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So, you’re planning a party. You want everyone to have fun, and you especially want to please everyone’s taste in food.

The best no-brainer option is chocolate because let’s face it, if someone doesn’t like chocolate they’re kind of weird. But, how can you serve chocolate while making it look high-end, fancy, or making it fun?

A chocolate fountain! It’s every party’s dream come true, and it will definitely impress your guests! Besides, the possibilities with a chocolate fountain are endless.

You can fill your cup with chocolate and drink it, you can dip in any type of food to coat it with extra deliciousness, or if you’re having an especially crazy night you can just put your face in it and drink so much chocolate it hurts. 

Best Chocolate Fountains for Parties

Chocolate fountains are designed to keep melted chocolate warm and running, pumping it up through a tube in the middle to then let it cascade down different levels, in a very satisfying and attractive way that makes it the perfect centerpiece of any party.

The chocolate fountain you use has to be able to perfectly manage the technicalities of keeping the chocolate flowing and at the right temperature, without the risk of it breaking down mid-party, as well as being able to be aesthetically pleasing and appealing. The fancier the better!

Because you’re probably too busy fantasizing about the number of snacks you’ll dip into the chocolate, we’ve taken the time to research and compare different chocolate fountains, to compile a list of our top picks! 

In a hurry?

Having a chocolate fountain at your party doesn’t have to be a fantasy. There are some great options at affordable prices, that will be perfect to turn your party into a new level of fancy that will keep your guests talking about it for days!

If you’re in a hurry and a bit overwhelmed with all the preparations, then we recommend you go for our top number one pick for best chocolate fountains: the Nostalgia CFF986 Chocolate Fountain.

This chocolate fountain, from a renowned and reliable brand that is the best seller for chocolate fountains, is a great option for parties thanks to its large capacity that can serve up to 25 people.

It can be dismantled for easy storage and can be put together very easily, with its 4 tiers that reach a height of 18 inches.

Adjustable feet and usable for sauces and ingredients other than chocolate if you so desire, it delivers with a high standard of quality, providing with a constant and smooth flow of chocolate all night long.

Here are some of the main features:

  • Serves up to 25 people
  • Easy to dismantle and put back together
  • Separate controls for motor and heat
  • Adjustable feet to ensure smooth flow
  • Can be used for other ingredients and sauces

Top Picks for Best Chocolate Fountains for Parties

Nostalgia CFF986 Chocolate Fountain

Nostalgia CFF986 32-Ounce Stainless Steel Chocolate Fondue Fountain, 2-Pound Capacity, Easy to Assemble 4 Tiers, Perfect For Nacho Cheese, BBQ Sauce, Ranch, Liqueurs

Most good chocolate fountains available in the market nowadays are all from the same brand: Nostalgia. It is no wonder we have not one but two chocolate fountains from them on our top 5 picks!

The brand is reliable and successful, with many happy customers and many products on offer to cover every need and preference. The Nostalgia CFF986 has made it to the top of our list thanks to the vast amount of positive reviews and its high quality and accessible use.

With 4 tiers, it holds up to 2 pounds of chocolate and can consistently serve between 20 and 25 people. You can store it in pieces and then set it up really easily, reaching a height of 18 inches. The feet are adjustable, so if you have a wonky table or rough flooring, you can still ensure a smooth flow of chocolate!

It’s made with stainless steel for durability throughout use and the heat, so it’s sure to last you many parties. You could also use it for other sauces or nacho cheese, in the hypothetical case that you ever tire of serving chocolate!


  • Big capacity and serving
  • Easy to dismantle and put together
  • Separate controls for motor and heat
  • Adjustable feet
  • Usable for other sauces


  • The motor is a bit noisy

Wilton Chocolate Pro

Wilton Chocolate Pro Chocolate Fountain and Fondue Fountain - Designed to Keep Chocolate Melted for Easy Treat Dipping, 3-Tier, 16-Inches Tall, 4-lb Capacity

The Wilton Chocolate Pro, just as the name indicates, is an excellent choice if you want to go for a pro party with an even larger chocolate fountain than average.

With a capacity of 4 pounds of chocolate, this fountain can serve up to 50 people throughout the night. Definitely the option to go for with bigger events! When fully assembled, it stands with 3 tiers at 16 inches high, your guests won’t be able to miss it!

After use, you can dismantle the pieces and stick them in the dishwasher for an easy cleanup, which really makes things easier. It also has adjustable feet, to ensure there’s always a smooth flow of chocolate, no matter the positioning.

It’s a bit noisy, but with its large size, you’ll probably be wanting to use it at a busy outdoor party where nobody will even notice anyways!


  • Extremely large capacity
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Adjustable feet
  • Easy to assemble and dismantle


  • Slightly noisy
  • Not usable for other sauces

Sephra Elite Chocolate Fountain

Sephra Elite Chocolate Fountain for Home, Whisper Quiet Motor, Chocolate Fondue Fountain Electric, Stainless Steel Heated Basin, QuickSet Tier Assembly, 19 Inches, 4-6 lb Capacity, Serves 40-50

The Sephra Elite Chocolate Fountain is a lot more expensive than other chocolate fountains, but its high-end quality meant we simply had to include it in our list of top picks.

It offers different sizes, but this model, in particular, is a 19-inch tall fountain that can hold between 4 and 6 pounds of chocolate. As you can imagine, that’s a lot of servings for a large number of people! The three tiers can be completely dismantled and are safe to put in the dish-washer, made with food grade plastic and a basin of stainless steel. 

With separate control settings for the heat and the pump, you can choose from 4 different possible temperatures and can therefore use the fountain for other sauces, including cold ones. The flow is smooth and consistent, and what really makes this chocolate fountain stand out as an elite option is that the motor is completely silent.

It will truly set your party apart and will be an excellent addition to your party items for years to come!


  • Extremely large capacity
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Separate controls for heat and pump
  • Silent motor
  • Usable for other sauces, including cold ones


  • A lot more expensive than other chocolate fountains

Nostalgia Cascading Fondue Fountain

Nostalgia 4 Tier Electric Chocolate Fondue Fountain Machine for Parties - Melts Cheese, Queso, Candy, and Liqueur - Dip Strawberries, Apple Wedges, Vegetables, and More - 32-Ounce - Stainless Steel

Our second pick from the renowned Nostalgia brand, the Nostalgia Cascading Fondue Fountain sets itself apart from the rest of the choices by having a unique design.

Instead of the traditional design of chocolate fountains, the chocolate flows from tier to tier by being poured down connecting spades, to form a more appealing visual effect that cascades down to the bottom. 

It has a capacity of 2 pounds, and the chocolate flows down 4 different tiers, reaching a height of around 17 inches. The motor and heating settings are on different controls, meaning it can also be used for other sauces or even drinks!

Easy to assemble with a stainless steel heated bowl at the bottom where the chocolate is always on point for dipping in. It’s a simple yet effective choice for a chocolate fountain that will do the job in a satisfying and hassle-free way.


  • Unique design
  • Separate heat and motor controls
  • Usable for other sauces and/or drinks
  • Easy to assemble


  • Noisy motor

NutriChef Chocolate Fountain

Nutrichef 3 Tier Fondue Fountain-Electric Stainless Dipping Warmer Machine-Warm & Melt Chocolate, Butter, Cheese, Caramel-for Parties, Events & Weddings-Pot Capacity 16 OZ, One Size, White

The NutriChef Chocolate Fountain is the ideal option for a smaller or more intimate party, taking place indoors. It’s a lot smaller than the other chocolate fountains, but is also a lot more lightweight, compact, and portable!

This chocolate fountain is electric, so it’s a very easy setup and you just have to plug it in when you’re ready to turn it on. The three tiers have a capacity of 1 pound, which flows smoothly and collects in the dipping bowl at the bottom.

It’s extremely convenient and very safe to use on kitchen counters or any indoor surface, so long as it is near a plug to be turned on. It has an efficient heating system that can keep the chocolate warm even a while after being unplugged, and its manageable size will make it an excellent complement to family reunions or friend hangouts!


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Electric
  • Convenient and safe for indoor usage


  • Not a lot of capacity

Best Chocolate Fountains for Parties Buying Guide

Getting a chocolate fountain is a dream come true for a lot of people, and can safely be considered a win at a party. But before you jump into choosing your chocolate fountain, you should stop and consider a few of the features, so you make sure that you’re buying the right type for you.

You need to take into account the type of party you want it for, along with the number of guests that will be attending and whether you want to reuse it in the future for other sauces such as nacho cheese, or even for drinks.

It’s also important to choose the right one so that there are no disappointments or set-backs during the party itself. You should be able to turn on the fountain and simply enjoy along with the rest of the people, without worrying about any sudden issue.

Because we know it’s a bit of a hassle to research all the features and get informed on what makes a good chocolate fountain, we’ve done the work for you and have compiled this little buyer’s guide with a summary of the main features to look out for. 

Size and Capability

Before buying a chocolate fountain you need to ask yourself where you’re going to use it and how many people you want it to serve. How big is your party going to be?

There’s a wide range of sizes in chocolate fountains, from small and portable ones to large and huge ones. A lot of chocolate fountains are better suited for either an outdoor area or a very large table, while smaller options can fit anywhere inside your home.

You also need to think of how many tiers you want on your chocolate fountain. It doesn’t affect the quality, but it’s a major aesthetic factor that you should take into account. 

As for the capability, this relates to the amount of chocolate it needs to function and is able to hold, which will in turn determine a rough average of number of people that it can serve. Most chocolate fountains are viable to serve around 20 people.

However, fountains with a larger capacity of up to 6 pounds of chocolate can serve around 50 people throughout a night! Of course, you could always just top the chocolate fountain up on a regular basis to serve more people with less capacity, but you don’t really want to be thinking about that during a party. 

Noise and Smoothness

A lot of chocolate fountains have a noisy motor, which won’t be much of a problem when at a noisy or outdoor party, but it might get irritating and annoying over time.

This is more of a personal preference kind of feature, and it goes hand in hand with the type of party you’re hosting. A friend or family party should be fine with a bit of a noisy motor, but if you’re going for a high-end and fancy event then it’s a detail that might make you look cheap. 

The smoothness relates to the flow of the chocolate. You want to ensure that your chocolate fountain runs smoothly, with a constant and even flow of chocolate.

You can also look into different designs here, as some chocolate fountains might offer alternative shapes to the traditional tiers, and might pour the chocolate down each level in an innovative and original way that will be a lot more appealing to watch. 


Nobody wants to think about what comes after a party has ended, but things need to be cleaned and put away so they can be used again in the future.

A chocolate fountain can get very messy and sticky, so it’s important to choose one that will be easy to clean and won’t become too much of a struggle. It’s recommended to clean chocolate fountains as soon as you’ve stopped using them, as that will avoid the chocolate from drying and sticking to the smaller bits. 

A lot of chocolate fountains can be dismantled for storage and cleaning, and some are even dishwasher safe! That is definitely a handy feature to look out for. 

Added features

The different brands in the market with their many different options in chocolate fountains will offer a range of added features to make their product more appealing or effective.

Adjustable feet are a common feature that many brands like to add, as it’s a great and practical tool to have. It allows the fountain to remain stable in any position and ensures that the chocolate will flow smoothly. 

Something we recommend you look out for is whether the heating and motor controls are separate or not. If they’re not, that’s perfectly alright and the fountain will work great. But if they happen to be separate, it means you can use the fountain with other sauces and ingredients, including cold ones and even drinks.

We think it’s great to opt for a fountain with this feature, as it means it will get a lot more use in the future and will come in handy in many different types of parties and events, without having to buy another product. 

There are a lot more added features out there, and companies keep innovating with more and more each day. From LED lights to unique decorations on the tiers, it really does relate more to style and preference and doesn’t affect the usage. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What chocolate is best for a chocolate fountain?

You can use any chocolate for a chocolate fountain, as long as it is formulated to have a lower viscosity so it flows smoothly down each tier. If the chocolate you use isn’t adequate, it won’t be thin enough when melted and might clog your fountain up.

There are some chocolate brands that have been designed specifically for use in a chocolate fountain, having passed many tests to ensure a smooth flow. One of the better-known brands is Wilton’s Pro melting chocolate. 

How many pounds of chocolate do you need for a chocolate fountain?

This varies with each chocolate fountain and depends on the size and capacity it has.

Always follow the product specification and make sure you are using the correct amount for your chocolate fountain. The average tends to use between 2 and 4 pounds of chocolate. 

How long can a chocolate fountain run?

Most average chocolate fountains are designed to run for around 3 hours.

However, some larger fountains can run for up to 24 hours, while other fountains are electric and will run for as long as they are plugged in. 

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