Must Try Fall Recipes

(Mouthwatering Meals!)

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Ah, fall! It’s a time for warm sweaters, bonfires, and sharing moments with loved ones. It’s a season that makes us feel cozy and content. Has fall officially started in your household?

Usually, it’s the tantalizing aroma from the kitchen that truly signals the arrival of autumn. The aroma, warmth, and satisfaction of creating something delicious are all part of the fall experience, right?

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These recipes aren’t your typical classics; there are some fresh takes on beloved comfort foods that will leave you craving more!

Let’s dive in!

Sweet Potato, Apple & Pancetta Hash

As the days get shorter, our menu gets longer with delicious fall recipes. Craving breakfast for dinner? You’ll adore the savory, smoky flavor of this sweet potato, apple, and pancetta hash.

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Green Chili Stew

Let’s face it, some family members can be tough to please at parties. I understand how challenging it can be to cook for everyone. Well, here’s one of the many fall recipes that can win them over! What makes this green chili stew special is the use of chicken stock from a rotisserie chicken. But if you don’t have that, low-sodium broth works just fine.

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