throw in your solid chocolate flakes.

You can use a microwave to preheat your chocolate, but you’ll have to keep stopping the timer and stirring the mix, checking on it to make sure that it hasn’t burned.

The chocolate will certainly have to be melted before adding to your fountain, although the built-in heaters of the fountain will maintain the temperature of the chocolate to prevent it from solidifying.

You will need to make sure that the chocolate has the correct amount of fat (around 37%) to get that rich and creamy texture. This will be especially important if you are cooking at home.

If your fountain as less fat content than required – which could be a possibility if you have added your own couverture – then the chances are that your fountain will have trouble pumping the chocolate through the mechanism, causing problems with the flow and consistency.

If you try and heat your solid chocolate directly into the fountain, then you’ll run into problems, as the heat mechanism for most fountains isn’t designed to turn chocolate into a liquid form, it is simply meant to maintain that temperature. The chocolate applied directly to a fountain will be stodgy and lump and might even damage the fountain.

Your chocolate will only take around 10 minutes to preheat before pouring into your chocolate fountain, stirring constantly until you get that nice, creamy texture.

A general rule for maintaining that soft texture is one cup of oil for every 5 pounds of chocolate.

How Can You Store Chocolate Leftover From Your Fountain?

Chocolate from your fountain should be poured into a glass or plastic baking tray and left to cool on the counter for about half an hour.

Glass is a preferred substance to cool your chocolate in, as it will not transfer any strange odors or tastes into the chocolate as it cools.

Once the chocolate has reached as close to a solid-state as possible, you can place it in the fridge so that it hardens further. When it has gone completely solid, you can then break it up and place it in a bag for ease of storage.

Some people have complained of discoloration on the surface of their cooled chocolate. This is completely normal, as the cocoa butter and added fats of the couverture rise to the top, creating an almost marbled or streaked effect.

I hope you found this post about the best chocolate for a chocolate fountain helpful.

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