The aroma of freshly cooked yam porridge is enough to make your mouth water. If you love the taste and textures, this dish will be a must-try for lunch or dinner!

Nigerian yam is a staple food in Nigeria classified under the root and tuber food class. It provides 200 calories of energy per capita daily.

What Does It Taste Like? Yam porridge is absolutely delicious, especially when the ingredients are carefully chosen for a rich and fluffy taste.


– 2 lbs tuber of yam – 2-3 hake fish cleaned (smoked whiting fish) – 3-4 medium-sized tomatoes – 2 red bell pepper (Tatashe) – 3-4 scotch bonnet chillies (Ata Rodo) – 1 medium-sized onion – 240 ml palm oil – 1 tbs seasoning powder (or stock cubes) – 2-3 tbs ground crayfish – 2-3 bay leaves – Salt to taste

How to Make:

1. Add palm oil to the pot and set on medium heat. Add the diced onions to the oil and fry until fragrant. 2. Add the clean hake fish to the pot and fry.

How to Make:

3. Next, add the pepper mix, seasoning, salt, crayfish, and bay leaves to the pot. 4. Allow reducing to about two-thirds of the initial volume. This can take up to 15 minutes. Stir occasionally.

How to Make:

5. Next, add the cubed yams to the cooking pot. 6. Now add some water, cover, and allow to cook.

Serve and Enjoy

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