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Sometimes, eating right is exotic living – it prevents you from developing mysterious illnesses that’ll spend your hard-earned money on. Want to know the best part? You don’t need to have a lot of money to eat well and try exotic foods.

To touch up your existing recipe, you need a list of well-researched, juicy, and culinary flexible fruits. That’s why we’ve curated this list of Fruits that start with J to open you up to the art of healthy yet exotic feeding. Keep reading. 

Jocote Fruit

fruits that start with j jocote

The first exotic fruit on our list of fruits that start with J is the Jocote fruit. It does not have a unison color as it is red or purple once it grows. The Jocote fruit has thin skin and is a sweet fruit with mild acidity. Rich in Vitamin C, you can use the Jocote fruit in honey to create the Jocote Honey.

Jatoba Fruit

Next on fruits that start with J is the Jatoba fruit. The Jatoba fruit is a native fruit to the Caribbean, South, and Central America. The wood of the tree it grows on possibly sits in your house as it is prominent in furniture making.

This fruit has two nicknames; Brazilian Cherry and South American Cherry. It has a sweet taste with a flavor similar to dried milk and powdered sugar. The Jatoba fruit is also called the sinking toe fruit.

Jambul Fruit

fruits that start with j jambul fruit

The Jambul fruit takes some people down memory lane of their childhood days when they fed on this fruit as treats during summer. But to you, it may be a strange fruit you just encountered.

This fruit with dark purple to black color has a sweet and tart flavor for starters. Then, it plays a vital role in Ayurvedic medicine. The Jambul also functions as an anti-diabetic agent. Another name for the Jambul fruit is the Jamun fruit.

Junglesop Fruit

The Junglesop fruit has a yellow-orange color, but it does not look pleasant. While the African tropical tree that births this fruit isn’t tall, the Junglesop fruit is as long as a person’s forearm.

When you taste this fruit, you’d either encounter a sour or sweet taste. The taste you get primarily depends on how mature the seed is. Nevertheless, the Junglesop fruit has a rich flavor similar to a Peach fruit. You can obtain excellent levels of Vitamin A, fats, protein, and more, from the Junglesop fruit.

Jostaberry Fruit

fruits that start with j jostaberry

Jostaberry fruit is the first hybrid fruit on our list of fruits that start with J. It was born due to crossbreeding gooseberries and blackcurrants, probably explaining why it has a reddish black color. Jostaberries look delicious, so you can eat them raw or cook them to enjoy them.

The Jostaberry fruit is resistant to pests.

You would enjoy luscious deliciousness when this fruit is ripe as it has a generally sweet flavor. There’s no hint of bitterness in it. The taste is similar to the sweeter version of gooseberries with a dash of blackcurrant flavor.

Jaboticaba Fruit

The Jaboticaba fruit (or Jabuticaba) is native to Brazil, specifically, in the Southeastern parts. The fruit has been taken out of its comfort zone to thrive in other warm regions like southern and western North America.

The Jaboticaba fruit is also referred to as the Brazil grape tree. It is dark purple fruit and combines a sweet taste and acidic levels with its skin emitting a tart flavor and a fleshy sweetness.

Fun fact; there are varieties of jaboticaba. The red type has a similar taste to blueberry yogurt. The purple variety tastes like muscadine grape, devoid of that definitive musky taste.

Java Plum

fruits that start with java plum

Java plum is an essential fruit on our list of fruits that start with J and hails from India. It has a moderately sweet taste with an astringent flavor. You’ll also taste spicy and sour notes in the Java Plum if you open up yourself to absorb its taste.

There’s no need to go all the way out to cook this fruit. Rinse the Java Plum and pop it into your mouth to experience all the taste it offers. You can also use them in Sorbets and fruit soups.

You should include the Java Plum in your diet because of its ability to reduce cholesterol levels and its anti-inflammatory prowess, including many other health benefits it has.

Jelly Palm Fruit

Now, the Jelly Palm fruit does not look like jellies. This fruit is yellow and has considerably high levels of pectin in it, which is how it got its name in the first place.

It blends a sweet taste with a tart flavor to give you a pleasurable delight when you consume it. When you taste this fruit, you would assume you taste a blend of pineapple and apricot. Just as its name depicts, it is one of the fruits in the world that you can use to make Jelly. 

Jujube Fruit

fruits that start with j jujube fruit

Jujube fruits can be eaten raw like dates, thanks to their chewy texture. Unsurprisingly, the Jujube fruit is also called the Chinese red dates. It is an excellent snack for people with kidney issues as it would boost their kidney functions in the process, thanks to its ability to reduce creatinine and urea levels in the body.

Jujube fruit is either purple or dark red with a wrinkle to its appearance. One of its unique functions is improving brain function and sleep quality.

Japanese Persimmon Fruit

The Japanese Persimmon Fruit differs from the Native American Persimmon. You’ll find the Japanese persimmon in China and Japan as those Asian countries cultivate these fruits.

There was a rumor about the Japanese persimmon fruit at a point in history – it was said to cure headaches and back pain. But before you try to turn into an herbalist and turn this fruit into possible medicinal options, you should experience its culinary goodness first. You can eat it raw to tap into the sweet and tart flavor it has.

Juniper Berry

fruits that start with j juniper berries

If you’re familiar with this fruit, you’ll have come across Juniper berry in some of your alcohol or beverage recipes.

As a fruit, you can consume it raw but in moderate amounts. The reason is that this berry can be poisonous. You can develop kidney issues, or stomach upset when you consume too much of the Juniper berry because of the Thujone oil.

The taste profile of the Juniper berry is comprehensive. It has a bitter and strong taste with a peppery flavor and a gritty texture. You’ll enjoy it better as part of a recipe.

Jamaican Tangelo

The Jamaican Tangelo is green and is a Citrus fruit. It is the first Citrus fruit on our list of fruits that start with J. You can also call this fruit an ugli fruit or uniq fruit. It is a hybrid fruit, born from the crossbreeding of Grapefruit and an Orange.

The Jamaican Tangelo has juicy flesh and is sweeter than a grapefruit. It has the sourness of orange but in increased proportion.

Java Apple

fruits that start with j java apple

Java Apples don’t look too different from the Asian pear. This fruit has a mild and watery flavor that is similar to watermelon. It is effective in the treatment of stroke.

Jonagold Apple

Here is another hybrid fruit on our list that exists from the crossbreeding of Jonathan Apples and Golden delicious. This fruit is one of the juiciest and sweet fruits in the world, with hints of sourness.

Jonathan Apple

fruits that start with j jonathan apple

Last on the list of fruits that start with J is Jonathan Apples. They are medium-sized fruits with a sweet taste. There are hints of tart and tangy flavors lingering around the taste profile of this fruit.

You will enjoy Jonathan apples better when you use them in cooking as it is one of those fruits in the world that can be cooked; you could also eat them raw.

FAQs on Fruits That Start with J

Which Fruits Starting with the Letter J Are Rich in Vitamin C?

Some of the Letter J fruits rich in Vitamin C that you should eat are Jocote, Jackfruit, and Jamun/ Jambul fruit.

Which Fruits Starting with the Letter J Have the Highest Amount of Water?

The Juniper Berry is the letter J fruit with the highest amount of water. 

Which of the Fruits Beginning with the Letter J Is Rich in Fibers?

The Jocote fruit is one J fruit that’s rich in Fibre, and it’s also an excellent source of fat. It is a critical ingredient in cooking if you’re familiar with Salvadorian cuisine.

Which of the Fruits That Start with the Letter J Is Rich in Protein?

Jambul fruit is a rich source of protein and other essential nutrients required to improve your health. Another fruits that start with the Letter J that is rich in protein is Jocote fruit.

Which of the Fruits That Begin with the Letter J Is Rich in Vitamin A?

Jackfruit has all the Vitamin A and enough minerals to keep your body functioning correctly. 

Conclusion on Fruits That Start With J

If you’re here, it means you’ve digested the information included in this list of fruits beginning with the letter J.

We can bet that even if you’ve not encountered any of these fruits, you can’t wait to be united with them to get the nutrients they offer. Hopefully, reading this would spur you into going on a quest to hunt down these fruits, wherever they are. Enjoy!

I hope you found this post helpful. For more fruit ideas and suggestions, check out the complete List of Fruits from A to Z series. Here are a few suggestions for you:

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