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These are the 5 best nacho cheese fountains you can buy. We also included a buyer’s guide and tips on how to set up the queso fountain of your dreams!

Let’s talk about cheese and why it’s a superior dairy product.

It comes in different varieties, it’s super versatile that you can add it to almost any dish, but most importantly, it’s the main ingredient in nacho cheese sauce. 🧀

Nacho cheese is smooth and scrumptious, and together with nachos, it creates the perfect snack that can instantly improve any situation one bite at a time (unless you’re lactose intolerant, of course!)

best nacho cheese fountains

But why not take that experience to the next level and combine nacho cheese with a fondue fountain?

Yep, not a fondue pot, but a flowing and definitely show-stopping fountain of creamy, melted cheese! 

But before you run to the nearest store (or check your favorite shopping websites, because who really has the time to shop in person these days???), do yourself a favor and read our review of the best nacho cheese fountains.

best nacho cheese fountains review and buying guide

We narrowed the list down to 5 cheese fountains, and whichever you pick, you can be assured that you’ll get the best value for your purchase.

Just use our handy-dandy buyer’s guide for the 5 factors to consider to help you find the ultimate queso fountain. 

To further help you achieve your ooey-gooey, cheesy dreams for your party, we’ve also shared tips on how to set up your nacho cheese fountain, including what cheese to use to keep the good vibes flowing.

And by good vibes, I meant nacho cheese. 

The Best Nacho Cheese Fountains: TOP 5

Nostalgia CFF986 Fondue Fountain – Editor’s Choice

Want to cut to the cheese, ahem, I meant chase, and immediately know our top pick in this ultimate review of the best nacho cheese fountains? Just get the Nostalgia CFF986.

It is reasonably priced since for under $80 (as of this writing), you’ll get a 4-tiered fondue fountain that’s not just for nacho cheese. It can also handle all your dipping needs, both sweet and savory!

The Nostalgia CFF986 has that classic fountain look, but the stainless steel definitely makes it look tasteful and not tacky.

It also has a 2-pound capacity, enough to keep a 90-person party happy with non-stop nacho cheese. Yep, non-stop because this device is an auger-styled fountain for that continuous flow of delicious liquid gold. 

Nostalgia CFF986 for nacho cheese

What about the clean-up after all the fun? The Nostalgia CFF986 comes apart easily, so you don’t need to worry about nacho cheese residues!

But, of course, no fountain is perfect.

For this cheese fondue fountain, we wish it was not as noisy. (Although, I don’t think this is a huge drawback, especially in parties with loud music.)


  • Reasonably priced
  • Classy look
  • Good capacity for big events
  • Auger-style fountain for continuous flow of nacho cheese
  • Comes apart easily for clean-up


  • Can be noisy 

Nostalgia CFF1000 Cascading Fondue Fountain

Here’s something for those who want to take the visual impact of their nacho cheese fountain up a notch: The Nostalgia CFF1000.

The next nacho cheese fountain on our best nacho cheese fountains list also comes from Nostalgia. But unlike our top pick, which looks classic, this fountain is definitely a conversation piece. 

It’s also a 4-tier fountain, but the cascading effect of the Nostalgia CFF1000 will definitely make you want to post a picture of it on social media. 

The funnel-shaped cups just create a unique look, and with melted cheese, it’ll be hard not to get drawn to it. 

Nostalgia CFF1000 for nacho cheese

The good news is despite its very aesthetic design, the Nostalgia CFF1000 is actually easy to assemble. It also has a 32-ounce capacity, making it versatile for different gatherings.

But to avoid any issues with your nacho cheese sauce, make sure it’s warm enough and REALLY RUNNY.

You can also put the sauce in a blender as even seemingly small ingredients like chopped peppers might get stuck in the fountain. 

Another thing worth noting is you may need to wait around 20 minutes for the base to heat up. Remember that when it comes to cheese fountains, they should always be hot enough, or the nacho cheese can easily thicken again. 


  • Unique, eye-catching design
  • Assembly is straightforward
  • Good capacity for various events


  • Cheese sauce should be very runny for seamless operation
  • Pre-heating can take around 20 minutes

Nostalgia CFF965 Fondue Fountain

Don’t want to spend over $40 but looking for the best value cheese fountain you can buy? The Nostalgia CFF965 got you! 

And yes, it’s also another fondue fountain from Nostalgia. 

But unlike its bigger siblings, the Nostalgia CFF965 is one tier less and only offers a smaller 24-ounce capacity. However, this size should be enough for small gatherings (around 25 guests.)

I think another benefit of getting a small fondue fountain is the ease of assembly and portability, so if your venue is not at home, then this model is quite practical. 

The Nostalgia CFF965 even comes in different colors, including pink and white, which I think are super cute! I can imagine this fountain as a gift for a birthday party, baby shower, or wedding shower. 

Nostalgia CFF965 for nacho cheese

As for how it handles nacho cheese, just like the previous model, you want its consistency to be thin enough for the flow to be continuous.

You can use milk or read our tips below to ensure that this 3-tiered queso fountain looks pretty and flowing with melty cheese.

However, the lower price tag comes with a compromise on performance. The heating efficiency of this fountain might not be enough to keep the cheese flowing for a long time.

The solution? Make sure your queso is hot. 


  • Reasonable price
  • Small size is practical for set-up and travel
  • Different color options


  • Struggles with keeping the cheese warm for a long period

Wilton Chocolate Pro Chocolate Fountain and Fondue Fountain

We’re nearing the end of our list of the best nacho cheese fountains, but that doesn’t mean you should overlook these models. 

If you’re not feeling the previous 3-tiered cheese fondue fountain, here’s another 3-tiered model from Wilton. 

As you have probably noticed from this review, our nacho cheese fountains are technically not just for nacho cheese.

They’re chocolate fountains or fondue fountains that we have reviewed to see if they can showcase nacho cheese sauce without issues for a mouthwatering display. 

And while Wilton calls this fondue fountain Chocolate Pro chocolate fountain, we found out that it can also create an elegant cascade of savory, cheesy goodness with nacho cheese. 

Expect that the smaller design means a smaller capacity- 4 pounds, to be exact. So, if you only need a queso fountain for movie nights at home, then the Wilton fondue fountain is perfect. 

The tiers are even nicely spaced, so you have plenty of room for your dipping items!

Wilton fondue fountain for nacho cheese

The only downside for this fondue fountain is even though it provides an impressive flow of nacho cheese, expect that the duration will not be as long as the pricier models in this list. 

Since it does not heat the cheese sauce as it flows, the waterfall effect will halt once the cheese cools off.

But on the bright side, the Wilton fondue fountain is dishwasher safe, so you won’t dread the clean-up once you’re done. 


  • Practical size
  • Well-designed spacing among tiers
  • Dishwasher-safe


Run time could be longer

NutriChef 3-Tier Fondue Fountain

Last but definitely not the least in our top picks for the best nacho cheese fountains comes from Nutrichef. 

The Nutrichef PKFNMK16.5 is a 3-tiered fondue fountain that’s basic but gets the job done. 

Like the previous cheese fountain, the Nutrichef fondue fountain is more suitable for home use or intimate gatherings since it can only hold 2 cups of nacho cheese. 

The design is comfortable and safe for small countertops, which also means portability will not be an issue with this unit. 

If you’re the type who hates complicated kitchen devices, you will appreciate the straightforward operation of the Nutrichef PKFNMK16.5. 

Nutrichef PKFNMK for nacho cheese

How simple? Just plug it in and turn the dial!

There is one caveat, though. 

It may depend on the nacho cheese sauce you’ll use, its consistency, and temperature, but this fountain sometimes struggles to heat the cheese evenly. 

Some parts are not hot enough, which, as you expect, can affect the fountain’s flow. 


  • Compact 
  • Affordable
  • Simple plug-in operation


  • Sometimes struggles to maintain the serving temperature

Best Nacho Cheese Fountains Buying Guide

If you love hosting, a cheese fountain is definitely worth every penny! But of course, any item will only be a good investment if you also get the best value for your money, especially if the price seems a bit steep. 

But don’t worry! Getting a cheese fountain that you’ll regret is nacho problem anymore! 😉

Just consider these 5 things, and you’ll find the elegant fountain decoration that makes cheese fondue pots boring. 

Temperature control

This shouldn’t be a surprise. 

When choosing from the best nacho cheese fountains, heat is, of course, the first consideration. Who would want to dip their snacks in cold cheese?

The efficiency of the fondue fountain to keep the nacho cheese at a consistent temperature is also crucial for the flow and keeping the cascading cheese sauce going. 

So, if you’re planning to use your cheese fountain for hours in the event, then pick a fountain that can heat up effectively. 

best nacho cheese fountains buying guide temperature control


My life motto is “There’s no such thing as too much cheese.”

And when it comes to parties where your cheese fondue fountain will be the main attraction, I’m sure the last thing you want is not having enough for everybody.

Consider the size of the events you’ll host and pick a fountain that can handle the cheese you need. But of course, the bigger the model, the pricier it’ll be. 

On the other hand, if you only need a cheese fountain to make family time at home more fun, or perhaps you’ll often just have intimate gatherings, then you’ll likely be happy with a smaller fountain. 

Best Nacho Cheese Fountains Buying Guide Capacity


Those who are often tasked with cleaning anything used for cheese, whether it’s cheese sauce, melted cheese, or cheese dip, know that it’s not something you’ll be excited about. 

And with a cheese fountain, it’s crucial to pick something effortless to clean. You want the disassembly and assembly to be straightforward and, if possible, to have dishwasher-safe parts.

I don’t know about you, but after a tiring party, I wouldn’t want to clean something that feels like it requires a degree in mechanical engineering, haha. 

Keeping the creamy cheese fondue fountain is also essential for its longevity, so you definitely can’t overlook this factor when choosing from this list of the best nacho cheese fountains. 

best nacho cheese fountains buying guide ease of cleaning


Yes, yes, you’re here to find the best nacho cheese fountain.

Our picks in this list are fondue fountains that can effectively display a waterfall of cheese dip and make your party memorable. But if we’re talking about getting the best value for your money, you want a versatile fountain.

Besides nacho cheese, you might want to use your fountain for other dips and sauces.

For example, you could have a chocolate waterfall for a birthday or a ranch dressing fountain at a BBQ!

best nacho cheese fountains buying guide versatility

Noise level

The final factor to consider when buying a nacho cheese fountain is the noise level of the device. 

It’s just distracting to have a loud, whirring motor in any event, and it might even make it hard for the guests to have conversations and hear each other. 

Lower-end fondue fountains are typically noisier than pricier ones, so be prepared to compromise if you have a limited budget.

But if your party will be loud anyway, or perhaps the events are mostly held outdoors, then noise might not be a huge issue.

buying guide nacho cheese fountain noise level

How Do You Use Nacho Cheese in a Chocolate Fountain?

Have you ever seen the unfortunate but admittedly hilarious viral video of a mukbang YouTuber who literally got “attacked” by his cheese fondue fountain? 

The cheese was just too thick for the fountain, and next thing you know, globs of cheese started whipping around him! 😂

Don’t worry; he was fine, and I discovered that he eventually got his cheese fountain working, so yay for him.

But to avoid being attacked by cheese, you only need to remember one thing: Get the perfect consistency.  

How Do You Use Nacho Cheese in a Chocolate Fountain

How do you thin cheese for a fountain?

To avoid experiencing a #cheesefail with your chocolate fountain, you must get the perfect flow on your nacho cheese.

Since the cheese sauce can be pretty thick, you can thin it out with water as you warm it over the stove.

What to do if your cheese fondue is too thick for the fountain?

If the cheese fondue is starting to get too thick in the fountain, you don’t need to turn it off! Just whisk in a small amount of water, broth, or even white wine into the fountain’s base. 

Once the consistency of the cheese sauce is nice and thin again, you can stop stirring in your liquid. We don’t want it to get too watery because we still want a melty consistency for dipping. 

What to do if your cheese fondue is too thick for the fountain

And if you’ve used the fondue fountain for chocolate before, I suggest you run it with cheddar cheese soup before using it for nacho cheese. Who would want a cheese sauce with notes of chocolate, right? 

Is There Such a Thing as a Queso Fountain?

Yes, queso fountain is a thing!

In fact, you shouldn’t be surprised if you start seeing more and more cheese fountains at events! Fondue fountains are not just for sweets anymore, and I’m totally into this trend. 😋

However, to ensure that the cheese flows smoothly in a queso fountain, it’s more common to use cheese sauce instead of actual cheese. 

If you plan on having a cheese fountain at your party, I suggest that you have guests use a serving spoon instead of dipping directly into it (no matter how tempting.)

And needless to say, pick from the best nacho cheese fountains in the market. 😉

Is There Such a Thing as a Queso Fountain

What Kind of Cheese Can You Use in a Fountain?

First time setting up a cheese fondue fountain? Consider a nacho cheese sauce instead of melting a solid cheese from scratch.

Some types might not even liquefy properly, and you might end up with clumped sauce in the fountain. 

If the cheese sauce still seems too thick for the fountain, you can just thin it out with milk, chicken broth, or even white wine (a personal fave!).

Can you put nacho cheese in a chocolate fountain?

Yes, you can put nacho cheese in a chocolate fountain as long as the manufacturer has confirmed the fountain’s usability with cheese. Not all fondue fountains are equal, and some might struggle, especially with thick nacho cheese. 

To save you from cheesy misery, choose from our top picks for the best nacho cheese fountains!

Can you put nacho cheese in a chocolate fountain

Frequently Asked Questions About Cheese Fountains

What is a nacho cheese fountain?

A nacho cheese fountain is exactly what it sounds like: a fountain for nacho cheese! You have probably seen fountains with chocolate fondue, but depending on the model, the tiered display can also be used for cascading warm cheese fondue.

Can I use nacho cheese in a regular chocolate fountain?

I suggest checking the manufacturer’s instructions for your chocolate fountain to see if it is compatible with nacho cheese. Or better yet, pick from our selection of the best nacho cheese fountains!

What can I dip in a nacho cheese fountain?

You can dip a lot of things in a nacho cheese fountain, including but definitely not limited to tortilla chips, potato chips, sausages, breadsticks, and even fruits like apple slices and bananas

What to serve with a nacho cheese fountain? 

Serve your nacho cheese fountain with your favorite snacks! If you can’t decide what to pick, our Mexican charcuterie board and Big Mac Smash tacos will surely be a hit with cheese.

What cheese melts best for nachos? 

You can’t go wrong with American, cheddar, and pepper jack cheese for nachos because they melt really well.


Unsure what centerpiece to have at your parties and family gatherings?

That’s nacho problem anymore because you can pick any device from this list of the best nacho cheese fountains! Forget about chocolate fondue because nacho cheese will surely get the good vibes flowing. 🧀

Our top pick is the Nostalgia CFF986 Fondue Fountain for that magnificent, 4-tier display of oozy, melty cheese.

best nacho cheese fountains reviews

You can be assured that your cascading nacho cheese won’t randomly come to a halt because it’s an auger-style fountain with a 2-pound capacity!

And once everything is done, you can easily disassemble the nacho fountain, making clean-up a breeze. 

I hope you found this post about the best nacho cheese fountains helpful. For more shopping guides, visit our index of product reviews!

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