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Unlike other fruit lists that we could quickly whip up, getting a list of fruits that start with N was not easy.

We had to travel the highest mountain and cross the deepest valleys to compile this list for you. Okay! Maybe I am being a little too dramatic.

But you’ll agree that it’s tough trying to think up N fruits. But we’re here to rectify that.

Our list of fruit would introduce you to 15 N-fruits you’ll fall in love with. Once you realize the magic these fruits can perform, you won’t ever be able to get over them again. Let’s dive in.

Natal Plum

You might be wondering if this is a real fruit or a name we just made up. The truth is, it is real fruit, and it thrives in South Africa. So, we forgive you if it sounds strange to you. It is on our list of fruits that start with N.

The fruit grows pretty fast. However, it usually takes two years for the shrubs to grow to the stage where the fruits manifest. The Natal plum fruit look is red-pink.

Nectarines Fruit

fruits that start with n nectarines fruit

Nectarines fruit is a fruit that’s a type of peach fruit. Unlike the Peach fruit, Nectarines have smooth skin.

Contrary to what you might have heard, Nectarines Fruit is not a product of crossbreeding a plum and a peach. Instead, they are natural peach mutations.

Nectarines fruit not only share a similar appearance with Peach, but they also share a similarity in taste. The only difference is that Nectarines Fruit is sweeter. 

Nonda Plums

This fruit is native to Northern Australia and New Guinea. Nonda plums are not famous because they are not cultivated for commercial purposes. However, when you lay your hands on this fruit, you should have a taste of it.

The Nonda plum fruit has a firm flesh that is edible. When you eat it, you’ll feel a striking similarity to baked potatoes.  

Naranjilla Fruit

fruits that start with n naranjilla fruit

Naranjilla fruit is an exotic fruit that many people consume in the United States. On the outside, the Naranjilla Fruit looks like an orange.

Once you slice it open, you’ll almost think you just dug into a tomato because of the similarity. However, the inside is light green/dark yellow instead of the classic red of a tomato.

The skin of the Naanjila fruit is tough, but you can either eat the fruit raw or use it as part of your juice recipes. The Naranjilla fruit has a citrusy, intense, and tangy taste.

Specifically, it tastes a bit like when you mix a pineapple and lemon fruit.  

Nance Fruit

Although they look like cherries, the Nance fruit is not. It is a tropical fruit that is small and round with a golden color.

It is one of the fruits that start with N with a sweet taste and a robust, unique flavor that combines the flavor you’ll get from a Banana, Pear, and Lychee.

You’ll also taste mild notes of cheese with this fruit. It gets better as the Nance fruit is effective in treating snake bites.

Navel Oranges

fruits that start with n navel oranges

The next time you see a yellowish-orange fruit that looks like your navel, you just encountered the Navel orange. The striking similarity between this fruit and the human Navel inspired its name.

Want to know the best part? Navel Oranges are delightful and loaded with so many benefits. For starters, they are an excellent source of fiber.

Navel oranges also stock up on Vitamin C to protect your skin against sunburn and wrinkles. They give you overall glowing skin.

Nageia Fruit

The Nageia fruit is not the type of fruit that’ll dangle before your eyes every day. In fact, you might go for decades without seeing this fruit unless you live in the Southeast Asia region.

It is a rare fruit that’ll remind you of the Gooseberry fruit. However, a significant difference is a large stone at the core of this fruit.

Another reason the Nageia fruit is so rare is that few people use it for cooking at all, no thanks to its bitter flavor.  

Nashi Pear

fruits that start with n nashi pear

Also known as the Asian pear, the first thing you should know about the Nashi Pear is that it is more expensive than your regular pear because of its breeding process.

You can enjoy Nashi Pear peeled or unpeeled as its skin has the amount of crispiness you enjoy when you bite into an apple. The Nashi pear would fill your mouth with a fresh flavor. It is green and hails from China.

Nungu Fruit

The Nungu fruit is the next one on our list of fruits that start with N. Don’t worry; you’re most likely familiar with it as its more common name is “palm fruit.”

Fun fact; this fruit was formerly referred to as “Ice Apple” during the colonial days. The reason for that name is it had cooling properties.

The Nungu fruit has a sweet taste with a bitter aftertaste. The watery flavor adds subtle bland notes to its taste profile.

Nutmeg Fruit

fruits that start with n nutmeg fruit

While you thought Nutmeg is a spice, we’re sorry to burst your bubble as it is a fruit usually made into a spice. You need to dry the Nutmeg fruit and then convert it into a spice for your soups and meals. When dried, this fruit has a ginger taste and feel.

If you lay your hands on the Nutmeg fruit, try to add sugar and, then, consume it raw. We promise you’ll love it. 

Nere Fruit

The Nere Fruit thrives on the Locust bean tree. So, it’s not surprising that one of its many names is “Locust Bean.” In appearance, the fruit is medium-sized, and you’ll almost mistake it for the Lychee fruit.

The fruit’s pulp holds all the sweetness you hope to get from this fruit, and it is rich in nutrients. The Nere fruit is mainly appreciated for its medicinal benefits, including treating Pneumonia, Ulcers, Bronchitis, Sores, and more. You can use Nere fruit in mouth wash.

Naartjie Fruit

fruits that start with n naartjie fruit

The Naartjie fruit is similar in appearance to tangerines and mandarins. But it’s small and round.

The taste profile of this fruit features the flavor and delight you’ll get from eating a mandarin and an orange. It combines a tart and sweet taste, which helps you enjoy it the same way you’ll eat an orange.

Consuming the Naartjie fruit pumps your body full of fibers, Vitamins, and minerals that are beneficial to your health.

Neem Fruit

If you’re familiar with some skincare products, you should have come across Neem in the ingredient. There’s also Neem oil, which is an excellent insect repellant. My point is the Neem fruit is responsible for these uses.

It is a small, light green fruit with a bitter-sweet taste that’s unlike anything you’ve encountered. Gotten from the Neem tree, the pulp of the Neem fruit can either be eaten raw or cooked and added to drinks. 

Nam Dok Mai

fruits that start with n nam dok mai

Think of the Nam Dok Mai as the Thailand Mango. The reason? It is a Mango Varieties that is a native of Thailand.

It has crunchy green skin and is rich in vitamins and minerals. The fruit itself gives off a floral and nutty taste, but it is not juicy.

Newsflash; you’ll better enjoy this Mango when it is green and unripe. 


The Nocera fruit is not your regular type of fruit. While it is a type of grape, you’ll enjoy this fruit better when used as a wine.

In fact, Nocera fruit is more popular as a wine in the culinary world – the Nocera wine. It makes our list of fruits that start with the letter N because it’s first a fruit, then a wine.

FAQs on Fruits That Start With N

Which of These Fruits That Begin with the Letter N Are Rich in Vitamin C?

A few fruits that start with N that are rich in Vitamin C are Nutmeg fruit, Nungu Fruit, Nonda Plum, Neem Fruit, Nectarine Fruit, and Nance Fruit. 

Which Fruits, Starting with the Letter N, Are Rich in Fibers?

Fiber is an essential nutrient for the human body. Lucky for you, some of the following fruits that start with N are an excellent sources of fibers. They include Nutmeg Fruit, Nonda Plum fruit, Nectarine, and Nance Fruit.

Which of These Fruits That Start with the Letter N Are Rich in Calcium?

Eating calcium-rich fruits is a superb way to benefit from Calcium. Some of the N fruits you’ll get Calcium from include Nungu, Nance, Naranjilla, and Neem Fruit.

Are Peaches & Nectarines the Same?

Although Nectarines are a type of Peach, these two fruits are different. For instance, while Peaches have fuzzy skin, Nectarines have smooth skin. 

How Fast Does a Natal Plum Grow?

Once the shrub of the Natal Plum grows, the fruit starts to grow pretty fast too. Although its growth is not at the speed of light, it does have a moderate speed growth rate. But you need to learn the best way to grow a Natal plum to attempt to produce it.

Final Words on Fruits That Start With N

We’re sure that you’ve probably never encountered or heard of some of these fruits that start with N before, and that’s fine. That’s why we’re exposing you to these fruits.

If you ever need to explore these fruits, use our list to guide some of these weird fruits. When you stumble on these fruits on our list, do not hesitate to check them out.

I hope you found this post helpful. For more fruit ideas and suggestions, check out the complete List of Fruits from A to Z series. Here are a few suggestions for you:

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