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Eating right comes with responsibility – the responsibility of carefully selecting what should go into your diet and what shouldn’t.

You should not only think in terms of the beautiful appearance of a fruit or food, but you should think in terms of the benefit you stand to gain from consuming them. The reason is that eating certain foods negatively impacts your health, taking away the ability for you to feel good in your body.

Don’t worry; these fruits that start with L are not your regular fruits. They’re both appealing to the eyes and nutritional. Without further ado, let’s dive into this list. 

Langsat Fruit

fruits that start with l

The Langsat fruit is native to Malaysia. Although it’s from the Mahogany tree, it is identical to grapes in taste. That’s why the taste profile features a sweet, tart, and tangy flavor. Regardless of the taste combination, it is a delightful fruit that’s best eaten raw.

The best part is, you’ll benefit a lot from the Langsat fruit, especially health-wise. It is rich in carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and more. 

Lakoocha Fruit

The Lakoocha fruit is one of the fruits that start with L with a fascinating origin. It grows on a tropical tree species in India and is used in quite a few contexts. For instance, the tropical tree is useful in furniture, and the fruit itself has many medicinal benefits.

The Lakoocha is best enjoyed raw. It takes you on a beautiful journey as you’ll experience every taste from sour, sweet, tangy to that unique kiwi-like citrus taste. It is yellow and has about 20-30 seeds.

Lady Apples

fruits that start with l lady apples

While there are different Apple varieties worldwide, the Lady Apples are the oldest Apple variety precisely in America. You’d find the Lady apple in three different colors ranging from red, yellow, to green.

Bite into the flesh of Lady Apples, and they’ll fill your taste buds with a blend of the sweet and tart tastes. But the best way to enjoy a Lady Apple is to cook it. You’ll help this fruit unleash its juicy and unique flavors for your pleasure.

Lady Apple has an impressive culinary profile, and they come in handy as unique ingredients for sauces, canning, and more. 

Lemon Aspen

Lemon Aspen is one of the numerous fruits that start with L. It is a Citrus fruit that is small and has a unique color. Lemon Aspens always come in their signature off-white, yellow, or pale green color.

Fun fact; you’ll never see a single Lemon Aspen on its own; it grows in bunches.

You can already guess that this fruit has a tart, lemony taste with an acidic flavor from its name. If you’re observant enough, you’ll feel the hint of spiciness and eucalyptus taste. Lemon Aspen is a great source of calcium, potassium, iron, and magnesium. 

Lilly Pilly

fruits that start with l lillypilly

Lilly Pilly berry is another fruit that comes in diverse colors. You’ll either come across this berry in pink-red, magenta, or violet. They are small fruits that are either oval in shape or round.

The Lilly Pilly berry has a wide range of tastes too. First, it is sweet and tart. Then, it is fruity and spicy with metallic and musky flavors. It is another L fruit that’s a great source of Vitamin C.


fruits that start with l lime 1

Lime is one of the famous citrus fruit on this list that starts with the letter L. It is small and round and can either be yellow or bright green. It is majorly sour to the point that it slaps your cheek so hard, sculpting your face into a deep frown from the taste.

Lime is loaded with nutrients. For starters, it is high in Vitamin C and has anti-inflammatory properties. Although Lime has zero sugar content, it is a fantastic and delicious ingredient in drinks, beverages, and certain food recipes.


This fruit is a southeastern Asia native that is red and loaded with tons of nutritional value. It is round and small, and they play a vital role in cosmetics, aromatic tea, and baths. That doesn’t mean they are not edible.

You can enjoy Limeberry as they have a sweet taste and are great preservatives.  


fruits that start with l lingonberries

Lingonberries are one of the berry fruits that start with L with a sour taste. They are small and very red, enough to tempt you into taking a bite. But you’ll be welcomed with the sour and bitter flavor.

If you have farmland and you’re wondering what additional fruit you should grow, you can try the Ligonberries as it is easy to care for them.

The best way to enjoy this fruit, despite its bitter flavor, is to dip them in little sugar before you eat them.


fruits that start with l lychee

The lychee fruit hails from China and Southeast Asia. You’ll easily recognize them because of their reddish-brown, rough skin. Ignore the rough skin, and you’ll fall in love with the floral and sweet taste of this fruit. The inside of this fruit is white and makes a great addition to ice cream, jelly, wine, juice, and more. 


When you crossbreed raspberries and blackberries, the result is a hybrid fruit called a “Loganberry.” It is juicy, with a tart taste, making it an ideal ingredient for jam, jellies, pies, pudding, and more. You will get a good amount of Vitamins C and K as well as folate.

Lancetilla Mango 

fruits that start with l lancetilla mango

This variety of mango is cultivated in Honduras. In 2001, it spread to South Florida. Unlike regular mangoes, this mango is larger. It has red skin and is bright yellow inside. Like most mangoes, this fruit has a sweet taste

Lapsi Fruit

Lapsi fruit is mostly green, with an inside that is white and soft. It is native to Nepal and has a sweet, sour, and spicy taste.

In Nepal, it is used to make fruit tarts, spicy candy, and other delicious foods. Lapsi has a lot of calories, as you’ll get about 286 calories from a single Lapsi serving. 

Langra Mango

fruits that start with l langra mango

While the name of this fruit might be novel to you, the Langra Mango is a very famous mango variety. It also has a very interesting origin story. It is said to have been first cultivated in the farmland of a man with no legs. This tale is represented in the name of Langra in Hindi, which means “lame” when translated to English. Taste-wise, this fruit is sweet. 


Lucuma is a native fruit of South America and has a green shell. When you crack open this fruit, you’ll be greeted by a yellow, soft, and dry fruit that is mostly sweet. Its sweetness is often described as a blend of butterscotch and sweet potato.

This fruit has high fiber content, which is excellent for cleansing your system. 


fruits that start with l limequat

This fruit is a hybrid fruit born from crossbreeding of lime and kumquats. They are a lot bigger than lime and have a similar flavor to lime. But the mere taste of its skin is sweet, giving off a blend of bitterness and sweetness. You can either eat this fruit raw or use it in drinks. 

FAQs on Fruits That Start With L

What Are Lady Apples?

Lady Apples are a variety of Apples that are native to America. Based on the history books, they are the oldest Apple variant in America, and you’ll enjoy them better when you cook them or add them to a fine recipe. 

Which Fruit That Starts with L Is High in Calcium?

The Lime and Lemon Aspen are Fruits that start with L that are high in calcium. 

Is Lilly Pilly Berries Edible?

Yes, they are edible. You can choose to enjoy this berry raw as soon as it’s plucked out of the tree or add them to your jam or jelly recipe for absolute food pleasure and finger-licking goodness.

Does Lime Promote Healthy Skin?

Lime has tons of health benefits. Aside from being a rich source of Vitamin C, this fruit plays a crucial role in improving skin health. Thanks to its rich Vitamin C content, it produces enough collagen to keep your skin firm and tight as opposed to sagging as you age. 

Are Lime and LimeBerry the same fruit?

No, they are two different fruits. While Limeberry shares close relation with the citrus family, it looks nothing like Lime. While Limes are either bright green or yellow, the Limeberry fruit is red.

Conclusion on Fruits That Start With L

With these feel-good fruits that start with L on your grocery list, you’ll be well on your way to healthy eating and living. Now, you don’t have to be rigid with how you choose to consume these fruits. In essence, you don’t have to consume them raw. You could add them to some of your recipes and watch them transform your food.

Also, you should know that some of these fruits are hard to find. But don’t get discouraged. You can always try the fruits you can find. However, it would be best if you kept an open mind as you might stumble on those hard-to-find fruits sometime in the future.

I hope you found this post helpful. For more fruit ideas and suggestions, check out the complete List of Fruits from A to Z series. Here are a few suggestions for you:

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