Ever thought about fruits beginning with the letter H? The list is more fascinating than you’d expect! From hazelnut to huito, there’s a world of lesser-known gems waiting for you. Be open to enjoying new flavors, and don’t hesitate to visit a specialty store for these exotic finds! Let's start!


Hardy kiwis have a milder, sweeter flavor than regular kiwis. They also have a pleasant, sweet aroma similar to melon and pineapple. This fruit variety, also called Kiwi berry, originates from East Asia, particularly Japan, Korea, northern China, and some parts of Russia.


The Hala fruit is probably one of the most unique tropical fruits that start with H! It grows on the Hala tree, a plant native to several tropical and subtropical locations worldwide.


This exotic fruit is straight out of a fairy tale – they have a sweet flavor, with a slightly citrusy tang. Their vibrant, orange, leathery skin sets them apart from other edible fruits.


Hawthorn trees are native to North America, Asia and Europe. And from these trees grow these juicy berries. They have a tart taste with a little bit of sweetness. This wonderful fruit is typically small, about the size of a cherry, and is usually red or reddish-orange when ripe.


Hazel fruits, which are produced by the hazelnut tree, are often referred to as hazel nuts. Hazel trees are located in various parts of the world, from Europe to Asia. Their fruits are small, round, and typically encased in a hard shell or husk.


Honeydew melons are my all-time favorites! They are a great source of vitamin C and moisture content. The honeydew fruit can also help regulate blood pressure and improve cardiovascular health. Good thing these accessible fruits can be easily found in local grocery stores!

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