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Now, tell me something. Aside from Oranges, we can bet that you don’t know many other O fruit. Don’t worry; we’re not judging you or anything. We only want to help you do a knowledge check. 

It’s always a good idea to know as many fruits as possible. The reason is you’ll open up yourself to the possibilities you can achieve with these fruits in the culinary context.

Also, you’ll benefit a thing or two health-wise from these fruits that start with O.

Ready to indulge your taste buds in exotic and delicious fruits? Explore these fruits with us!

Oregon Grape


Oregon grape is a rich source of Vitamin C. That means consuming this fruit in the right proportion would work wonders on your immune system.

This fruit is tart with zero to a little level of sweetness. The Oregon grape is helpful in the medical field as it effectively treats Stomach Ulcers. You can also use it for stomach upset, inflection, and a bowel cleanser.

Oregon grape was prominently used among the indigenous Americans before European settlers began to pitch their tent in the land that’s now called America. 

Ogeechee Limes

Think of the Ogeechee lime as a great substitute for regular limes. Although its acidity level is fair, it would still make an excellent lime substitute.

You can consume the pulp of this fruit, but you’ll find out, as soon as you dig into this fruit, that it is bitter and sour. There’s no element of sweetness.

The best use of the Ogeechee lime is to add it to sweetened preservatives, no thanks to its extremely bitter taste. The flesh of this fruit is thick and juicy.

Oval Kumquat Fruit

fruits that start with o oval kumquat fruit rotated

The Oval Kumquat fruit is a bright orange, edible fruit. You can consume every part of this fruit, down to its rind, where you’ll encounter genuine sweetness and chewiness. There’s a slight tanginess to the taste of the rind, but it is mostly sweet.

While the Oval Kumquat fruit has its base in Asia, it is fast becoming a famous fruit in the United States.

Osteen Mango

Osteen Mango has an oblong shape and smooth skin. It is a sweet fruit with a mild flavor that is from Southern Spain.

You’ll also feel bits of tanginess in the taste profile of this Mango variety. The Osteen Mango is the most popular Mango variety from that part of the world.

You can easily tell when this Mango is ripe to be eaten as it turns into a red-purple color. When it’s not fully ripe, you’ll stumble on this Mango in yellow, red, or green color. 

Otaheite Gooseberry

fruit that start with o otaheite gooseberry

The Otaheite Gooseberry fruit is another fruit on our list of fruits that start with O. Also known as Star Gooseberry.

It has a crispy flesh and sour juice ideal for certain culinary contexts. For instance, it makes an excellent addition to sugar for cold drinks.

You can eat the Otaheite Gooseberry raw as it does not only have the sourness in its taste profile. It is also sweet and astringent.

Fun fact; the roots and leaves of the tree the Otaheite Gooseberry grows from are effective in treating snake bites. 

Orangelo Fruit

If you’re wondering whether we misspelled Orange as Orangelo, you couldn’t be more wrong because Orangelo is actually a citrus fruit.

Now, the name is indicative of how it was born. As a hybrid fruit, this fruit was born as a result of crossbreeding an Orange and a Grapefruit.

If you think the Grapefruit is sweet, you should try the Orangelo as it is the sweeter version of the Grapefruit.

It is also a shade lighter than the Grapefruit in color. This fruit owes its existence to citrus breeders in California, United States.

Ozark Beauty Strawberry

fruits that start with o ozark beauty strawberry

This fruit is one of the varieties of strawberries that are actually beautiful strawberries. You’ll agree with me when you set your eyes on them. This fruit was developed in Arkansas, and they grow better in cooler areas. The Ozark beauty strawberry is sweet and large. This fruit is added to preservatives, desserts, jams, and more.  

Ozark Gold Apple

If you enjoy baking, then here’s a cooking companion for you. The Ozark Gold Apple adds a fantastic taste experience to your cooking endeavors, thanks to its explicitly delicious flavor.

This apple blends a tart and sweet flavor to make up for its taste. But there’s more. You’ll experience a blend of vanilla and honey taste that descends into a mix of marzipan and pear.

Trust me when I say that the Ozark Gold Apple is a fantastic way to pamper your taste buds. 


fruits that start with o olive

If you never knew Olives are fruits, I guess our list of fruits that start with O just enlightened you on that fact. Specifically, they fall under the category of stone fruit along with fruits like Cherries, Apricots, and Mangoes.

There are 2,000 varieties of Olives, including black olives that are bitter, green olives, and Nocellara Del Belice, which are the best Olive fruit to grow.

Opal Apple

The Opal Apple has an impressive culinary profile. You’ll enjoy its crispiness in foods like pies and cakes.

The crispiness is similar to the kind you’ll find with the Honeycrisp fruit. The interior is white and juicy, making its floral and sweet taste enjoyable.

If your taste buds are sharp, you’ll taste banana candy and coconut flavors when you bite into this fruit. The Opal Apple first came into existence in Prague, where it was bred in 1999.

Ogallala Strawberry

fruits that start with o ogallala strawberry

Also known as the Garden strawberry, the Ogallala Strawberry is a perennial fruit that is heart-shaped and red.

In my opinion, it looks like the perfect fruit for Valentine’s season. This fruit has a firm texture, and it is mostly sweet, like the sweetness you’d taste on wild strawberries.  

Oro Blanco Fruit

Also called the “white gold” fruit, the Oro Blanco fruit is a hybrid. It took an acid-less Pomelo fruit and a White Grapefruit to crossbreed for this fruit to be born. It is one of the citrus fruits that start with O which is seedless.

The taste profile of this fruit features a tart and sweet taste with hints of piney flavor. This hybrid citrus fruit is loaded with juice and tons of nutrients, and it also has a green exterior and a yellow interior. The Oro Blanco fruit has low calories but offers tons of nutrients.


fruits that start with o okra

Most people use Okra as a vegetable, but it is actually a fruit, according to science and scientist. Because of its finger-shaped nature, it’s also called Lady’s Fingers.

This fruit is best consumed cooked, and you can either slice it into your meal or toss it into your food whole. Thanks to its sweet and grassy flavor, it makes an excellent addition to stews and soups.


Olallieberry is a black fruit that grows in clusters. It is one of the few hybrid fruits that start with O. This hybrid berry exists as a result of the crossbreed between the Youngberry fruit and the Loganberry.

In taste, this fruit is sweet with its tart flavor, similar to blackberry jam, cassis, and plum. It has a coloring that’ll stain anything that comes in contact with it.

O’Henry Peach

fruits that start with o ohenry peach

The O’Henry Peach fruit has a lopsided to round shape with a velvety, taut, and thin skin. It has a dark red blush that covers the orange-yellow background color. The aroma of this fruit is fresh with a fruity and sweet taste. Your taste buds would also notice a slightly herbal flavor in the mix.

FAQs on Fruits That Start With O

What Is the Difference between Olallieberry and Marionberry?

While the Olallieberry and Marionberry are both Hybrid berries, the first major difference is in the fruits involved in their crossbreeding. The Olallieberry is a result of crossbreeding a youngberry and Loganberry. On the other hand, Marionberry requires the crossbreeding of Olallieberry and Chehalem to exist. 

Can You Eat an Oregon Grape?

Yes, you can eat Oregon Grapes. But you should’nt expect it to taste like Grapes because they don’t. 

What Is Opal Apple Good For?

If you’re looking to try a new ingredient in your salads, let’s introduce you to the Opal Apple. It is crisp and perfectly adds salads and other recipes like pies, muffins, cakes, and more.

How Big Do Ozark Beauty Strawberries Get?

Ozark Beauty Strawberries are beautiful strawberries that grow as big as 8 inches to 1 ft tall. 

Which Olive Variety Is Best for Oil?

There are quite a lot of varieties of olives that are useful in the production of Olive oil. These varieties include the Arbequina, Arbosana, Maurino, and the Picual olive.

Final Words on Fruits That Start With O

Now that you have a number of fruits that start with O at your disposal, you can truly enjoy liberty when it comes to infusing innovation in cooking. You’ve probably also added more fruits to your vocabulary and grocery list. 

We’d love to see you explore these fruits as you deploy them however you please. More so, we’d assume that you were as shocked as we were when we discovered that Okra is a fruit and not a vegetable.

Although we consume Okra like a vegetable, we’ve all learned a valuable lesson here. Happy cooking!

I hope you found this post helpful. For more fruit ideas and suggestions, check out the complete List of Fruits from A to Z series. Here are a few suggestions for you:

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