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Do you want to live a healthier life but still satisfy your sweet tooth from time to time? I suggest taking it one fruit at a time. This list of fruits that start with M introduce nutritious, exotic finds that you’ll want to enjoy over and over again!

1. Manila Mango

Is there any other M fruit as delicious and juicy as mangoes? Of all the mango varieties, Manila mangoes are the ones brimming with the most natural tropical sweetness.

Fruits that start with M

Its smooth skin shines with a golden-yellow hue, and beneath it lies smooth and juicy flesh. It’s my favorite fruit, and I could eat it every day!

It delivers a sweet taste that is perfect for fruit salads, mango salsa and other desserts. It’s also a good source of vitamin C and antioxidants.

2. Mock Strawberry

The Mock strawberry, or wild strawberry, is almost a doppelganger of the common strawberry. Well, almost!

Fruits that start with M

It’s known for its dry, bland, and slightly bitter flesh, unlike the traditional strawberries with sweeter flavor.

Thus, it’s not a favored ingredient for desserts. This exotic fruit starting with M, though, has medicinal purposes. It’s sometimes used to treat boils, traumatic injuries, and insect bites.

3. Melon Pear

Next in this list of fruits that start with M is the Melon pear, also called Pepino melon!

Fruits that start with M

It’s a fruit native to South America, with a mild taste and a sweet flavor that is perfect for a mouthwatering, innovative melon salad!

It tastes like a blend of honeydew and cucumber. This type of melon is not commonly available in the United States, but they are occasionally sold in specialty markets.

Go ahead and find them – these juicy fruits are extraordinary treats for those special occasions.

4. Macadamia Fruit

Macadamia fruits are round or oval and are sometimes referred to as Macadamia nuts.

Fruits that start with M

They have a hard, woody shell that surrounds the edible seed. It’s the nut inside that is commonly harvested and consumed.

This popular fruit that starts with M is known for its distinct buttery and nutty flavor and is often used in a wide variety of recipes, including savory dishes.

5. Malay Apple Fruit

The Malay apple hails from the Southeast Asian region, but it’s no longer limited to Asian countries.

Fruits that start with M

Today, this delicious fruit is grown as far away as Panama, Puerto Rico, and El Salvador. It’s not a variety of apple, though; they belong to a different botanical family altogether.

These fruits that start with M have a mild, refreshing taste, unlike the usual apples that typically come with a slightly tangy flavor.

You’ll love their crisp and juicy white flesh! They’re a popular choice for a variety of dishes.

6. Maypop Fruit

The Maypop, also known as Passiflora incarnata or passion fruits, bursts with tropical sweetness and hint of sour taste.

Fruits that start with M

This green fruit develops a purple color as it matures and ripens. Thinking of growing them in your backyard to treat your taste buds anytime?

These fruits that start with M thrive in the southeastern United States’ warm climates and produces beautiful purple flowers! 

7. Mamey Sapote Fruit

Mamey Sapote, or Pouteria sapota, is native to Central America where it has been used as part of traditional remedies.

Fruits that start with M

It has a tough skin that is brown in color. Inside, it boasts a vibrant, salmon-colored flesh known for its rich creaminess.

This oval-shaped fruit with M tastes like sweet potato with hints of cherry, almond, and chocolate. Though its brown skin looks plain, the fruit is loved for its mildly sweet flesh.

8. Maprang Fruit

Maprang fruits are native to Southeast Asia, but, strangely, I haven’t seen one before!

Fruits that start with M

I believe they’re more widespread in the tropical and subtropical regions of Thailand, where they’re also known as mango plum.

They somewhat resemble small mangoes with their smooth, sunny yellow or orange skin.

Its scent and flavor are so refreshing; you would love snacking on it on a hot summer day. These fruits that start with M are sought-after seasonal delicacies in their native regions!

9. Moriche Palm Fruit

These fruits that start with M look like small dragon eggs, don’t they? Look at that scaly, bumpy skin!

Fruits that start with M

But beneath this Amazonian fruit lies a soft, creamy interior that tastes like carrot and celery with a touch of sweetness.

Did you know that many indigenous communities often regard the Moriche Palm Tree as the “tree of life”?

It’s because nearly every part of it has a use! The fruit’s rich oil content is sometimes extracted and used for traditional medicines.

10. Marisol Clementine

Fruits that start with M make some of the best snacks. If you’re skeptical, give a citrus fruit a try today!

The Marisol clementine has a light orange color and a glossy skin that’s easy to peel away. It’s incredibly sweet with a bit of sour flavor.

This hybrid fruit’s juicy nature and convenient size make it a popular, healthy snack.

If you want something small and easy to bring, go for Marisol clementines – they’re like mini mandarin oranges!

11. Mandarin Orange

Mandarin oranges are some of the most popular citrus fruits worldwide.

Fruits that start with M

Like many sweet fruits, they have juicy segments, a tangy smell, and a pronounced flavor.

Whenever I hear about these fruits that start with M, I remember Chinese New Year celebrations in our province!

People often exchange baskets of these sweet orange fruits when visiting family and friends during Chinese New Year, and they are also used as decorations in homes and temples.

12. Maqui Berry

Would you like to share your list of favorite M starting fruits? You might want to add another berry fruit to it! Maqui berries are dark purple berries from South America.

Fruits that start with M

They are loaded with antioxidants that support heart health and reduce inflammation. They have glossy, edible skin and a sweet-tart flavor.

And it’s not just for human consumption! The Maqui fruit is also a source of food for many types of birds.

13. Miyazaki Mango

From Japan’s sunny Kyushu island comes the super-expensive Miyazaki mango. Slice it open, and you’ll find its sweet flesh with hints of honey and peach.

It’s also nutritious – it’s a good source of fiber and vitamin C.

This variety will make mango your favorite tropical fruit.

Fun fact: they are so highly regarded in Japan that individual mangoes have been sold at incredibly high prices. I’ve read that these fruits beginning with M sell for almost $4,000 a pair!

14. Madison Peach

In the mood for a delicious grilled peach caprese dish? The Madison peach might not be a popular variety, but it’s one of the best you can use for your meals!

Fruits that start with M

You’ll love this sweet peach’s sweet, juicy flavor, complemented by a hint of tartness.

This freestone peach is celebrated for its tenderness and natural sweetness, making it the perfect ingredient for your favorite dishes.

This fruit beginning with M is also visually appealing. It has velvety skin and beautiful pink and yellow hues.

 15. Madrono Fruit

Madrono fruits are small, round, and have a rough texture with a reddish to yellowish skin. They somewhat resemble strawberries but are not as soft or as deeply colored.

Fruits that start with M

As for the taste, their creamy texture is complemented by a mildly sweet and acidic flavor.

This acidic taste can be likened to citrus fruits but is balanced by natural sweetness. If you ever find yourself traveling in Central and South America, remember to find this gem!

 16. Mangaba Fruit

Mangaba fruits are celebrated in South America for their unique taste profile.

Fruits that start with M

They present a sweet and tangy flavor, often described as a fusion of pineapple and mango. They look like peaches, though, with their vibrant, yellow-green skin.

I’ve read that these fruits that start with M smell so good! But what’s more interesting about them is their significance in Brazilian culture.

They are featured in folklore and symbolize Brazil’s biodiversity.

17. Mexican Lime

Mexican limes, often referred to as Key limes, have a distinctive, intensely aromatic flavor.

Fruits that start with M

In a way, they look like Calamansi, but they are distinct in taste and origin. But both are used to add a potent, zesty quality to various dishes.

You can even use these fruits beginning with M to elevate your spicy shrimp tacos!

18. Meyer Lemon

Meyer lemons offer a sweeter, less acidic flavor than regular lemons, with floral and herbal notes.

Fruits that start with M

This extraordinary taste makes them a versatile addition to sweet and savory meals, as well as refreshing drinks!

Their aroma is equally captivating, with peel and zest releasing a fragrant, floral scent. I just remembered it’s been a while since I made lemonade at home!

I wonder if I can find these fruits that start with M and use them for my next homemade beverage project.

19. Merlot Grapes

Whenever I think about grapes, I’m amazed by how they can transform into fine wines.

Merlot grapes, which hail from France, are characterized by deep blue-black skin and a dusty, waxy coating.

Fruits that start with M

These fruits that start with M are truly beautiful! Unfortunately, living in a tropical country means we don’t get many grapes.

Their succulent, soft flesh makes eating them feel like a luxurious experience every time!

20. Margil Apple

The Margil apple, a lesser-known gem among apple varieties, originates from the beautiful orchards of France.

Fruits that start with M

It has a natural rustic charm, thanks to its deep red color and occasional speckles of lighter spots.

What sets it apart from other apples is that it’s creamy and, at the same time, crisp. It’s also not overly sweet or too tangy.

It’s perfect for that apple mug cake you are planning to make this weekend.

21. Manila Tamarind

Manila tamarind, also known as Camachile or Pithecellobium dulce, is a one-of-a-kind tropical fruit native to Southeast Asia.

Fruits that start with M

It’s so common here in the Philippines and is widely used as a souring agent for soups and stews.

Its blend of sweet, sour, and slightly earthy notes also makes it a perfect ingredient for candies!

Fruits that start with M really offer a flavorful and culturally significant experience to everyone.

22. Midyim Fruit

If you’ve ever wandered the coastal areas of Eastern Australia, you might have stumbled upon a little berry known as the Midyim fruit or Midgen berry.

Fruits that start with M

It tastes like a mix of cranberry and blueberry! I love how unique this berry is – it has a speckled white and purple skin, looking prettier compared to other vibrant red berries.

You can use them in pies, tarts, and muffins. These fruits that start with M lend their distinct taste and color to baked goods! 

23. Mammee Apple

The Mammee apple, with its rough, brown, and somewhat leathery skin, might not win any beauty contests at first glance. But don’t let that exterior fool you!

Fruits that start with M

Inside, it reveals a vibrant orange flesh that’s both firm and succulent. It also delivers a pleasant, fruity scent that evokes tropical summer days.

And here’s a little tidbit: beyond being a tasty treat, this fruit with M has traditionally been used for medicinal purposes, especially its seeds.

24. Mountain Pepperberry

Mountain Pepperberries are small, round fruits that pack a punch of flavor. Their outer skin is deep purple to black, creating an enticing contrast with their vibrant red flesh.

They are said to be juicy and crunchy, with small seeds that add a pleasant texture.

Some people enjoy these fruits that start with M as a snack or as part of a salad or fruit platter.

They can also be dried and ground into a pepper-like spice to add a bold and spicy flavor to various dishes.

I think I’ll enjoy this just like any other berry – in my smoothie!

25. Mora De Castilla

The Mora De Castilla, also known as the Andean Raspberry, is a delightful fruit native to the Andes Mountains.

Fruits that start with M

It offers a blend of sweetness and tartness, reminiscent of a traditional Raspberry or Loganberry but with its own distinct flavor profile.

This is interesting because it’s not every day that I get to read about M fruits from high-altitude locations!

26. Macoun Apple

The Macoun apple is a hybrid, a cross between the McIntosh and Jersey Black varieties.

Fruits that start with M

They are celebrated for their exceptionally sweet and tart flavor with a hint of berry-like taste.

If I have constant access to these fruits that start with M, I’d probably always use them in baked goods, but it turns out this type of fruit is favored as a fresh-eating apple.

While they can be used in cooking, their exceptional fresh flavor makes them a top choice for snacking right out of hand.

27. Mamoncillo

Mamoncillo, or Spanish Lime, offers a sweet and tangy blend, somewhat reminiscent of limes or lemons, yet with its own distinct flavor.

Fruits that start with M

It also delivers a subtle citrus aroma that evokes memories of breezy tropical afternoons spent with family!

If you have some peeled leftovers, store them in a sealed container in the fridge for a few days. You can still use them as toppings for your yogurt or oatmeal in the coming days.

28. Marsh Pink Grapefruit

The Marsh Pink Grapefruit shines with its vibrant pink to deep red flesh, offering a delightful balance of sweet-tart flavor.

It’s embarrassing to admit, but I’ve never tasted grapefruits, though I can already imagine their refreshing nature.

This variety, in particular, is very easy to eat thanks to its smooth texture and the fact that it’s either seedless or contains just a few tiny seeds.

Fruits that start with M truly make healthy eating a breeze!

29. Minneola Tangelo

The Minneola Tangelo is a hybrid fruit, a mix between the Duncan grapefruit and the Dancy tangerine.

Fruits that start with M

It sports a stunning deep-orange skin, and you can’t miss that cute little knob at the top – that’s its signature look!

It’s like a built-in handle. I think I’ve seen one before; I just can’t recall where. I should’ve grabbed one when I had the chance.

They say that these fruits that start with M are not loaded with seeds, making it all the more enjoyable without any fuss.

30. Marula Fruit

The Marula offers a unique blend of tart and sweet flavors, complemented by playful hints of lemon and pineapple.

Fruits that start with M

At first glance, its green, leathery skin might pique your curiosity. But, as it ripens, it transforms into a beautiful shade of yellow!

The tree from which this fruit grows holds deep cultural significance.

Local tribes view the Marula tree as a connection to their ancestors and frequently gather under its expansive shade for community events and rituals.

31. Mangosteen

The Mangosteen comes from an evergreen tree native to Southeast Asia.

Despite being relatively common here, it’s often overshadowed by its more famous counterparts, like mangoes or bananas.

Fruits that start with M

I’ve tasted mangosteen, but only in candy and supplement form, and I have never seen fresh ones before!

They say it offers a delicate balance of sweet and tart. Beyond its exquisite flavor, this fruit starting with M is also packed with essential nutrients.

It’s rich in antioxidants, particularly xanthones, known for their potential anti-inflammatory properties.

32. Melinjo Fruit

Melinjo is probably one of the rarest fruits that start with M that you’ll ever come across. It’s hard to find outside Southeast Asia.

Fruits that start with M

However, it’s been a quiet staple in locals’ diets for generations. Its skin has a unique, textured feel, transitioning from a light green to reddish-brown, depending on its ripeness.

While its exterior may appear unusual, the inside reveals a soft, juicy flesh that balances sweet and slightly bitter flavors.

33. Medlar

The Medlar, native to parts of Europe and Asia, has a rich history dating back to ancient times.

Fruits that start with M

Its outer appearance resembles a Russet apple, while its flesh has texture and flavor somewhat reminiscent of a pear or apple.

It’s soft and creamy! Medlars are not only popular because of their delicious fruits; the tree also produces pretty white flowers, adding to its overall charm.

Indulging in these fruits that start with M is a journey back in time!

34. Mirabelle Plum

The Mirabelle plum is a small, golden-yellow fruit, sometimes with a hint of pink or tiny red specks on its skin.

Fruits that start with M

It’s sweet with a touch of tartness! This fruit that starts with M is quite popular in France, where people enjoy it both fresh and in cooking.

I wish I could grow these fruits in my backyard. They look like cute, shiny little eggs in the tree!

35. Morello Cherry

Morello cherries originate from Southwest Asia and Europe, but now you can find them in many parts of the world.

Fruits that start with M

I’m not an expert on cherries, so to me, they look similar to other varieties, but this one has its own remarkable qualities!

It has a deep coloration, from dark red to an almost black hue. The flesh inside also has the same rich shade, unlike some other cherries.

36. Mountain Papaya

As someone who grew up with papaya trees in her backyard, I’m thrilled to learn more about interesting varieties from other countries!

Fruits that start with M

Mountain papayas thrive in the cooler, high-altitude climates of the Andean regions in South America.

The traditional ones we used to enjoy here are sweeter, while this Mountain papaya has a blend of sweetness and tartness, which makes it an amazing ingredient for several dishes.

These fruits that start with M can be used as a vegetable and incorporated into stews, curries, or grilled meals.

FAQs on Fruits That Start With M

What is a juicy fruit that starts with M?

A juicy fruit that starts with M is the Mango. It’s a tropical fruit known for its sweet and succulent flesh.

What is a stone fruit that starts with M?

An example of a stone fruit that starts with M is the Mirabelle plum.

What is a Mexican fruit that starts with M?

A Mexican fruit that starts with M is the Mamey Sapote.

What oranges start with M?

The Mandarin orange and the Marisol Clementine, both starting with M, belong to the Mandarin family and are both considered as oranges.

How long do Midyim berries take to fruit?

Midyim berries typically take around 2 years after planting to produce their first fruit.

How long does Macadamia take to fruit?

Macadamia trees generally take about 5 years after planting to produce their first crop of nuts. They reach full nut-bearing capacity around 12 to 15 years of age.

Conclusion on Fruits That Start With M

I guess we can all agree that the most mouthwatering desserts often include fruits! Well, it’s time for us to discover new flavor combos that will leave a delicious impression on our loved ones. What are your new favorite fruits that start with M? As for me, I have new citrus favorites.

Fruits that start with M
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I hope you found this post helpful. For more fruit ideas and suggestions, check out the complete List of Fruits from A to Z series. Here are a few suggestions for you:

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