Instant Pot Chicken Korma


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Easy Chicken Korma Recipe

This creamy and tasty Instant Pot chicken korma is all done in the multicooker. Enjoy delicious and aromatic Indian flavors at home with this quick recipe!

Why You'll Love This Recipe

√ Yummy Indian Curry √ Inexpensive Hearty Meal √ Full Control of Spices and Flavors

Prep Time: 5 Min

COOK Time: 20 MIN

GATHER YOUR Ingredients

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STEP 1: Gather all the ingredients for the instant pot korma. STEP 2: Marinate the chicken drumsticks in yogurt, half the chili powder, half the salt, and turmeric. I suggest marinating the drumsticks for an hour.

STEP 3: Heat the instant pot to the “saute” setting and add the coconut oil. STEP 4: Add the onion paste to the instant pot and cook until light brown. Then, saute the ginger garlic paste in the pot until fragrant, and add the coriander powder, remaining chili powder, and salt.

STEP 5: Mix in the marinated chunks of chicken and cook for 3 minutes. STEP 6: Stir in the coconut milk and green chilis. Click here for complete step-by-step instructions.

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