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When people casually say “live your life fully,” they mean you should explore the planet while you can. Aside from traveling around the world, trying various fruits is another way to experience nature and live your life fully.

If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry; we’ve cured that headache before it even started with our list of fruits that start with I that you should explore just as you travel around the world. While some of these fruits may have traveled out of the confines of their native lands, others are introverted fruits that are just fine within the walls of their origin. All you need to do is find them. 

Ice Cream Bean Fruit

You should first know about the Ice cream bean fruit. It does not look like the ice cream you eat in a cone or cup, but it is sweet and has a delicious vanilla ice cream taste. The Fruit is hidden inside a giant pod, and you have to split open the pod to get to the fluffy white Fruit wrapped around a black seed.

Keep in mind that not all Ice cream bean fruit tastes like vanilla – some taste more like Cinnamon. Regardless, they are all sweet. The Ice cream bean fruit can be eaten raw by both animals and people. 

Indian Fig Fruit

fruits that start with I indian fig fruits

Yes, India has their unique fig fruit, and it does not look like the regular fig fruit – it looks more like the Prickly pear fruit. It’s not surprising because the Indian Fig fruit is a variant of Prickly pear. The only difference is that the Indian Fig fruit is spineless, making it less dangerous to eat, unlike the prickly pear.

So, the next time you feel like eating a safer version of the prickly pear, feel free to jump on this Fruit. 

Ilama Fruit

The Ilama fruit is one of the tropical fruits that start with I on this list, and it is peculiar for its skin. When you see the ilama fruit, you’ll think you set your eyes on dragon scales.

This fruit comes in different shapes, as you could find an ilama in an ovular shape or a heart shape. There’s also the cone-shaped ilama. But you’ll know it’s an ilama because of its skin. There are pink and green ilamas. The green ilama is sweet, while the pink ilama usually has a tart flavor.

Indian Gooseberry

fruits that start with I indian gooseberry

The Indian Gooseberry fruit is a native fruit of the Middle East and India. It plays a significant role in Ayurvedic medicine and has an exciting taste profile. Once it settles on your tongue, you’ll encounter a sour taste at first, after which the sweetness sets in as an aftertaste.

Generally, the Indian Gooseberry perfectly blends the right spicy, sour, sweet, and astringent taste in its profile.

Imbe Fruit

If you have been wondering if there are African tropical fruits, there are, and the Imbe fruit sits on the list. Another name for this fruit is the African Mangosteen, and it has a blend of sweetness and tartness.

The Imbe fruit is loaded with tons of nutrients ranging from Vitamins and proteins to Iron, dietary fiber, and more.    

Illawarra Plum Fruit

fruits that start with I illawara plum fruit

The Illawarra plum fruit feels like a grape as it has a similar texture. Aside from that, the Fruit is juicy and is blue-black with a single seed. This Fruit does not only feel like a berry fruit; it looks like a berry fruit too.

Next time you try making muffins, you should add the Illawarra plum fruit to the list of ingredients to experience its sweet and slightly piney flavor. You can also add it to your cheesecake recipe.

Indian Almond Fruit

Indian almond fruit is enriched with essential nutrients ranging from healthy fats, protein, fiber, vitamin E, and more. So, it’s not surprising to see that this Fruit plays a vital role in reducing blood pressure and sugar levels.

The flesh of this fruit can be eaten raw as it is sweet with hints of acidic flavor. When the Indian almond fruit is not ripe, it stays green. But a ripe version of this Fruit is red, yellow, or brown.  

Indian Jujube Fruit

fruits that start with I indian jujube fruit

The Indian Jujube fruit is low in calories and prevents weight gain. The fact that this Fruit can reduce blood sugar levels makes it the perfect snack for anyone who has diabetes. So, the next time you need to visit your diabetic friend and want to get something for them, go with an Indian jujube fruit. Although small, they are sweet with sourness and a floral flavor. 

Icaco Fruit

Fruits that grow on plants close to the sea always have an insane amount of sweetness that you cannot get enough of, and that’s the tale of the Icaco fruit. It grows on a plant close to the sea in West Indies and Florida. That’s why the Icaco fruit is juicy, soft, and mostly sweet.

This plum-like Fruit is used in making jellies and jams in the culinary context.

Indian Mango

fruits that start with i indian mango

Another fruit on our list of fruits list that starts with I is the Indian Mango. It is a variety of mango that is delicious, small and has a faint taste of sourness. Don’t worry; the sour taste won’t prevent you from enjoying it.

The best way to eat this Fruit is to get rid of the skin, slice the fruit and sprinkle a pinch of salt on it. When you eat the Indian Mango, you’ll tap into its antioxidant, vitamin, and mineral properties to replenish your health.

Icacina Fruit

A native fruit of Congo, this African Fruit is also called Mumu. It made it on the list of fruits because of its edible pulp. You can munch on the outer pulp of this fruit as it is sweet and soft. It has a bright red color and works as an excellent energy booster.

 Ibopé/ Igopé Fruit

This South American Native Fruit comes in a chocolate brown pod that people often convert into a powdery substance. The Ibope fruit is one of the numerous tropical fruits globally, and it is closely related to cocoa.

Indian Prune Fruit

Next on fruits that start with I is the Indian Prune Fruit. The Indian prune fruit is not too different from the European plum fruit. The only difference is that the Indian Prune fruit is the dry version of the European plum. However, it is still loaded with nutritional values that translate to improved health.

For instance, consuming this Fruit would reduce your cholesterol level and curtail constipation.

Indian Sherbet Berry

A shorter name for this Fruit is Phalsa. It is one of the tropical fruits that start with I that is on our list of fruits. You’ll identify them from their round-like form and purple to black color when it’s ripe. You can eat the Indian Sherbet Berry raw, but you may want to improve the taste with black pepper and salt. 

Ita Palm Fruit

The Ita Palm fruit has a chestnut color and a strong and smoky flavor. The best use of this Fruit is to utilize it as an ingredient in alcoholic drinks. The Ita Palm fruit contains oil that’s a good source of vitamin A, and you’ll get a good amount of Vitamin C from its Fruit.

FAQs on Fruits That Start with I

What Are the Health Benefits of the Ice Cream Bean Fruit?

You might think that the Ice cream bean fruit holds no benefit because of its sweet nature and vanilla touch. But the truth is, it is loaded with tons of health benefits. For starters, it has been proven to rheumatism, headaches, dysentery, and more. 

Is Indian Fig Edible?

Yes, the Indian fig fruit is edible and safe. You’ll gain many benefits from this fruit when you consume it in the right proportion.

What Is the Difference between the Green and Pink Ilama Fruit?

While pink and green llamas are variants of the ilama fruit, they differ in taste. If you want to enjoy an ilama fruit with a sweet taste, opt for the green ilama. The pink ilama Ilama Fruit, on the other hand, is tart in taste.

Are Amla and Indian Gooseberry the Same?

Yes, Amla and Indian gooseberry refer to the same fruit as Amla is another name for Indian gooseberry. 

Is Indian Jujube Good for Weight Loss?

Because of its nutrient and how it makes you feel filled up, the Indian Jujube fruit helps with weight loss.

Conclusion on Fruits That Start with I

Let me guess, our list of fruits that start with I has left you stunned about the fruits you’ve encountered. Trust me; there’s more. These fruits are just the tip of the iceberg.

There is an entire universe of fruits that you should explore beyond the regular Ice Apple and other fruits that you know. You’d even be more stunned by the number of health conditions introducing these fruits to your diet can cure.

Now that you’ve discovered some of these impressive fruits that start with I, pledge to add them to your bucket list 🙂

I hope you found this post helpful. For more fruit ideas and suggestions, check out the complete List of Fruits from A to Z series. Here are a few suggestions for you:

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