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Curious about how many Oreos are in a pack? Here’s everything you need to know about how many Oreo cookies are in every type of Oreo packaging.

Oreos are a timeless classic, delicious dunked in milk, tea, or coffee, as a flavoring for shakes and cakes, on their own as what starts as a little snack to a crumbs-in-every-crevice package-destroyer; there are very few things Oreos won’t enhance.

In this article, we’re going to be looking at how many Oreos you will actually get in each pack.

You may think an entire article for such exact information is a bit drastic, but when you realize changes throughout the history of the world’s favorite cookie, it doesn’t seem as much of an open-and-shut subject.

oreos package

So, whether you’re curious about the exact number of Oreos you put away a week, want to know how many packs you’ll need to make that tasty recipe, or even if you’re just fascinated about business behavior over time, you’re in the perfect place.

Present Day: How Many Oreos Are in a Package

The number of Oreos in a package varies from 6 to 48 because the beloved cookies come in different types and sizes. Let’s take a look at each one:

Single Roll Original Oreos

Let’s start with present-day 2023.

How many Oreos do you get in a single roll 154-gram original pack straight out of the store?

There should be 16 cookies in every roll of regular Oreos, but this number can change depending on where you are. 

For example, a standard pack of original Oreos only contains 14 cookies in the UK, yet the package is still measured at the same 154 grams.

It’s not just the presentation that’s switched up to suit some countries.

In China, the sugar content was reduced in the Oreo recipe following the reduced-sugar and sugar-free diet trends and the limited availability of such biscuits in the country. Yes, you read that right; sugar-free Oreo cookies exist!

present day oreo e1602155833734

Double Stuf Oreos

If you’re like me, who loves Oreo Double Stuf, you can get a 15.35-ounce pack that contains 30 Double Stuf Oreos.

This is why your self-control will be tested since it’s easy to finish the whole package alone and just overlook your calorie intake altogether! 🤣

Double Stuf also comes in Family and Party sizes. The 20-ounce Family Size pack comes with around 40 Oreos, while the Party Size 26.7-ounce pack contains 52 Oreo cookies.

Oreo Thins

For my friends who prefer the crisp Oreo Thins, a 10.1-ounce pack should have around 40 cookies, while the Family Size 13.1-ounce package, like this lemon-flavored variant, has 52 Oreo Thins.

thing oreo 140

Single-Serve Oreos

Each Oreo single-serve pack has six cookies, but if you’re watching your health, you’ll want to know that this should be split among at least three portions to fit the daily eating guidelines.

Fudge Covered Oreos

For the more indulgent fudge-covered Oreos, each 7.9-ounce pack contains 12 pieces. Keep in mind that the serving size for these Oreo cookies is only two pieces!

Oreo Mini

The super cute Oreo Minis come in snack packs and Go-Paks. Each box has 12 pieces of 1.0-ounce snack packs, while each Go-Pak is 3.5 ounces.

The serving size is 9 cookies with 3.5 servings per Go-Pak container.

Did You Know

Oreos used to be sold in bulk by weight. 

Want to know how much is per pound of Oreos back then? Only $0.30!

Who would’ve thought that those cookies would eventually have over $2
billion in global annual revenues (2016)?

The Evolution of Oreo – Adapt To Survive

You don’t need to look too far back into Oreo’s production history to realize their pack size is anything but standardized. 

For example, as mentioned above, Oreos were initially sold in bulk tins and sold by weight!

Evolution of Oreo 1

So although we are in the golden age of 16 per-pack Oreos, it’s probably bound to change. 

With the drastic life changes and the shrinking of economies, businesses will likely need to adapt to help them survive. 

Oreo, for example, has been shrinking their portion size. Indeed, a sign of the times in candy companies!

Why Do Package Sizes Fluctuate?

You probably noticed how candy bars are shrinking and cost way more than they used to, and when you try to tell your kids about the loot you could buy with a single dollar back in your day, they look at you like you’re prattling on about unicorns and fairies.

Well, don’t worry; you’re not going crazy; candy and cookie businesses are constantly changing the size of their products.

They do it to deal with inflation. As the price of materials increases, they have to adapt by either reducing the product size and amount or increasing the prices of their products.

how many oreos are in a package

Most companies opt to shrink their products slightly over time than raise their prices, and honestly, I can see why they chose this approach.

From a consumer’s point of view, a sudden drastic price change of a product can influence me to switch to the competitor’s cheaper product. It’s an interesting approach for preserving customer loyalty. 

How Many Oreos In A Roll?

So how many Oreos are in one package? A 154-gram roll of the Original Oreo contains 16 Oreos.

However, don’t be surprised to find a 154-gram roll of Oreos with only 14 cookies, like these Tesco Oreos in the UK.

How Many Oreos In A Roll

Regardless, always be mindful of your portions, especially with larger packages, since one 11-gram cookie has around 52 kcal!

I know it’s so easy to finish this package in one sitting, so if you’re looking for a healthier alternative to get your sweet cravings fixed, how about trying this super easy, all-natural blueberry cookie recipe?

How Many Oreos In A Box?

Oreo cookies come in different types, so the number of cookies you’ll get per box of Oreos also varies.

For example, this box of snack packs contains 30 packs, and each pack has 4 Oreo cookies. There is also a smaller box with only 12 packs, but each pack has 6 cookies.

So how many Oreo cookies in a package? As you can see, it depends on what variant and product size you get!

Those who want to control their portions can even get an 18-pack box. How many Oreos are in a packet for this box, you ask?

This smaller variant only has 2 individual Oreos per pack, so it’s more convenient for a quick snack without worrying about going over the recommended serving size. 😉

How Many Oreos In A Row?

The number of Oreo cookies per row in a resealable pack varies from 10, 12, or 16. Remember that Oreos can come in different packaging sizes.

Does The Number Of Oreo Cookies Change?

Like other food products, the number of Oreo cookies changes, as you have read in our short discussion above about the Oreo packaging revolution.

It was said that back then, you could get 40 cookies in a pack, but nowadays, you’ll only find around 36 cookies.

This isn’t surprising since even beloved brands are affected by inflation. What’s left for companies is to either have fewer cookies per package or raise the price of their products.

How Many Oreos Do Americans Eat A Day?

Americans love Oreo cookies, and to give you the numbers, Americans eat over 20.5 million Oreos a day!

Back in 2020, it was also revealed that 4.29 million Americans consumed 8 or more packages of Oreos.

How Many Oreos Do Americans Eat A Day

What country eats the most Oreos? US and China account for 70% of the brand’s business, and countries such as Canada, the UK, Mexico, Indonesia, India, Argentina, Spain, and Germany were also included in the biggest markets for Oreos.

What Is The Fake Oreo Called?

Here’s an interesting fact you probably don’t know about the Oreo biscuit: Oreos are actually the knock-off!

That’s right, the billion-dollar brand Oreo was actually an imitation of Hydrox, but Oreos eventually overtook their predecessor. This results in Hydrox cookies being perceived as an imitation of Oreos despite being the first creme sandwich cookies.

What Oreo Flavor Sells The Most?

America’s favorite Oreo flavor is the classic based on consumer demand. But did you know in 2021, a limited-release Oreo variety called Lady Gaga Oreos was the top fave?

It features an electric green filling sandwiched between bright pink cookies!

Next on the list is the Golden Oreos, which only differ from the classic Oreo sandwich because they have vanilla cookies instead of chocolate cookies.

And since we’re talking about the top flavors for Oreos, I think it’s worth mentioning the best-selling double stuff Oreos (or, more correctly, Double Stuf) introduced in 1974.

Is There A Rare Oreo?

Absolutely! You have probably forgotten about some outrageous specialty Oreos and limited-release flavors of Oreos.

From weird flavors you won’t expect in cookies like Swedish Fish and Hot Chicken Wings to limited edition Oreos like the Most Stuf and Cotton Candy, you should always check for new varieties of Oreos because you’ll never know what you might miss.

In fact, people literally saw red years ago when the rare and eye-catching red Supreme Oreos were being sold for over $91,000! Now that’s a price tag I don’t expect to see for cookies.

FAQ About Oreo Package Size

How many Oreos are in a family package?

The number of Oreos in a package of their family-size variant is about 48 Oreo cookies.

How many Oreos are in a party-size package?

A 25.5-ounce party-size Oreo pack should contain 63 Oreos.

How many Oreos come in a pack of double stuff?

How many Double Stuf Oreos are in a pack? It will depend since there are king-size snack packs with 8 cookies per package of Oreos, family packs with 40 cookies, and party packs with 52 Oreo cookies.

How many Oreos are in a 14 oz package?

A 14.3-ounce pack of Oreo cookies should have around 36 Oreos.

How many Oreos should a kid have?

Remember that children should only consume less than 6 teaspoons or 25 grams of added sugar in a day. And the sugars in one Oreo cookie? Six grams! You can easily do the math when giving this sweet treat, especially if your kid has an affection for Oreos. 

The Last Crumb: How Many Oreos Are in a Package?

So there you have it, folks. A little run-down of our most beloved cookie brand and how many cookies you can expect in various packs.

Enjoy your 16-a-pack lives while you still can because if one thing is for sure in this world, it’s that things are constantly changing, for better or worse, and cookies are no exception. Get snacking!

I hope you found this post about how many Oreos are in a package helpful. For more frequently asked questions, visit our index of food-related questions and answers. Here are a few suggestions for you:

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  1. I just bought a package of Oreos to use in a recipe. It seemed smaller to me, so I counted the cookies. The outer rows have 12 cookies and the center has 11, so there is a total of 35 cookies – I’ll have to buy another package to make the recipe for which I’ve always used the standard 45 cookies.

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