Kitchenaid Ultra Power Vs Artisan

Trying to find the right stand mixer isn’t as easy as it sounds, but we figured the best way to do it, was to start with a brand with a solid, dependable history that the professionals seem to trust and that’s why we put our faith in Kitchenaid.

For nearly a century, Kitchenaid has been serious about food, and its products represent the perfect mix of professional performance, artisan quality, and iconic design.

Following some careful consideration, we decided that the best course of action to take would be to take a much closer look at two of their best selling, and most beloved stand mixers in order to find out which was the better mixer.

Ultra Power is a tilt-head mixer, which means that while it’s a little long in the tooth as far as the technology it uses is concerned, it’s incredibly easy to clean when you’ve finished mixing.

Kitchenaid Ultra Power Stand Mixer

The Artisan, like the Ultra Power, is a tilt head mixer, which means it’s as easy to clean as the Ultra Power is.

Kitchenaid Artisan Stand Mixer

When you look a little more closely, you’ll see that the wattage that both use to fuel their mixing power, are ever so slightly different, with the Artisan drawing three hundred and twenty-five watts while the Ultra Power uses three hundred.

They’ll both mix whatever you baking and cooking heart wants, and needs, them too. The choice, as an infinitely wiser soul than us once said, is yours.

Ultra Power or Artisan?

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