Strawberry Filled Cupcakes


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Easy Christmas Tree Cupcake  Recipe

Indulge in the blissful burst of fresh, juicy strawberries nestled within a velvety chocolate cupcake, topped with a cloud of irresistible, creamy frosting.

Why You'll Love This Recipe

√ Stunning Dessert Idea √ Delicious Cupcakes with Fresh Strawberry √ Fun Christmas Tree Cupcakes

Prep Time: 20 Min

Cook Time: 25 Min

GATHER YOUR Ingredients

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FOR THE CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES: STEP 1: Preheat the oven to 350°F and line baking tray. STEP 2: Mix the dry ingredients. STEP 3: In a separate medium bowl, whisk the oil, egg, and vanilla extract.

STEP 4: Pour half the egg mixture and half the milk into the flour mixture. STEP 5: Add the remaining wet ingredients and milk. Stir. STEP 6: Fill the cupcake liners with a scoop of batter. -> Click below for remaining steps

FOR THE BUTTERCREAM FROSTING: STEP 1: Cream the butter until light and creamy. STEP 2: Add the powdered sugar in batches with creme fraiche and beat. STEP 3: Color the frosting with green gel food color.

STEP 4: Clean the strawberries and slice off their stems for a flat base. STEP 5: Fill the piping bag with the green buttercream frosting. -> Click below for the remaining steps

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