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Getting to know fruits that start with G is like traveling, but with a more flavorful twist. Start your journey with this comprehensive list of G fruits, featuring common favorites and exotic discoveries.

35 Fruits That start with G

1. Golden Delicious Apple

What fruits that start with G come to mind when you think about something golden and delicious?

Those words describe one of the most popular apple varieties in the United States – the Golden Delicious apple.

Fruits that start with G

This popular apple has a mellow and sweet flavor, often with hints of honey. It’s medium to large with a rounded, slightly elongated shape.

Use it to make apple pies and when experimenting with other apple recipes!

2. Genip Fruit

Next on this list of fruits that start with G is Genip fruit. This delicious fruit is found in Mexico and various countries in Central and South America.

Fruits that start with G

It has a green skin and a tart flavor. It’s a popular fruit in many Caribbean countries and is often sold in bags or bunches.

3. Goji Berry

These fruits that start with G are an absolute treat for your taste buds! The outer skin of goji berries is typically bright red or orange-red when fresh.

Fruits that start with G

They have a sweet taste with mild tart flavors.

This versatile fruit has gained popularity recently for its numerous health benefits, and it is often incorporated into various recipes and consumed as a snack.

4. Grapes

I dislike snacks with artificial grape flavor, so I’m always delighted to snack on some fresh ones!

Fruits that start with G

If we end up with a lot of grapes, I even make homemade grape juice. The best thing about them? In addition to their natural sweetness, they offer something else.

They are a good source of vitamins and minerals and can even help improve intestinal health and eye health.

Add this sweet fruit or any other fruit beginning with G to your ice cream or smoothie for a dash of nutrition!

5. Galia Melon Fruit

Galia melon is a hybrid wonder. Its a cross between a honeydew melon and a cantaloupe.

Fruits that start with G

This hybrid fruit has a mild taste and an aromatic flavor.

I’m guessing it’s even more delicious than the usual melons we enjoy here! Of course, enjoying these has amazing benefits.

Like all melons and other fruits that start with G, it’s an excellent source of vitamin C, dietary fiber, and other nutrients.

6. Granny Smith Apple

Granny Smith apple, often referred to as green apple, is a variety known for its bright green skin, sour taste, and crisp texture.

Fruits that start with G

This green fruit is a popular choice for many apple dishes.

Even if you don’t have much time, you can use these fruits to spice up your meals!

Here’s an idea: these green apples will taste amazing with your caramel-flavored breakfast pancakes.

7. Gac Fruit

Gac is a tropical fruit native to Southeast Asia, particularly in Vietnam and Thailand.

Fruits that start with G

It has a spiky texture, orange flesh, and bright yellow-orange skin.

They say it’s also available here in the Philippines, but I can’t find it in local grocery stores.

I can’t wait to get my hands on this one – they say it has a remarkable bittersweet taste. Looking for exotic fruits that start with G is really an adventure!

8. Guanabana Fruit

Guanabana, also called custard apple or Annona muricata, thrives in tropical and subtropical climates.

Fruits that start with G

This exotic fruit originated from South and Central America.

From where I’m from, it’s called guyabano, and we love its creamy, white flesh! Like many fruits that start with G, you’ll love eating this over and over again.

9. Gorham Pear

Gorham Pear is a unique variety of pear from Gorham, Maine.

This type of pear has a greenish-yellow skin when ripe, with rough patches on the surface.

It’s one of the oldest varieties in the U.S., with a history dating back to the early 19th century.

More than its historical value, this American fruit beginning with G offers a pleasing balance of flavors!

10. Goumi Berry

This list of fruits that start with G introduces us to yet another type of berry – Goumi berries!

Fruits that start with G

They are tiny, typically about the size of a blueberry or cherry.

They are often appreciated by those who enjoy foraging and exploring different flavors in cooking.

While they have a touch of sweetness, they have a slightly acidic flavor, too, contributing to their unique taste profile.

11. Ground Plum

Explore more fruits starting with G to get to know lesser-known plum varieties!

Ground plum is a low-growing, herbaceous perennial plant that spreads along the ground.

Fruits that start with G

Its fruit is small, flattened, and usually reddish-brown to purple when ripe.

Traditional plums come in various shapes, sizes, and colors but are usually larger and rounder than ground plum pods.

12. Golden Kiwi

Kiwi is just one of the many fruits starting with G that I love, but I’m honestly clueless about the varieties I’ve already tasted.

Fruits that start with G

One thing’s for sure – I’ve never tried Golden kiwis!

They say its sweeter, tropical flavor sets it apart from the traditional green kiwifruit. Also, its vibrant yellow color and exotic appearance make salads more visually appealing!

13. Giant Granadilla

The Giant Granadilla belongs to the passion fruit family. Thus, it shares lots of similarities to the usual passion fruit, especially in terms of taste.

Fruits that start with G

Both of them have a sweet-tangy flavor profile, with a jelly-like pulp containing small, edible seeds.

I think this fruit that starts with G can elevate everyday smoothies and make homemade cocktails even more special!

It’s said to be very refreshing and comes with a pleasant tropical aroma when ripe.

14. Gamboge Fruit

Gamboge fruits, sometimes called false mangosteen, are small, round, and bright yellow.

Fruits that start with G

They have a delicate, easy-to-peel skin that makes part of the fruit’s flesh slightly sour. The center of the fruit, however, is a bit sweet.

If you’re a fan of pork, there’s a chance you’ve come across gamboge fruits, as they are occasionally used to garnish both fish and pork dishes.

15. Guava

Guavas are some of the most popular fruits that start with G. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors depending on the variety.

Fruits that start with G

Common guavas are typically round or oval and range in color from green to yellow or pink when ripe.

The skin is thin and can be eaten, although some prefer peeling it.

I can eat guavas every day – their sweet-tart tropical taste is distinctive and enjoyable.

16. Governor’s Plum

Some fruits that start with G have super unique names!

Governor’s Plum is a sweet and juicy fruit you’ll love snacking on whenever you feel like having something healthy.

Fruits that start with G

However, many varieties may have a slightly astringent or sour taste, especially when not fully matured.

Nevertheless, this fruit contains vitamins, antioxidants, and dietary fiber, contributing to its appeal as a nutritious snack.

17. Guarana Fruit

Guarana is a tropical fruit known for its seeds, which are rich in caffeine and used in energy drinks and supplements.

Fruits that start with G

The fruit itself is small and red when ripe. It is similar in size to a coffee berry and has three lobes with black seeds inside.

It is the seeds that are harvested for their caffeine content.

The versatility of these fruits that start with the letter G really extends beyond the kitchen!

18. Gooseberry

Gooseberries can be found in various countries with temperate climates.

Fruits that start with G

Depending on the variety, they have translucent or opaque skin, which can be green, yellow, red, or even purple.

One popular example of these fruits that start with G is Indian gooseberries, a well-recognized variety famous for their extensive use in Indian cuisine and traditional medicine systems.

19. Grapefruit

Back then, I thought grapefruits were the same as grapes, but it turns out, they are so different!

Grapefruits are typically larger than grapes, with a round or slightly oval shape.

Fruits that start with G

They belong to the Citrus genus and are related to oranges, lemons, and limes. Yes, grapefruits are citrus fruits with a sweet and tangy flavor and some bitterness.

20. Guavaberry

Guavaberry trees are native to various tropical and subtropical regions of the Caribbean.

But you know what? Guavaberries are different from Guavas despite their similar-sounding names.

fruits with G guavaberry

They are small, round fruits that turn dark purple to blackish when ripe. Guavas are larger, with green or yellow skin.

I wonder where I can find Guavaberries here?!

They say that these fruits starting with G have an interesting taste with sweet, tart, and spicy notes.

21. Grewia Asiatica

Grewia Asiatica fruits look like blueberries, don’t they? They also have thin, edible skin ranging from dark purple to almost black when ripe.

Fruits that start with G

Their seeds are edible, too! They are primarily grown in South Asian countries, but I wonder if I can score some from a specialty store here in the Philippines.

I heard that these fruits that start with G are so refreshing; they are a popular choice for making juices, syrups, and sherbets.

22. Grumichama

Grumichama, also known as Brazilian Cherry, is a small, round fruit native to Brazil and other parts of South America.

Fruits that start with G

People love these G fruits for their sweet and tart flavors, but other than the taste, many appreciate them for their ornamental value.

Grumichama trees are sometimes grown for their attractive appearance, with glossy leaves and clusters of dark fruits! This is another plant I would love to have in my front yard.

23. Grand Nain Banana

Grand Nain Banana, or Giant Cavendish banana, is one of the world’s most widely grown and consumed banana varieties.

Fruits that start with G

It has a mild, sweet flavor with a creamy texture.

This variety is cultivated here in my home country and used in several dishes, from breakfast to desserts.

This fruit that starts with G is a popular ingredient in halo-halo, turon, and other traditional Filipino snacks.

24. Greengage Plum

Greengage plums are some of the sweetest fruits that start with G. They are renowned for their sweet and honey-like flavor and subtle tartness.

Fruits that start with G

The flesh is typically juicy and tender, making it a delightful fruit to enjoy fresh. You can also use it for cooking and baking, though.

If you’re preparing something special, use this fruit as an extraordinary ingredient – its fragrant aroma adds to its appeal.

25. Gala Apples

Gala apples are sweeter than many other apple varieties, making them a favorite for those who prefer sweeter fruits.

Fruits that start with G

If your kids eat only a few fruits, introduce them to this wonderful harvest.

Their sweet and crisp nature makes them a perfect snack that even the kids would enjoy.

These fruits that start with G also have an attractive appearance, and can serve as an eye-catching addition to your fruit bowls and dishes.

26. Green Kiwi

Green Kiwis are typically small to medium-sized fruits with brown, fuzzy skin.

Fruits that start with G

When you cut them open, you reveal their green flesh speckled with small black seeds.

They deliver a combination of sweetness and tartness – a refreshing, one-of-a-kind taste perfect for after-dinner desserts.

We usually enjoy this variety here, so I can’t wait to try others like Red and Golden kiwis.

27. Green Anjou Pear

Green Anjou pears and other fruits beginning with G are always nutritious choices.

Fruits that start with G

All pears are awesome, but natural sweetness makes this variety even more special.

They are also firm when ripe, which means they hold their shape well when cooked or sliced.

We have never cooked pears, though, as we enjoy them fresh, but feel free to experiment with G fruits! They are the most versatile ingredients.

28. Guajilote

Is it just me, or do these fruits beginning with G look kind of scary? Well, it’s true that they look strange, but they have captivating flavors similar to sugar cane.

Fruits that start with G

Aside from being eaten fresh, Guajilote fruits are made into jams, cooked or pickled.

Even if you don’t like the fruits, you can plant them in your yard in the sunniest location and enjoy them as beautiful ornamental plants!

29. Ground Cherry

Have you ever seen fruits that start with G that look like mini lanterns? Introducing Ground cherries, small, round fruits that belong to the nightshade family.

Fruits that start with G

They are enclosed in a papery husk that resembles a lantern! The husk is inedible and needs to be removed to access the fruit.

They say they taste like tropical fruits, similar to pineapple and mango.

30. Guama

Fruits that start with G that taste like a dessert?

Guama fruit has a sweet and creamy flavor that is often likened to a combination of vanilla ice cream and cotton candy.

Fruits that start with G

Interestingly, it grows in long, green pods resembling large beans! It thrives in Central and South America.

Want some? Unfortunately, it’s rare in many parts of the world.

31. Guabiju

I think the most interesting fruits that start with G originated from South and Central America!

Guabiju is native to South America and famous for its complex flavor profile, similar to guava and passion fruit.

Fruits that start with G

Moreover, different varieties of Guabiju may naturally have different colors when ripe.

Some cultivars are known for their purple or reddish-purple hue when fully mature, while others may remain yellow or orange.

32. Greek Figs

Greek figs are prized for their exceptional flavor. The flesh inside ranges from pale pink to deep red.

Fruits that start with G

I’ve never tasted any variety of figs yet, so I’m looking forward to trying even the dried ones!

They are known for their sweetness, often described as honey-like, with a smooth and luscious texture.

Thankfully, many fruits that start with G are dried to preserve their shelf lives.

33. Gulupa

Gulupa, also known as purple passion fruit, has a sweet-tart taste with floral and citrus notes.

Fruits that start with G

Its flavor is often described as a combination of passion fruit and lemon.

Use this if you’re thinking of making an exotic dessert soon!

It’s not widely available in U.S. markets, but you may spot a few in Latin American specialty stores. Looking for these fruits that start with G is totally worth your time.

FAQs on Fruits That Start With G

What is a small tropical fruit that starts with G?

Guava is one of the many small tropical fruits that start with G.

What is a fruit that starts with G and ends with A?

One of the many fruits that start with G and ends with A is Granadilla.

What is a four letter fruit with G?

One four-letter fruit with G is Figs.

Where is dragon fruit from?

Dragon fruit is native to the tropical areas of Central and South America.

What variety of apple starts with G?

One variety of apple that starts with G is the Granny Smith apple.

How do you eat Guinep?

To eat Guinep, peel away the skin to reveal the juicy, translucent flesh inside.

Final Thoughts on Fruits That Start With G

Fruits that start with G help us stay full, healthy, happy, and well-informed. The next time you travel, ask your foreign friends about the most delicious fruits in town! Savor their flavors and make the most out of the experience.

I hope you found this post helpful. For more fruit ideas and suggestions, check out the complete List of Fruits from A to Z series. Here are a few suggestions for you:


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