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Want to know the best chocolate for a chocolate fountain? Here is a list of the top 10 chocolate brands plus a buying guide to help you choose the right type!

Before you get lost in the magnificent display of cascading chocolate fondue, don’t you ever get curious about the best chocolate for a chocolate fountain?

Best Chocolate For A Chocolate Fountain

What chocolate is good for chocolate fountain? 

Surely, you can’t just use any brand or kind of chocolate to achieve the luxurious, shiny, smooth chocolate fondue in chocolate fountains. 

To ensure that your fondue fountain flows evenly without clogging, here are the top 10 best chocolate for chocolate fountains.

You’ll also know what to consider when picking chocolate for chocolate fountains and how to adjust your fondue’s consistency.

best chocolate for fondue fountain

Top 10 Best Chocolate For A Chocolate Fountain

Callebaut Belgian Dark Couverture Chocolate Semisweet Callets – Editor’s Choice

Let’s start this list with the best of the best chocolate for chocolate fountain. Our top pick is the Callebaut Belgian Dark Couverture Chocolate, which might seem intimidating price-wise, but I promise you are getting what you paid for. 

How many times have you tried a chocolate fountain at a party only for it to taste inedible?

If you want to treat your guests with the fanciest and most indulgent chocolate fountain, premium couverture chocolate is the best way to go. 

Couverture chocolates are high-quality, perfect for an exquisite fondue. They will also melt and flow easily in the fountain. 

Callebaut Recipe No. 823 Finest Belgian Milk Chocolate

Our next candidate for the best chocolate for fondue fountain is also from Callebaut, and it is their Recipe No. 823 Finest Belgian Milk Chocolate.

Again, I’m aware that the price point of this chocolate can be high, but once you have tried it, you’ll understand why many people claim that its flavor can’t be beaten. 

More than the flavorful melted chocolate, you can easily distinguish this high-quality milk chocolate over cheaper chocolates for fountains. It has a smooth, velvety texture, melts in minutes, and doesn’t taste waxy.

Valrhona Professional Signature Range – Satilia Dark Couverture

Another couverture chocolate for all you connoisseurs out there is the Valrhona Professional Signature Range Satilia Dark Couverture.

It’s a good option if you want couverture chocolate for your fountain but at a lower price than the first two. 

This chocolate melts beautifully, and you can also use it for ganaches! 😋

Wilton Chocolate Pro Fountain Fondue Chocolate

When it comes to the best chocolate for chocolate fountains, the list of the top brands will be incomplete without Wilton.

These chocolate melting wafers are super easy to use because the consistency will come out smooth and perfect every single time. No oil needed for it to flow properly!

Sephra Belgian White Fondue Chocolate

For those who want a white chocolate fountain, try the Sephra Belgian White Fondue Chocolate! 

According to the brand, they specially formulated this chocolate even in commercial chocolate fountains. 

And flavorwise? It’s rich and creamy compared to cheap white chocolate, which for some reason, tastes very synthetic to me. 🤢

Avoid disappointing white chocolate fondue and go for this white chocolate.

Sephra Premium Dark Fondue Chocolate 

If you’ll be serving pretzels, chips, and other salty treats, use dark chocolate for your fountain and thank me later. 

The contrast between the intense flavor of the chocolate and salty treats is just heavenly. You might as well set a camp beside the chocolate fondue fountain!

And in our quest to help you find the best chocolate for chocolate fountain, I have to recommend the Sephra Premium Dark Fondue Chocolate.

It’s easy to use as it flows smoothly in the fountain, and it’s not bitter! 

Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate-Flavored Melting Wafers 

Milk chocolate makes the best chocolate for fondue fountain because it’s a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, whether for kids or kids at heart.

And to save you the hassle of lumpy, too-thick, or too-thin fondue for your fountain, opt for milk chocolate melting wafers like these from Ghirardelli.

Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate-Flavored Melting Wafers

Another melting wafers that would taste and flow like a dream for your chocolate fountain is the Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Melting Wafers (yup, another one from Ghirardelli!)

This chocolate melts into a smooth, shiny, and oh-so-yummy fondue with bold chocolate flavor.

I think its price also makes it a practical option without sacrificing quality.

By The Cup White Chocolate Melting Wafers

Next on our list of the best chocolate for chocolate fountains comes from By The Cup. This is another white chocolate for your fondue fountain. 

It goes well with fresh fruit slices, pretzels, and other dippers without tasting like wax.

If you got leftovers, these are also perfect for coating sweet treats like cake pops and cookies. Try it with our white chocolate dipped Christmas cookies! 😋

ChocoMaker Milk Chocolate Fountain Dipping Candy

Finally, we have the ChocoMaker Milk Chocolate Fountain Dipping Candy. You won’t need oil to get the perfect consistency with this chocolate. 

You can conveniently melt this chocolate in a fondue pot if you want to set up your chocolate fountain the easiest way possible.

It melts into a smooth consistency and also tastes delicious. 

What To Consider When Choosing The Best Chocolate For A Chocolate Fountain


Kids and adults alike will surely be intrigued by the cascading chocolate fondue at the party. However, I’m sure you can also recall a time when you were excited about the chocolate fountain, only to be disappointed by the taste of the fondue. 

The best chocolate for chocolate fountains should taste so delicious that your guests will ask you what you’ve used! 

What To Consider When Choosing The Best Chocolate For A Chocolate Fountain

You can’t go wrong with the classic and, arguably, everybody’s favorite, milk chocolate.

But for a more sophisticated chocolate that tastes exquisite with most dippers, the less sweet but more intense-tasting dark chocolate is the clear winner.

What about white chocolate? Well, the creamy texture and milky taste make it a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, especially with berries! 

Cocoa butter percentage

Why does the best chocolate for fondue fountain must have a high cocoa butter percentage? This essentially means that the chocolate has a high-fat content (the charming chocolate fountain is a guilty pleasure indeed.)

It’s crucial, yes, crucial, for your chocolate to contain a high amount of cocoa butter. This way, you’ll get the perfect dipping fondue cascading beautifully into a sinfully tempting display.

You don’t want chocolate that will set at room temperature! 

high cocoa butter content best chocolate for fountains

Serving size

The best chocolate for chocolate fountain should be enough for everyone at the event. You can check your fountain to know the minimum amount of chocolate it needs.

I doubt that you’ll get oohs and ahhs if the chocolate flow gets interrupted. 😅


The final consideration when picking the best chocolate for a chocolate fountain is the cost. We all have an allocated budget for the party,  but it shouldn’t just go on chocolate fondue. 

However, it’s worth saying that you don’t want to get cheap chocolate that tastes, well, cheap.

In our top picks, we have the perfect chocolate for every budget, so you can confidently select one that won’t break the bank but still keep everyone satisfied.

Best Chocolate For Chocolate Fountains

How Do You Thin Chocolate For A Chocolate Fountain? 

The best chocolate for fountains should be thin enough for the most heavenly dipping experience. 

Can you imagine thick chocolate in a chocolate fountain? You won’t get the iconic robing effect from the flowing fondue!

Additionally, it will have a hard time traveling through the fountain’s central tube, which will lead to unappetizing lumpy chocolate. 

The solution? Any neutral-tasting oil!

You can combine chocolate and coconut oil, pour it on the fountain, then stir the bottom layer to mix all the chocolate until it’s thin.

Read how to make melted chocolate thinner for more tips every chocolate-loving cook must know. 

How to Make Melted Chocolate Thinner

Do You Have To Pre-Melt Chocolate For Chocolate Fountain?

For the uninformed, yes, you will melt chocolate before adding it to the fountain. But don’t worry because it’s easy in the microwave or double boiler. 

The easiest method is in the microwave. Put it on high and microwave for a minute, stir the chocolate, then put it back on high again for a few seconds.

Repeat the stirring and returning for several times until you get smooth, melted chocolate.

You can also use a double boiler for the melting process!

Do You Have To Pre-Melt Chocolate For Chocolate Fountain

Place a bowl on top of boiling water, put your chocolate in, and it should melt from the steam. Stir the chocolate until lump-free, and it’s ready to go!

Why Is My Chocolate Fountain Not Flowing?

Chocolate fountain not flowing? Your chocolate might be too thick, or you accidentally added water to the chocolate. 

Water is a no-no for chocolate fountains because it can “solidify” the chocolate. 

You can also check if you used enough melted chocolate or if the fountain itself is not leveled properly. 

Why Is My Chocolate Fountain Not Flowing

What Do You Dip In A Chocolate Fountain?

The best thing about having a chocolate fountain is it makes an effortless dessert idea for any occasion.

You can dip strawberries, bananas, kiwi fruits, dried apricots, biscuits, pretzels, mini donuts, marshmallows, honeycombs, meringue, crisps, potato chips, bacon, and even cheese. 🤤

Yes, it’s totally possible to use sweet and savory dipping items for a chocolate fountain!

But if you want the most memorable dessert table, you can also pair your chocolate fountain with charcuterie boards like our s’mores charcuterie board and pancake charcuterie board!

What Is The Best Chocolate For Dipping?

The best dipping chocolate is couverture chocolate, like our top pick, the Callebaut Belgian Dark Couverture Chocolate Semisweet Callets.

Couverture chocolate melts smoothly, thanks to its high ratio of cocoa butter to cocoa.

What Is The Best Chocolate For Dipping

What Is The Best Chocolate For Melting?

The best melting chocolate is also couverture chocolate. Because of its texture, couverture chocolate is the premium chocolate for all your melting and dipping needs.

The Valrhona Professional Signature Range – Satilia Dark Couverture is another option in our list that will be perfect for melting. 

What Is The Best Chocolate For Melting

What Is The Best Chocolate For Chocolate Fondue?

High-quality chocolate, like, you probably guessed it, couverture chocolate, is great for fondue. Its cocoa butter content gives it a smooth consistency to ensure a consistent flow in the fountain. 

You can also combine different types of chocolate, like semi-sweet chocolate and milk chocolate, for chocolate fondue!

What Is The Best Chocolate For Chocolate Fondue

Frequently Asked Questions About Chocolate Fountains

How to store leftover chocolate from your fountain?

Pour leftover chocolate from the chocolate fountain into a glass baking tray and cool into a semi-solid state. Then, place it in the fridge until it hardens completely. We used a tray so the solid chocolate won’t end up too thick. Break it into pieces and store it in a ziplock bag for weeks in the fridge. 

What do you do with leftover chocolate from fountain?

Use your leftover chocolate to make truffles, cookies, brownies, pancakes, dips, or drizzles! Try your leftover melted chocolate with our Instant Pot banana bread bites (yep, banana bread can be bite-size!)

Can you reuse chocolate fountain chocolate?

Technically, you can re-melt chocolate several times. However, remember that we used it on a chocolate fountain, which means it probably has bits and pieces of dippers like pretzels, or the fruits might have introduced liquid into the chocolate. I say it’s your call if you don’t mind these considerations.

How many bags of chocolate do you need for a chocolate fountain? 

It depends on the fountain you have. Some swear that they only needed one bag of Wilton chocolate for their 2-tier chocolate fountain with a steady flow of 4 hours. 

How long can you leave a chocolate fountain running?

A standard or home chocolate fountain can run for around 3 hours. If you need one to run longer, consider a commercial chocolate fountain. 

Do you have to put oil in chocolate fountain?

Yes, if you don’t use chocolate with a high cocoa butter content. I know the thought of consuming oil with sweets is not mouthwatering, but it’s crucial to ensure the best consistency of the fondue.  

Can I run water through my chocolate fountain?

Be careful when cleaning your chocolate fountain because you don’t want water to get inside and damage the parts. If you’re also thinking of using water to adjust the consistency of the melted chocolate, stop! What you need is oil since melted chocolate and water equals curdled chocolate.

Instant Pot Banana Bread Bites
Drizzle these Instant Pot Banana Bread Bites with leftover melted chocolate from the chocolate fountain!

So What Is the Best Chocolate for a Chocolate Fountain?

The best chocolate for chocolate fountain is couverture chocolate because of its high percentage of cocoa butter.

Not only are you literally getting “true” chocolate for the best taste, but most important of all, the high-fat content means the melted chocolate will be silky and smooth to get the robing effect we all love from chocolate fountain displays.

And if you don’t know what brands of chocolate to get, we highly recommend the Callebaut Belgian Dark Couverture Chocolate Semisweet Callets

They’re delicious, melt well, and are perfect for an exquisite fondue.

I hope this post helped you find the best chocolate for your fountain. For more frequently asked questions, visit our index of food-related questions and answers. Here are a few suggestions for you:

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