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These fruits that start with N are among the most vibrant and refreshing harvests you can find! If you’re looking for new oranges, apples, mangoes, and other fruit varieties to spice up your dishes, this list can come in handy.

1. Nectarine

First on this list of fruits starting with N are Nectarines! I don’t think I’ve ever seen such colorful stone fruits.

Fruits that start with N

Their smooth skin is usually yellow or red, with sweet-tart, juicy flesh inside.

Like peaches (their close relative!), these N fruits can be used in a variety of dishes for an awesome burst of flavor. You can add them to your green salads, muffins, or cocktails.

2. Natal Plum

Natal plums, or Carissa macrocarpa, are small, round fruits native to South Africa.

Fruits that start with N

They are not only known for their sweet flavor but are also loved because of their health benefits!

These exciting fruits that start with N are a good source of vitamin C, dietary fiber, and potassium, helping us strengthen our immune system and control our blood pressure.

I knew it! A plum fruit a day can help keep the doctor away.

3. Nonda Plum Fruit

The Nonda plum, a fruit native to Australia, has a rough and thick outer skin and a creamy flesh.

I’ve read about this in articles about food before but have never seen nor tasted one!

It may not be the most popular fruit around, but it holds a unique place in the diets and culture of Aboriginal people.

This fruit with an N is an essential food source for these communities in regions where they grow naturally.

4. Naranjilla

From the enchanting regions of Central and South America comes the Naranjilla, also known as the ‘little orange.’

Fruits that start with N

Its complex flavor profile makes it a wonderful ingredient in fruit salads! It has a tangy flavor similar to citrus fruits like Mandarin oranges.

Get creative and incorporate these fruits that start with N into your favorite savory dishes! You’ll love this fruit’s bright orange color and citrusy flavor.

5. Nance Fruit

Nance is another delicious fruit from Central and Latin America. It’s so creamy, with a peculiar combination of sweet and sour taste.

Fruits that start with N

These are probably the tiniest fruits that start with N – they are usually less than an inch in diameter!

Their small size makes them a good alternative snack for when you want something nutritious.

The thing is, they are rare in the United States. This type of fruit could have been a perfect ingredient if you’re exploring Mexican cuisine!

6. Navel Orange

Indulge in fruits during snack time for a healthy body and a sound mind! Ready for some citrus juice?

Among the many fruits that start with N that you can enjoy are Navel oranges, a variety from Brazil.

Fruits that start with N

These nutritious fruits are prized for their sweet, juicy, and seedless flesh, making them a favorite for fresh consumption and juicing.

Like other citrus family members, Naval oranges have a high vitamin C level and are filled with other beneficial vitamins such as vitamin A and calcium.

So don’t ever say no to these refreshing juicy orange fruits!

7. Nashi Pear

The Nashi pear, a variety of Asian pear, has an apple-like shape and a crisp, juicy texture akin to apples.

Fruits that start with N

Apart from its sweet taste, this Japanese pear is known for its nutritional benefits. It’s a good source of fiber and antioxidants, helping us manage our blood sugar levels efficiently.

Apple enthusiasts, this is your chance to try something new! This list of fruits that start with N can introduce you to new delicious, healthier favorites.

8. Nagami Kumquat

Wondering how to make the best orange juice? I suggest using Asian fruits for the most revitalizing drinks!

Fruits that start with N

The Nagami kumquat is a common fruit here in Southeast Asia. It’s easily recognizable with its petite oval shape and vibrant orange skin.

We love its unique flavor profile – it’s sweet with a touch of sour flavor. The plant from which this fruit beginning with N comes is also popular.

They are often used as decorations during Lunar New Year celebrations.

9. Nere Fruit

On your next visit to Africa, remember to go on a flavor adventure and get to know fruits that start with N!

The fruits of the Nere tree or Locust bean tree look like long pods. When they’re young, they have a soft pink color but turn deep brown as they mature.

They resemble long beans, but these bean pods are generally thicker and bulkier.

Also, their seeds, especially when fermented, are a wonderful ingredient in many West African dishes.

10. Nungu Fruit

Nungu fruit, also known as Ice Apple, is quite fascinating. Once you peel away the tough exterior, you’re greeted with a clear, jelly-like fruit.

Fruits that start with N

The flesh has a unique crunch to it, kind of like biting into fresh coconut but with its own distinct texture and flavor.

Come the summer months, this fruit that starts with N becomes a go-to refresher for many Indians.

You’ll often find street vendors selling it, sometimes with a sprinkle of salt or a drizzle of sweet syrup to enhance the taste.

11. Nageia Fruit

This list of fruits that start with N includes Southeast Asia’s hidden gems. One of them is the Nageia fruit!

They say it’s gently sweet, with a hint of its tropical roots – neither too strong nor too mild. But what’s most special about it is its smell. It has a pleasant aroma with earthy and pine-like notes.

I’ve never had the chance to become acquainted with this fruit – I think it’s quite rare in our region!

12. Nutmeg Fruit

It’s so fun to learn about a spice we use a lot here at home! It turns out that it comes from the seed of the Myristica fragrans tree’s fruit.

Fruits that start with N

Basically, the seed is dried and can then be grated or ground to produce nutmeg powder. The N fruit from which this is derived is somewhat sweet and slightly nutty.

While it doesn’t have the strong aromatic qualities of the nutmeg seed itself, it has its own unique flavor.

13. Naartjie Fruit

Naartjie fruits, a variety of tangerine, are members of the mandarin orange family.

Though they share similarities with oranges (both belong to the citrus family), there are distinctive differences!

While both are sweet, these fruits that start with N tend to be less acidic and thus sweeter than many orange varieties.

They also have a distinct, slightly spicy flavor. Well, if it’s slightly spicy, then this could make a remarkable juice!

The thing is, they are less commonly used for juicing due to their size and lower juice content.

14. Neem Fruit

I use neem oil as a natural insecticide for my plants, and it turns out it’s extracted from the kernel of the Neem fruit.

Neem fruits are olive-green in color, resembling olives or slightly underripe cherries, and they are wonderful beyond their bittersweet taste.

Fruits that start with N

Apart from their insecticidal properties, these fruits that start with M are also used in various skincare and medicinal products due to its antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties.

15. Nam Dok Mai Mango

The Nam Dok Mai mango is a cultivar featured in many traditional Thai desserts.

Fruits that start with N

I’ve been acquainted with many mango varieties lately, and it’s hard for me to tell the difference between all of them.

But this one is obviously different! It’s more elongated and slender than other types’ often round or oval shapes. Its skin is also thinner!

If you can’t make it to Thailand just yet and can find these fruits that start with N in your local market, go ahead and make that mango pudding or even simple mango popsicles.

16. Nocera Grape

Nocera grapes have a deep blue-black skin that stands out in any vineyard.

Fruits that start with N

Like many wine grape varieties, they boast a juicy, firm flesh with a berry-like taste and a hint of earthiness.

What’s intriguing is that these grapes aren’t a recent discovery. They’ve been around since ancient times! Biting into these fruits that start with N is like tasting a slice of history.

17. Nopal Fruit

The Nopal fruit grows on the Nopal cactus, also called prickly pear.

We have some prickly pears at home; they look stunning and delectable! I didn’t know that their fruits are edible!

Fruits that start with N

The outer skin of this N fruit is characterized by its vibrant, bold colors, ranging from purples to oranges.

I haven’t tasted one, but they say that these fruits that start with N are refreshingly juicy and slightly crisp, akin to a watermelon’s texture.

18. Nageia Nagi

The Nageia Nagi, commonly known as Asian bayberry, is a captivating fruit native to East Asia, particularly Japan and China.

It’s very small, similar to a blueberry, and carries a sweet and mildly tart taste.

The tree from which this fruit with N grows is known for its exceptional wind resistance and is used for construction and carving purposes.

19. Nectacotum Fruit

Hybrid fruits that start with N are known for their natural sweetness and vibrant colors! The Nectacotum is a cross between a nectarine, apricot, and plum.

It’s sweet and slightly tart, with a hint of plum-like richness. I’m very intrigued by plums, as I don’t get to enjoy much of them here.

Like many plums, they say that this fruit starting with N is perfect for snacking, baking, or creating delicious jams and preserves.

20. Newtown Pippin Apple

Newtown Pippin apple is a true native of North America and has played a significant role in the United States’ orchard heritage.

It’s sweet and tart, with a bright, tangy flavor that tingles the taste buds.

One amazing fact I discovered about this fruit that starts with N is that Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States, was an avid fan of this variety.

21. Northern Spy Apple

These fruits that start with N really have interesting names!

One of the most intriguing ones is the Northern Spy apple, a beloved classic in the world of apples.

It features a stunning combination of green and red, often with a slightly russeted texture. This N fruit is said to be quite big, making it stand out among other varieties.

You can use it in your favorite apple recipes – they say it has a firm texture and excellent flavor retention during baking.

22. Noni Fruit

The Noni fruit, also known as Indian mulberry, is typically green when unripe, but as it ripens, it turns a yellowish-white or even white color.

Fruits that start with N

Its taste can be quite pungent, with a combination of sourness and bitterness.

Some liken it to a mix of cheese and citrus, while others find it earthy and somewhat medicinal.

These fruits that start with N are often turned into supplements, such as juices or capsules, and are quite popular here in the Philippines.

23. Naseberry

The Naseberry is an exotic fruit that thrives in tropical regions across the globe, including Central and South America and Southeast Asia.

Fruits that start with N

It boasts an unassuming appearance with its rough outer skin, but inside is a creamy, grainy flesh similar to a pear.

This fruit beginning with the letter N is hard to come by in the U.S., but you might want to check out online specialty fruit suppliers to find it.

24. Nannyberry

The Nannyberry boasts a dark blue, almost black skin, giving it a somewhat mysterious appeal.

Fruits that start with N

The taste? It’s reminiscent of a blend between a ripe apple and a blackberry, complemented by an aromatic scent.

Like many other fruits that start with N, they can be dried for preservation. But Native Americans love to eat them fresh. Its sweet and slightly tart flavor makes it a delectable, healthy snack.

25. Nepali Hog Plum

The Nepali Hog Plum is native to Nepal and South Asia, where it is used in traditional dishes and pickles.

Fruits that start with N

It varies in color from green to yellow and often has a slightly wrinkled appearance when ripe.

This is distinct from the smooth, often brightly colored skins of European plums or Japanese plums.

They are also typically smaller compared to many other plum varieties.

If you happen to find yourself in Nepal during the summer, you can easily find these fruits that start with N in local markets!

26. New Zealand Cranberry

The New Zealand Cranberry is a distinctive fruit native to the beautiful landscapes of New Zealand.

Fruits that start with N

It boasts a small, round shape and, when ripe, sports a vibrant shade of red reminiscent of the traditional cranberries from North America.

Everyone gets drawn to its sweet yet tart flavor, with a hint of earthiness. This wonderful taste especially shines when the fruit is used in sauces and preserves.

27. North Star Cherry

Be the cherry explorer you’ve always wanted to be and get to know this North Star variety.

While sweet cherries tend to be predominantly sweet, these fruits that start with N have a pronounced tartness that adds complexity to their flavor profile.

This is one of the few cherries prized for their versatility in cooking and baking.

They hold their shape well when cooked, making them ideal for both sweet and savory recipes!

FAQs on Fruits That Start With N

What is a red fruit that starts with N?

The North Star cherry is a red fruit that starts with the letter N.

Is Nectarine a fruit?

Yes, Nectarine is a fruit.

What is an orange that starts with the letter N?

The Navel orange is a variety that starts with the letter N.

What is the name of the big citrus fruit?

The name of the big citrus fruit is Pomelo. It’s the largest citrus fruit and is native to Southeast Asia.

Are Peaches and Nectarines the same?

No, Peaches and Nectarines are not the same. While they are closely related and have similar flavors, Peaches have fuzzy skin while Nectarines have smooth skin.

How fast does a Natal plum grow?

The Natal plum grows at a moderate pace. For a faster results, plant it around fall or winter.

Final Words on Fruits That Start With N

I know that exploring new fruits that start with N can be difficult, as many of them are hard to find. Don’t worry! You can start with those that you can easily find in your local markets. I think apples, mangoes, and plums are some of the most accessible on this list.

I hope you found this post helpful. For more fruit ideas and suggestions, check out the complete List of Fruits from A to Z series. Here are a few suggestions for you:

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