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Roasting pan vs Dutch oven, is there a difference? Find out which is right for you or if you need both in this in-depth comparison of their uses and more!

Can’t decide between Dutch oven vs roasting pan? What’s the difference between them?

Roasting pan vs Dutch oven

In this debate of roasting pan vs Dutch oven, we’ll help you decide which is right for you or if you need both of them.

What if you only have a roasting pan for a recipe that needs a Dutch oven or vice versa?

Can you use a Dutch oven as a roasting pan? 

Read on to find out!

What Is A Roasting Pan?

A roasting pan is a pan designed for, well, roasting. You can easily differentiate it from other types of cookware because it has a roasting wire rack that sits above the bottom of the pan. 

So roasting pan vs Dutch oven, is there a difference?

Compared to a Dutch oven, a roasting pan is shallower but has a larger cooking area. If you’re often cooking for a crowd, your kitchen should have a roasting pan because it’s big enough for a roast chicken, fish, or even large pieces of meat like pork joint!

Because of the deep walls, large cooking area, and elevation from the roasting rack, it’s easier to cook the meat evenly with a nice, crisp skin since it won’t sit in its juices in the pan. 

Roasting pans are also usually made with stainless steel, making them durable and easy to clean. 

roasting pan

Pros Of Roasting Pans

  • Steep sides allow the juices in the meat to be locked in
  • Perfect for achieving crispier skin on proteins because of the roasting rack
  • Suitable for cooking large chunks of meat
  • Excellent heat distribution and retention because of size
  • Stainless steel cookware material makes it durable
  • Easy to clean 
  • More affordable than a Dutch oven

Cons Of Roasting Pans

  • Large size also means bigger storage space requirement
  • Bulky cookware can be hard to handle and impractical for daily use

What Is A Dutch Oven?

A Dutch oven is a heavy cast iron pot with a tight-fitting lid. It’s commonly used to braise meats or even simple recipes like our homemade bacon jam

You can distinguish a Dutch oven from a roasting pan at a glance because the former looks like a stock pot with shorter, thicker walls.

And compared to a regular pan that you probably already have in the kitchen, a Dutch oven has two short handles on either side instead of one, making transferring from one place to another more comfortable.

Dutch oven vs roasting pan, do you really need both?

It’s up to you, or you can compare the pros and cons of each cookware. You can use your regular saucepan or stock pot instead of buying a Dutch oven, but the heavy-duty pot is versatile and arguably a worthy kitchen investment.

You can comfortably transfer it to the oven, and the tight-fitting lid helps cook the dish evenly and gently. 

Pros Of Dutch Ovens

  • Versatile for a wide variety of dishes and cooking techniques
  • Efficient cooking from the cast iron construction and Dutch oven lid 
  • Perfect for achieving concentrated sauces and tenderizing tough meats
  • Can be used either on the stovetop or in the oven
  • Timeless aesthetic 
  • Comprehensive size range
  • Enameled Dutch ovens are easy to clean thanks to their non-stick coating

Cons Of Dutch Ovens

  • Pricier than a roasting pan
  • Some people prefer set-it-and-forget-it cookware

Which Is Better: Roasting Pan Or Dutch Oven?

It can be hard to decide which piece of cookware to use out of these two.

Both can be used to cook large cuts of meat and various dishes. So ultimately, it will come down to which types of dishes you’ll often cook.

Which Is Better: Roasting Pan Or Dutch Oven?

Get a roasting pan if…

You can use either a roasting pan or a Dutch oven for roasting, but if we have to pick one, the clear winner is, of course, the cookware with the word “roasting” in its name. 

Why? The roasting pan’s steep walls and rack that elevates the meat from the bottom ensures a crisper, browner roast. 

Furthermore, roasting pans are not as pricey as Dutch ovens.

Get a Dutch oven if…

A Dutch oven is the perfect investment if you want something versatile. 

While it’s pricier, you can do a lot with a Dutch oven, from braising and baking to soups and stews. Technically, you can also braise with a roasting pan, but you’ll still cook the dish in the oven since it’s not sealed like a Dutch oven. 

Roasting pan vs Dutch oven

Can I roast a chicken in a Dutch oven? Absolutely! 

Depending on the size, some Dutch ovens can roast a whole chicken just like a roasting pan. The technique is to cook the chicken uncovered to keep the chicken’s skin from browning quickly. 

What Is The Difference Between A Pan And A Dutch Oven?

A saucepan, unlike a Dutch oven, is not pot-shaped. A Dutch oven is also made with cast iron, while most saucepans have a stainless steel construction. 

Therefore, a Dutch oven is more suitable for prolonged cooking because, unlike stainless steel, cast iron won’t melt or crack. 

Dutch oven vs stock pot

Another cookware that people confuse with the Dutch oven is a stock pot. If you already own a stock pot, is it worth buying a separate Dutch oven?

First things first, you can use both pots for slow cooking. However, they differ in materials, and the heavier Dutch oven is made of cast iron compared to an aluminum or stainless steel stock pot.

The Dutch oven also has a tight-fitting lid, whereas the stock pot has a loose-fitting lid. 

As a result, Dutch ovens are more heavy-duty and versatile, not to mention you can’t place stock pots in the oven. So even if you already have a stock pot, you can still buy a Dutch oven.

What Makes A Roasting Pan Different?

So how is a roasting pan different from other pans? Well, it’s designed to make roasting a breeze.

The rack makes it easier to deal with the drips and juices from roasting, and the pan can withstand high heat and distribute it better than a regular baking dish. 

You can even cook meat on the rack and roast vegetables at the bottom, perfect for gatherings where you’ll serve larger quantities of food!

I am salivating at the thought of juicy roasted meat with something crispy like these accordion potatoes. 🤤

Roasting pan vs baking pan

Roasting pans have a higher heat tolerance than smaller baking pans. A baking pan also has lower sides, comes with a lid, and can be used for various delicious dishes, unlike the pricier but more heavy-duty roasting pan. 

What can I use instead of a roasting pan?

No roasting pan? You can use a casserole dish that is big enough for whatever you’re cooking. But if you need a rack for drippings, you can use a broiler pan as a roasting pan substitute. 

How To Use A Roasting Rack

In this battle between roasting pan vs Dutch oven, the former gets the upper hand because it comes with a roasting rack. But how do you use it?

Well, for a classic roast, you can simply place your protein on the rack in the center of the pan.

Then, place the pan in the preheated oven and follow the recipe’s recommended temperature and duration for the entire cooking process.

How To Use A Roasting Rack

What Can Be Used Instead Of A Dutch Oven

Don’t have a Dutch oven? You can use a stockpot if you’re just making soup. But if you want to cook at a low cooking temperature for an extended period, you can use a slow cooker instead. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Roasting Pan vs Dutch Oven

Can I use a roasting pan instead of a Dutch oven?

Yes, but it depends on what you’re cooking. For example, cooking in a roasting pan would make more sense for a large portion. But it’s better to use a Dutch oven for cooking stews and soups because it retains heat more effectively for tastier results.

Can you use a Dutch oven as a roasting pan?

Yes, if you remove its lid. However, the meat may not turn out as crisp and brown compared to cooking it in a roasting pan with a rack. The Dutch oven might not also be large enough for the cut of meat you’re roasting. 

What is the difference between a Dutch oven and a Le Creuset?

Le Creuset is a cookware maker known for their Dutch oven. In fact, their Signature Enameled Cast Iron Dutch oven is labeled as the gold standard for Dutch ovens. Compared to other Dutch ovens, Le Creuset is trusted for its durability and roomy handles.

Can I use a Le Creuset as a roasting pan?

Yes. The Le Creuset is a versatile Dutch oven and can be used for different cooking tasks such as roasting!

Can you use a roasting pan on the stove?

You can use your roasting pan on the stove, but just to be safe, check the specific product you have if it’s compatible with stove cooking. For example, this Cuisinart roasting pan even has handles that will stay cool on the stovetop. 

Do you put water under the roasting pan?

Nope. You don’t need to put water under the roasting rack of your roasting pan. Putting water in the bottom of the roasting pan will lead to steam, and you won’t get a nice brown, crispy exterior on your meat.

Can you put a Dutch oven in the oven?

Dutch ovens are oven-safe, making them one of the most versatile cookware since you’re not limited to stovetop cooking. You can use your Dutch oven for baking or braising!

Can you put a Dutch oven in the oven

In Summary

So roasting pan vs Dutch oven, which is best for you?

They are both useful pieces of cookware for a variety of dishes.

But when it comes to deciding which is right for you, it will ultimately come down to the types of recipes you’ll often do. 

If you’ll cook large portions of roasts on a regular basis, then a roasting pan is a good investment. But if you have the budget and want something more versatile, whether for baking, braising, or cooking soups and stews, then the Dutch oven is the clear winner.

For more frequently asked questions, visit our index of food-related questions and answers. Besides knowing the difference between a Dutch oven vs roasting pan, you might also want to learn these:


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