20 Unexpected Fruits That Start with A You Haven't Tasted Yet

Louisa Moje

Asian Pear. Asian pears are native to East Asia. They not only have a captivating texture and flavor, but they are also versatile fruits.



Atemoya is a tropical fruit known for its luscious and exotic flavor. This sweet fruit is a hybrid, born from the marriage of the cherimoya and sugar apples.


Acerola Cherry

Acerola cherries are bright red to reddish-orange small fruits. They thrive in warm, tropical regions, and subtropical regions and grow year-round in warm weather.



Akebi is oblong and usually about the size of a large grape or a small plum. Its outer skin is pretty thick.


Annona Squamosa

Annona squamosa, along with its close relatives are definitely worth exploring. It stands out with its irregular, scaly green skin.



Abiu is native to South America but also grows in places with lots of rain and humidity. In the U.S., Abiu is somewhat hard to come by.


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