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Fruits are not only about natural sweetness. They’re great for savory dishes, too. This list of fruits that start with O features the remarkable flavors of okra, olives, and other fruit varieties that are perfect additions to dinner and lunch classics!

1. Olive

Is your Mediterranean pasta even complete without olives? These fruits that start with O have a unique and somewhat complex flavor profile!

Fruits that start with O

We eat more green olives here at home as they have a milder taste than black olives.

From what I can remember, black olives have a richer, earthy flavor. I’m far from being an olive expert, but I think European olives are the best!

Don’t forget these popular fruits when you prepare your vegan stuffed eggplant.

2. Opal Apple

Opal apples have a creamy, white flesh with a sweet taste and a bit of tart flavor.

Fruits that start with O

Among the many varieties of apples, I think this one is the most striking! They are a cross between the Golden Delicious and Topaz apple.

The result is a charming color and excellent taste, perfect for your favorite fruit salad and other desserts. Use these yellow apples in your favorite apple recipes to make them more flavorful!

3. Ogeechee Lime

The Ogeechee lime, or wild lime, is a unique citrus fruit native to the southeastern United States. It boasts a vibrant red color and firm flesh.

Fruits that start with O

These delicious fruits are notably less juicy than regular limes. Even so, ripe Ogeechee limes are known for their delightful taste – sweet, with a subtle bitter and tart flavor.

How I wish I could grow an Ogeechee tree in my backyard!

I’ve read that these fruits that start with O can add extra flavor to salads, offering balanced citrus notes without overwhelming the other ingredients.

4. Ogallala Strawberry

Looking to prepare classic chocolate-covered strawberries for dessert this weekend? You need some berry nice varieties to make it extra special!

The Ogallala strawberry is loved for its tart and sweet flavor, with a mildly acidic taste.

They also have juicy flesh, making them a great choice for making jams and cakes.

5. Opal Plum

Is there anyone out there who wouldn’t love the Opal plum’s reddish-yellow skin?

I think these are some of the most beautiful plums, with their striking color and creamy flesh.

Fruits that start with O

They may not be the most popular type, but they are still a standout choice for snacking, cooking, and baking.

I think these fruits that start with O can also be the healthiest snacks for kids – they are small, so they easily fit inside a lunch box!

6. Otaheite Gooseberry

The Otaheite gooseberry is a sight to behold, with its vibrant colors and waxy, natural finish.

Fruits that start with O

Also called Malay gooseberry, these fruits that start with O are sweet with a slightly tart taste.

They also have a crunchy texture, similar to that of grapes. Excited to try these yellow fruits soon? You’re not only in for a delicious treat but also a nutritious one!

This is not your average fruit. They are also a good source of vitamin C, calcium, and iron, helping strengthen our immune system, maintain our smooth skin, and strengthen our bones.

7. Ozark Gold Apples

Use Ozark Gold apples in your favorite apple crumble and other dishes, and enjoy one of the best apple varieties ever.

Fruits that start with O

These delicious apples’ golden color and smooth skin are so inviting. You’ll enjoy its unique earthy, honey-like flavor and satisfying crunch.

I don’t think many apple types have those, so once you see these fruits that start with O in your local market, don’t hesitate to grab some.

8. Oval Kumquat

Oval Kumquat fruits trace their origins to the sunny regions of Southeast Asia. But now they are grown in other parts of the world, including the U.S.

Fruits that start with O

This is a unique variety and differs from regular kumquats in many ways. They are elongated and oval-shaped, with a tart and tangy flavor that contrasts perfectly with their sweet outer skin.

They are also a bit larger than other varieties. I’ve always loved kumquats – they are very distinctive fruits with a beautiful texture. You can also make delicious juice out of them.

9. Ozark Beauty Strawberry

Among the dozens of strawberry cultivars out there, which one is your favorite?

It’s just so hard to choose! Today, I learned another awesome variety – the Ozark Beauty Strawberry.

This type of strawberry thrives in various geographic conditions. They are larger than the common strawberry and have a delightful mix of tartness and sweetness.

These fruits that start with O are not very common, so if you chance upon this beautiful strawberry in a specialty store, buy it and make a berry delicious dessert out of it! 

10. Oso Grande Strawberry

Oso Grande Strawberries are among the largest varieties of strawberries, offering a well-balanced flavor profile of tartness and sweetness and a subtle fruity aroma.

They have glossy, smooth, and vibrant red skin with small seeds. You’re lucky if there are some commercial growers near your area!

You can use these fruits that start with O to make a mouthwatering strawberry cheesecake.

Pair them with other fruits like peaches and blackberries for additional flavors.

11. O’Henry Peach

Next on this exhaustive list of fruits with O is the O’Henry Peach. This type of peach is typically larger than many common peaches.

Fruits that start with O

They also have a smooth, creamy texture, which is less fibrous than some other varieties.

Enjoy this O fruit fresh or in your favorite desserts, and get lots of vitamins and other essential nutrients! It’s rich in vitamin A, C, E, iron, and folate.

12. Oullins Gage Plum

The Oullins Gage Plum features a striking appearance and succulent flesh that’s a true pleasure to bite into.

Fruits that start with O

It really stands out from other plum varieties. It often carries a delicate blush of yellow when fully ripe.

I’d probably enjoy them fresh when I have the chance, but if you want, you can also infuse them into your savory dishes.

I heard you can also use these fruits that start with O to make sauces for roasted meats!

13. Oregon Grape

These fruits that start with O are small, round berries reminiscent of grapes in appearance, but they belong to the barberry family.

Fruits that start with O

The outer skin of Oregon grapes showcases a dark purplish-blue hue, adding a touch of elegance to their look.

They are sweet, with a bit of tangy and sour taste. At first, I thought they were wine grapes, but it turns out they are berries! So, like blueberries, we can use these to make jams and pies!

14. Orangelo

The Orangelo is a delicious citrus hybrid – a cross between grapefruit and sweet orange.

Fruits that start with O

It offers a flavor profile that combines the sweet, tangy goodness of oranges with the milder, less acidic notes of grapefruits.

The result is a unique taste experience that’s refreshing and satisfying!

I don’t think I’ve never tried hybrid fruits before, so enjoying this one, whether fresh or in dessert form, is sure to be a delightful treat!

15. Osteen Mango

I really think that mangoes are the best tropical fruits! And what’s amazing is that we can never run out of varieties to try.

Fruits that start with O

The Osteen mango comes with peach and citrus flavors. It also stands out as a very plump fruit that turns from pale green to yellow as it ripens.

Some also develop purple-red hues as they mature!

These fruits that start with O are local favorites in Florida, where they are enjoyed fresh, blended into smoothies, and sliced over salads.

16. Oro Blanco Fruit

The Oro Blanco is a hybrid citrus fruit. It is a cross between a white grapefruit and a pomelo. It combines the wonderful flavors of its fruit parents!

They have a milder, sweeter, and less acidic flavor profile that many people find appealing.

If you’re looking for healthy, sweet snacks on the go, these fruits that start with O are a perfect option.

They’re usually seedless or contain very few tiny seeds, which adds to their convenience and enjoyment.

17. Olallieberry

The Olallieberry is another hybrid fruit resulting from careful crossbreeding between Loganberries and Youngberries.

Fruits that start with O

It has a bold, complex flavor that’s both sweet and tart, with hints of Blackberry and Raspberry. It even has an enticing, fruity scent!

I’ve only tasted blueberries before, so I can only imagine what this tastes like!

Due to their well-balanced flavor, these fruits that start with O are often used in jams and other sweet treats.

18. Okra

Although Okra is commonly referred to as a vegetable, it’s botanically a fruit!

Fruits that start with O

This O fruit offers a mild and somewhat grassy flavor with a slimy texture. I never liked it as a kid and just appreciated it as I got older.

I’m telling you – the only way to enjoy it is to infuse it in delectable okra recipes. Pair it with other veggies and spices.

It really takes on the aromas and flavors of the spices and ingredients it’s cooked with! 

19. Oeillade Noire Grape

The Oeillade Noire grape is among the many grape varieties cherished for both snacking and producing exceptional wines.

I’m not very knowledgeable about wines, but they say that this O fruit produces light wines and pairs best with artisanal cheeses.

As for me, I just enjoy my grapes after a savory dinner, or maybe I’ll soon make a grape compote with vanilla ice cream for a change!

20. Ogen Melon

When I was a kid, my mom would serve me fresh melons with condensed milk for extra sweetness! And back then, I thought there was only one type of melon.

Fruits that start with O

Snacking on this Ogen Melon, I think, wouldn’t require any additional sweetness, but I would love to turn it into a more complex dessert!

It’s mildly sweet with a touch of tanginess. I think a melon parfait or salsa are wonderful dishes that even my younger cousins will love.

21. Okuzgozu Grape

Many grape varieties may look the same, but each has their own distinct flavor and charm.

The Okuzgozu grape, a Turkish variety, showcases deep red to almost black skin, and juicy and vibrant flesh.

They kind of taste like cherries and raspberries, with a balanced combination of sweetness and tartness.

These fruits that start with O are really making me want to become a wine connoisseur!

22. Ortanique

The Ortanique is a cross between a Chinese Mandarin and a wild Jamaican Tangerine.

Fruits that start with O

It combines the sweet, juicy notes of Oranges with the zesty and tangy elements of Tangerines.

If you’re looking into making a special dessert for a gathering, use these fruits that start with O for an extraordinary citrusy twist.

They’re not too sweet and not too tart, and it also has a desirable fruity scent!

23. Otaheite Apple

The Otaheite Apple, despite its name, doesn’t bear any close resemblance to the common apples we’re used to.

Fruits that start with O

They are a distinct fruit and belong to a different botanical family than true apples. But, of course, they are as delicious as those fruits and even more vibrant.

Their flavor is a blend of sweet and tart, and they become deep red when fully ripe.

These fruits that start with O have been enjoyed for centuries in the South Pacific, gracing tropical desserts and traditional dishes. 

24. Oil Palm Fruit

The Oil Palm Fruit originates from West and Central Africa.

Fruits that start with O

It has a reddish-orange to blackish outer skin and soft, fibrous flesh that feels somewhat greasy due to its high oil content.

In terms of taste, it offers a unique blend of sweet and savory. It also emits a mild, earthy aroma.

Interestingly, in its native regions, these fruits that start with O has been used as a traditional remedy for various health problems such as headaches, rheumatism, and cardiovascular diseases.

25. Olosapo

Olosapo, an O fruit that isn’t commonly found on typical grocery lists, originates from the tropical rainforests of Central America.

Fruits that start with O

It has a brownish-yellow skin and is often round, resembling a potato.

It might not look appetizing from the outside, but inside is a delicious translucent flesh with a jelly-like consistency.

You can easily scoop this out and enjoy it immediately. Since it’s naturally sweet, most people prefer to eat it fresh without cooking.

FAQs on Fruits That Start With O

What is a purple fruit that starts with O?

A fruit that starts with O and is purple is the Olallieberry.

What is a stone fruit that starts with O?

A stone fruit that starts with O is the Olive.

What fruit name ends in O?

One fruit whose name ends in O is the Mango.

What is a berry that starts with O?

A berry that starts with O is the Oregon grape. Despite its name, it’s not a grape but a berry with a tart flavor.

What is the difference between Olallieberry and Marionberry?

The Olallieberry is a cross between the Loganberry and the Youngberry, while the Marionberry is a hybrid of Chehalem and Olallie blackberries.

How big do Ozark Beauty Strawberries get?

Ozark Beauty Strawberries can grow up to four inches in size.

Which olive variety is best for oil?

The Picual olive variety is considered the best for oil production due to its very high yields and abundant oil content in each olive.

Final Thoughts on Fruits That Start with O

The next time you crave something delicious and savory, grab some fruits that start with O and get cooking!

Even sweet berries and plums can offer a good balance of flavors in many creations, such as sauces, glazes, and salads. Fruits are no longer synonymous with desserts.

I hope you found this post helpful. For more fruit ideas and suggestions, check out the complete List of Fruits from A to Z series. Here are a few suggestions for you:

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