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Explore these fruits that start with L and learn more about the different varieties of your usual favorites.

You’ll be surprised at how many types of apples, mangoes, as well as other fruits you can use for your favorite desserts!

Fruits that start with L

1. Lady Apples Fruit

The Lady Apple is popular in Europe and North America and is known for its sweet taste, petite size, juicy flesh, and crunchy texture.

Fruits that start with L

It also has a hint of sharp, tart flavor, making it a delightful addition to many savory recipes.

This variety of apple is so beautiful that it can also serve as a decorative piece.

2. Lime

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about limes? For me, there are two things – key lime pie and lime juice!

Fruits that start with L

We can always count on sweet lime fruits to spice up our favorite dishes.

This versatile citrus fruit has smooth, green skin, tangy flavor, juicy texture, and fragrant aroma.

I was so surprised to learn that these popular fruits that start with L actually originated from Southeast Asia!

3. Limeberry

Limeberry, or Triphasia trifolia, is a fruit native to Southeast Asia and the Pacific regions.

Fruits that start with L

It belongs to the citrus family but is not a mainstream citrus like limes or lemons. Limeberries are much smaller and resemble red ripe berries, with a tart-sweet flavor.

I believe these fruits that start with L are quite rare; they are not as popular or commonly used in Asian cuisine. 

4. Lychee

Next on this list of fruits that start with L is lychee! Lychee fruits aren’t as common as other tropical fruits here in the Philippines, but we do enjoy them from time to time when available.

Fruits that start with L

It’s been a while since I had one, yet I can still remember its juicy, white flesh and rich flavor!

The blend of tartness and sweetness they offer makes them a good ingredient for a variety of recipes, not just fruit salads.

5. Langra Mango

Mangoes are some of my favorite fruits, but I have only really enjoyed a few varieties.

The Langra mango, a cultivar from India, retains its green color even when ripe. Its rich, aromatic flavor sets it apart from many other types of mangoes.

Fruits that start with L

But like other varieties, it’s brimming with numerous health benefits. It’s a good source of vitamin C, as well as magnesium and potassium – nutrients that contribute to heart health.

Enjoy this tropical fruit raw or incorporate it into your baked desserts.

6. Langsat Fruit

Langsat, or Lanzones as we call it in the Philippines, is a spherical fruit cherished for its sweet flesh and slightly acidic taste.

Fruits that start with L

The aroma is subtle yet tropical, adding to its exotic appeal! My parents love this fresh fruit very much.

Trust me, its natural sweetness will delight your taste buds. This fruit that starts with L thrives in tropical climates, so finding it in U.S. grocery stores can be challenging.

If you come across some, seize the opportunity to savor these exotic fruits. 

7. Lemon Aspen

The Lemon Aspen is a pale yellow fruit with juicy flesh and citrusy flavor, reminiscent of lime, grapefruit, and passion fruit.

Fruits that start with L

It looks like a small apple fruit! But you know what’s interesting about this one? It has a deep-rooted history.

Indigenous Australian people have long cherished this fruit for its healing properties and delightful flavors! The historical background of many fruits that start with L is really interesting!

8. Lilly Pilly Fruit

Another gem from Australia, the Lilly Pilly berry ranges in color from white to deep magenta when ripe. Some even have purple skin!

Fruits that start with L

These delicious fruits that start with L have such a refreshing flavor; they are often compared to cranberries. Still curious about this fruit?

Lilly Pilly has been a staple in the skincare routines of Indigenous Australians, thanks to its astringent properties.

9. Liberty Apple

Expand your fruit vocabulary today so you can savor more apple varieties tomorrow.

If you’re looking for a new type of apple for that apple cake recipe you just found, consider the Liberty apple.

Fruits that start with L

It offers a well-balanced taste – tart with a hint of sweetness! This sweet apple is also unique because of its natural resistance to common apple diseases, like apple scab.

10. Lemon Drop Melon

Lemon Drop melons are smooth with a bright yellow color. It’s relatively thin compared to some other melon varieties.

Fruits that start with L

In terms of taste, they offer a sweet flavor with a tangy twist reminiscent of lemon citrus.

Incorporate this hybrid fruit into your salads and smoothies for additional flavor and high amounts of vitamin C. See? Fruits that start with L can make you healthier!

11. Louise Bonne d’Jersey Pear

Louise Bonne d’Avranches pears, often called Louise Bonne, originally hail from France.

This juicy pear was brought to Jersey and gained popularity in Victorian England as Louise Bonne de Jersey.

These pears have a notably sweet and rich flavor with a hint of muskiness. They are slightly smaller than the Asian pear.

Tasting these fruits that start with L is also like experiencing rich European history!

12. Lablab Fruit

Lablab purpureus, also called hyacinth bean, is primarily cultivated for its seeds and pods, though other parts such as the leaves and flowers, are also edible.

Fruits that start with L

The pods are typically elongated and somewhat flattened.

Depending on the variety, they can range in color from green to purplish-black or even red. The pods of the Lablab somewhat resemble Yardlong beans!

13. Limau Bali

Limau Bali, commonly known as pomelo, hails from Southeast Asia, particularly countries like Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Fruits that start with L

If you spot a big citrus fruit with a thick, green to yellowish skin at the market, that’s probably it! It’s firmer than an orange, giving a satisfying crunch when bitten into.

What I love about the Pomelo is that the moment I peel it open, I immediately catch its fresh, citrusy scent!

Fruits starting with L really bring a unique, refreshing experience.

14. Lapsi Fruit

The Lapsi fruit, or Hog plum, is native to South Asia, including parts of India and Nepal.

If you’re ever in these areas, especially during Lapsi season, you’re in for a treat! This is around August to October in the Himalayan region.

Don’t worry – spotting a Lapsi is easy. Its outer skin has a distinct yellow-green hue, somewhat resembling a small, unripe mango.

Like many fruits that start with L, this fruit is known for its role in traditional medicine.

15. Lucuma Fruit

It seems that many fruits that start with L come from Asia, but there are also some amazing treats from South America!

Fruits that start with L

They say Lucuma tastes like a blend of caramel and maple with a hint of sweet potato. Its outer skin might not grab your attention, but it’s the inside that truly matters.

Slice it open, and you’ll discover vibrant, dry, buttery-yellow flesh, similar to that of a hard-boiled egg yolk.

16. Lardizabala Fruit

Ever heard of the Lardizabala fruit? Officially named Lardizabala Biternata, it originates from the temperate rainforests of South America, particularly Chile.

It’s one of the lesser-known fruits that start with L, but it’s no less delicious!

Its appearance might remind you of grapes or olives, with smooth skin and a deep purple-black color.

Taste-wise, it’s sweet with a touch of tartness. The plant from which this fruit comes also produces beautiful flowers!

17. Lemonade Berry

Lemonade berries are small and red, giving them a jewel-like appearance against the green backdrop of the plant.

Fruits that start with L

They offer a tart, lemony flavor that’s refreshing and unique. The aroma? It’s subtle but carries a hint of citrus!

These fruits that start with L are typically found in the wild and are often foraged by berry lovers. But you can also find them in nurseries.

These edible berries are not really considered rare!

18. Leucaena Fruit

Leucaena, or Leucaena leucocephala, is a tree from Central America that produces long, papery-thin seedpods.

Fruits that start with L

Inside, you’ll find tiny seeds, not juicy fruit. These seeds have a mild, earthy taste and a light grassy smell.

These “fruits” may not be as juicy as apples and oranges, but locals incorporate them into dishes. The young seeds can be boiled, similar to how one prepares and consumes lentils or beans.

19. Lemon Cucumber

Ever come across a cucumber that looks, well, like a lemon? Meet the Lemon cucumber, scientifically known as Cucumis Sativus Lemon.

Fruits that start with L

Despite its name and appearance, it’s unrelated to the citrusy fruit.

This fruit with L boasts a mild flavor, slightly sweeter than your standard green cucumber, making it a favorite in salads and sandwiches.

As for its aroma, it’s subtly cucumber-esque, without any overpowering scent.

20. Lemon Plum

I’ve just realized that many fruits have “lemon” in their name! Lemon plums have a juicy flesh that’s both sweet and slightly tangy.

Fruits that start with L

True to their name, these fruits starting with letter L have an intriguing lemon-like shape.

Here’s what’s interesting about them: they transform from bright yellow to a deeper reddish hue as they ripen. But this change isn’t just about looks.

The fruit becomes sweeter as it changes color, so you can adjust your snacking timing based on your sweetness preference!

21. Lantana Camara Berry 

Some fruits that start with L tempt our taste buds, while others are just known for their beauty and uniqueness.

Lantana camara berries are small, initially green, and as they mature, they transform into a deep blue or black hue.

Fruits that start with L

While ripe berries are safe for human consumption, the unripe ones are toxic to us. Even so, it’s always exciting to come across them.

Their outer skin is glossy and magical – these fruits are really eye-catchers!

22. Lancetilla Mango

The Lancetilla Mango is a cultivar from Honduras. They are notably larger than many other varieties and are exceptionally buttery!

Fruits that start with L

They are also less fibrous than many other mango types. They stand out for their intensely rich sweetness, with some comparing their taste to honey, complemented by a subtle citrusy tartness..

I think these are one of the best mangos that we can use for homemade popsicles!

23. Lakoocha Fruit 

Lakoocha, also called Monkey Jack, may have a spiky, rugged exterior, but its flesh is creamy, similar to custard or a ripe avocado.

Fruits that start with L

It might remind you of a smaller, less spiky version of durian or jackfruit, but it doesn’t have an overpowering scent!

Instead, it boasts a mild, fruity aroma that’s inviting and pleasant.

In India and Thailand, this fruit that starts with an L is often used in various dishes, such as stews, desserts, and sautéed meals.

24. Lingonberry

Lingonberries sport a radiant red hue and a firm, juicy flesh. Their fresh aroma and tart yet sweet taste set them apart from other fruits that start with L.

Fruits that start with L

They also carry an earthy undertone that speaks of the forests they grow in! In Scandinavian countries, these berries aren’t just enjoyed fresh.

They’re often transformed into lingonberry jam, a traditional accompaniment for dishes like meatballs and pancakes!

25. Limequat

If you’ve ever found yourself torn between a lime and a kumquat at the grocery store, the Limequat might be the solution you’re looking for.

Fruits that start with L

A cross between a kumquat and a key lime, its taste is like a zesty lime with a hint of kumquat sweetness.

And if you’re into crafting homemade cocktails, squeeze in some of these fruits that start with L into your creations for a refreshing citrusy twist.

26. Lima Orange

Lima oranges might not be the most popular kids on the citrus block, but they certainly have their unique charm.

While many orange cultivars can be distinctly sweet or tart, these fruits that start with L offer a balanced flavor.

They’re sweet yet have just the right amount of tartness to make things interesting! Like other oranges, you can use this variety to make refreshing drinks.

Simply squeeze them to extract the juice. Enjoy it as it is, or mix it with other fruit juices for a delightful blend! 

27. Loquat

The typical apples and oranges might come to mind when you think of juicy fruits. But there’s a lesser-known gem that deserves a spotlight – the Loquat!

Fruits that start with L

This L fruit is sometimes confused with the kumquat because of their similar names, but they are quite distinct.

Loquats have a unique teardrop shape and flaunt a smooth skin that ranges from yellow to orange. Their size? Somewhere between an apricot and a plum.

28. Lady Finger Banana

I’ve always loved pears and berries, but tropical fruits are still my ultimate favorites. Among them, of course, are bananas.

Fruits that start with L

It’s so nice that we get to enjoy many varieties here in the Philippines! We call these Lady Finger ones “Señorita bananas” and often enjoy them fresh.

Sometimes, I slice them and include them in my overnight oats.

They may be smaller than the Cavendish varieties, but they’re still so sweet and delicious!

29. Lord Lambourne Apple

Wondering how you can make your apple pie milkshake more exciting? How about using a new apple variety?!

Lord Lambourne apples are known for their well-balanced blend of sweetness and acidity.

Fruits that start with L

Moreover, these fruits that start with L are so pretty with their rosy-red blush, making them stand out in any fruit bowl or kitchen counter!

Of course, you can also infuse them into other creations like milkshakes and cakes. The subtle hints of strawberries and floral undertones will give your dishes an extraordinary twist.

30. Lamkin Melon

The Lambkin melon might just become your next favorite snack on those hot summer days! It’s refreshingly crisp and juicy, with subtle honey undertones.

Fruits that start with L

I’ve always loved melons because indulging in them feels like a mini hydration boost. And I really hope I can enjoy this gourmet variety, too.

If you happen to get hold of these fruits with letter L, I suggest you turn them into popsicles, adding some yogurt and coconut for an extra creamy treat!

31. Longan Fruit

These Longan fruits aren’t exactly inviting at first glance. They’re encased in a leathery, light brown skin that feels rough.

Fruits that start with L

But, as with many things in life, it’s what’s inside that counts!

Once you peel them, you’re greeted with translucent, pearl-like flesh that’s incredibly juicy and delightful.

They taste similar to lychee but carry a unique musky floral flavor. Southeast Asian fruits that start with L truly offer amazing surprises!

32. Langley Bullace Damson Plum

I really love what plums look like – they’re round, smooth, and striking, similar to berries!

Of all the many plum varieties I’ve already read about, I think Langley Bullace Damson plums stand out the most.

They say it has an enchanting aroma – sweet with a hint of earthiness. Like other plums and fruits that start with L, they’re so versatile; you can turn them into sauces and jams!

33. Long Island Cheese Pumpkin

Pumpkins are, indeed, fruits, and the Long Island Cheese Pumpkin can show you just how fruity they can be!

Fruits that start with L

It has a more subdued sweetness than other pumpkin varieties, making it an excellent choice for savory and sweet dishes.

It’s also earthy, with that classic pumpkin fragrance that makes you think of cozy fall days. I know there are many types of pumpkin, but I’m still surprised at how different each can be.

35. Loganberry

The Loganberry is an interesting hybrid berry – a cross between a raspberry and blackberry. It blends the sweetness and tartness of its parent fruits!

Fruits that start with L

These fruits that start with L have a peculiar yet special appearance. I often find myself wishing they were readily available in local supermarkets!

If you’re among the lucky ones with easy access to Loganberries, incorporate them into your favorite dishes to add a burst of juicy, berry goodness.

FAQs on Fruits That Start With L

What is a sweet red fruit that starts with L?

The Loganberry is a sweet red fruit that starts with the letter L.

What is a Filipino fruit that starts with an L?

The Lanzones is a Filipino fruit that starts with the letter L. It’s known as Langsat in other countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Is Lychee a berry or nut?

Lychee is considered a berry.

What are Lady apples?

The Lady apple is one of the oldest apple varieties ever known, often recognized by its small size and vibrant red color.

Are Lime and Limeberry the same fruit?

No, Lime and Limeberry are not the same fruit. While limes are citrus fruits known for their tart flavor, Limeberries are smaller, resembling Raspberries and Blackberries.

Conclusion on Fruits That Start With L

When it comes to staying healthy and enjoying new flavors, you must keep an open mind.

These fruits that start with L can serve as a remarkable starting point as you explore new recipes, especially desserts!

Some may be hard to find, but looking for them is always part of the fun food journey, right?

Fruits that start with L
RECIPE: Easy Caramel Apple Tart.

I hope you found this post helpful. For more fruit ideas and suggestions, check out the complete List of Fruits from A to Z series. Here are a few suggestions for you:

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