Nigerian Pepper Soup

(with goat meat)


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Get ready to dive into an authentic African culinary experience!

How to Make Nigerian Goat Meat Pepper soup

This delectable, spicy soup has its roots in West African culture and is a popular dish enjoyed all year-round, especially during rainy and cold seasons.

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Prep Time: 10 Min

Cook Time: 35 Min

GATHER YOUR Ingredients

STEP 1: Properly clean the goat meat.  STEP 2: Add cleaned goat meat to cooking pot. You can precook goat meat in a pressure cooker to make it tender and reduce cook time.

STEP 3: Add salt and seasoning. Add the optional bay leaf in this step. STEP 4: Add some habanero pepper and cook covered on low to medium heat until tender.

STEP 5: Add the blended habanero pepper, crayfish, and pepper soup spice to the pot. -> See all steps below

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