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When you’re asked to give a list of fruits that start with M, you’ll most likely only state Mango and Melon, and it’s a wrap. While that’s fine, there’s a vast library of M fruits that you may not know existed. Hence, if you have considered broadening your knowledge of fruits, here’s a great way to start. 

We’ll introduce you to a list of fruits you’ve never encountered and might be that one ingredient your recipes have been missing. If exotic meals are something you love to enjoy, you should stick around and explore the possibilities you can create with these fruits. Let’s dive in.

Mock Strawberry

fruits that start with m mock strawberry

If you’ve ever heard the name “Indian berry” or “Snake berry,” you’ve established a bit of familiarity with the Mock Strawberry fruit because those are its other names.

A native of Southeast Asia, they look like a wild strawberry. Unlike regular strawberries, this berry has no juice and is bitter with a cucumber-like aftertaste. 

Midyim Fruit

As a perennial berry, the Midyim fruit is a native of Australia. It is generally sweet with an overall taste similar to blueberries. Your taste buds would also feel notes of ginger, nutmeg, and eucalyptus. Compared to other berries, the Midyim fruit is white, with its body covered in tiny blue-black spots.  

Malay Apples

Malay Apples do not come in the regular circular shape you’d expect Apples to have; they have an oblong shape and are dark red.

It has a bland taste with a refreshing effect. Malay Apples are used for medicinal purposes like combating inflammation, boosting bone strength, improving vision, hair and skin health, and more.

Margil Apple

Margil Apple is the oldest kid on the block. We tagged it the oldest kid on the block because it is the oldest dessert Apple from England. This fruit is yellow and has a sweet taste similar to the taste you’ll find with apples. Margil Apple is juicy and crispy.

Manila Tamarind

fruits that start with m manila tamarind

If you frequent South America, Southern Mexico, and Central America, you’ll come across this fruit. It’s a childhood snack for those who grew up in the areas it hails from. Manila Tamarind comes in a pod, and they range in color from greenish-brown to red-pink. It has 77.8% water content, making it an ideal fruit for treating certain conditions. 

Madrono Fruit

Madrono Fruit is one of the European fruits that start with M. It hails from Ireland, Western Europe, and Western parts of France. It is mainly eaten raw but can be used to create fine recipes ranging from jam to jellies.

Mammee Apple

fruits that start with m mammee apple

The Mammee Apple is a berry that’s pumped full of nutrients to help you thrive. You can also call it Mammea Americana. It’s from the West Indies, specifically Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Haiti, etc.

The Mammee Apple is an excellent source of fiber and protein, and it prevents iron deficiency. It’s one of the fruits that start with M and has a delightful taste.

Mango Fruit

Mango is regarded as a sacred fruit with an origin that’s largely in Asia. It comes from the Mango tree that has yielded different cultivars that led to the birth of different mango varieties. While the Mango fruit can be eaten raw, you can cook up a delicious bowl of mango fruit salad or Mango Kulfi. 

Macadamia Fruit 

fruits that start with m macadamia fruit

The Macadamia fruit also grows on the Macadamia tree just like the Macadamia nuts. It has a green covering that birthed the name “bush nuts.” They are small and round.

The Macadamia tree on which the Macadamia fruit grows is native to Australia, New South Wales, and Queensland. Mostly, people grow the Macadamia tree for its nuts more than its fruit. 

Madison Peach

The Madison peach is a medium-sized juicy stone fruit with a bright red color. With tender skin, Madison Peach is one of the fruits on this list of fruits that start with M. You’ll rarely see it in grocery stores. It is fibrous with a sweet flavor and can be eaten raw.

Meyer Lemon

fruits that start with m meyer lemon

Meyer lemons are bright yellow lemons born from crossbreeding a mandarin orange and a regular lemon. But they are sweeter than regular lemons with an irresistible floral flavor. As a result, you can use Meyer Lemons in any recipe of your choice.  

Macoun Apple

This apple can be eaten raw as you’ll delight in the taste as it is sickly-sweet, rich, and mild and gives off that Cherry vibe.

The flesh is crispy and tender, and you’ll enjoy this fruit better in certain recipes. For instance, it is perfect for fruit salads and special European pies.

Mountain Pepper

fruits that start with m mountain pepper

Mountain pepper is an edible berry that goes from red to black once it ripens. The Mountain pepper fruit has an intense peppery, fruity, earth, and sweet taste. The Mountain Pepper fruit ranges from deep purple to black in its ripe state, which it attains in autumn and early winter.

Miracle Fruit

Miracle fruit is a native of West Africa. It is an excellent substitute for sugar as it is low in calories. If you need a sugar-free sweetener, the Miracle fruit is one of the best fruits that start with M that fits the description.

Perhaps this fruit is called Miracle fruit because it magically transforms sour-tasting edibles into sweet-tasting ones.

Melon Pear

fruits that start with m melon pear

The Melon Pear is a native of South America. This fruit does not have a single size or shape pattern as you might see it as rectangular or round-shaped fruit. You’ll further identify the Melon Pear by its yellowish-cream skin color decorated with dark purple stripes.

When it comes to taste, the Melon Pear is not entirely sweet, and people have likened its taste to that of a Cantaloupe fruit. It also has a bit of harshness to its taste.

Mountain Soursop

Closely related to the regular soursop fruit, the Mountain Soursop has yellowish-orange skin. It is similar in taste to the Pineapple fruit. The strength of the Mountain Soursop is unleashed on the nervous system when you eat it, thanks to its calming effect.  

Merlot Grapes

fruits that startr with m merlot grapes 1

Merlot Grapes have a delightful taste, as they combine the flavor of several fruits to make up their flavor. You’ll experience tastes that are a blend of black cherries, blackberries, cocoa, plums, graphite, and herbs with hints of Vanilla, Cedar, and Cloves.

Aside from its wide range of flavors, the Merlot grapes are adaptable to any climate.

Mamey Sapote

Central America and Mexico house the tree this fruit grows on. It is one of the fruits that start with M, that’s quite rare. It is strikingly similar to coconut in size and has rough, brown skin.

The Mamey Sapote has a delightful taste that’s not too different from pumpkin pie. It is a creamy fruit that would make a perfect smoothie recipe as it cannot be eaten raw

Mora De Castilla

fruits that start with m mora de castilla

Also called Rubus glaucus, the Mora De Castilla fruit is a blackberry native to Latin America. You’ll be more lucky to find this fruit in Bolivia or Mexico, and you’ll also find it in South America.

Its taste is compared a lot to the loganberry fruit. Feel free to eat the Mora De Castilla fruit raw or use it as part of a jam recipe.

Mandarin Orange

The Mandarin Orange is a famous fruit on our list of fruits that starts with M from Southeast Asia, East Asia, and South China. It has an intensely citrusy, fruity, and woody aroma and a vanilla taste with hints of spiciness. You can eat it raw as it has a sweet flavor.

FAQs on Fruits That Start With M

What M Fruit Is Rich in Dietary Iron?

The Mammee Apple is one of the fruits that start with M rich in dietary iron. 

What Is a Vegetable That Starts with M?

Many vegetables start with M. Some of these M vegetables are popular while others are not. These vegetables include mushrooms, Mustard greens, Mashua, Maize, and more.

How Long Do Midyim Berries Take to Fruit?

The Midyim fruit takes 2 years to start fruiting, and they are usually produced during late summer and autumn. It’s rewarding to wait that long for the fruiting of Midyim berries because they are a delight to eat. 

Are Mock Strawberries Medicinal?

Yes, Mock strawberries are medicinal. Thanks to the high levels of protein, Vitamin C, Iron, and other nutrients that are effective in treating eczema, snake bites, and more. 

How Long Does Macadamia Take to Fruit?

The Macadamia tree doesn’t only produce Macadamia nuts but also Macadamia fruit. However, it could take this tree 7 to 15 years to fruit. More so, the macadamia fruit is not as delicious as the nuts.

Conclusion on Fruits That Start With M

The difference between a great-tasting meal and a bland one is the choice of ingredients you use in your recipe. With some of these fruits, you can transform the quality of food you make. 

With the ability to make a difference in your recipes and desserts, you should experiment with these fruits that start with M. That way, you’ll always treat yourself and your family to exotic meals.

I hope you found this post helpful. For more fruit ideas and suggestions, check out the complete List of Fruits from A to Z series. Here are a few suggestions for you:

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