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A Nigerian party is never complete without a cool and bubbly drink. Nigerian Chapman cocktail is a carnival of fruits coming together in a soda-syrup mixture with dazzling rose-red color. Quite frankly, it is the African Sangria.

Nigerian Chapman Cocktail Blood Red
Where does this blood-red color in Nigerian Chapman Cocktail come from?

It goes without saying that we all need a glass of something to wash down our share of the feast.

Think about Nigerian cuisine for instance. All that amazing rice, pie, and pudding would clog up in our throat if it weren’t for a refreshment. That’s where Nigerian Chapman Cocktail comes in as the country’s national drink.

The first thing that catches your eye would be the color that is reminiscent of sangria. Found in some of your favorite cocktails like Tequila Sunrise, Grenadine syrup gives the Chapman Cocktail the deep red color and the sweet & tart flavor.

Nigerian Chapman Cocktail Ingedients

The great thing about this syrup is, it is super-easy to obtain. You could buy it at any liquor shop, order on Amazon, and make it from scratch even! All you need is sugar and pomegranate juice. 

Another thing we fancy about the Nigerian Chapman cocktail is the making of ice cubes. Don’t you just cringe and convulse when your favorite drink goes flat because of the melting ice?

Nigerian Chapman Cocktail with cucumber
Nigerian Chapman Cocktail without cucumber is like brownie without chocolate.

This cocktail puts a stop to that nonsense by making ice cubes out of the base liquid, which is Fanta and sprite. Once you apply it to your beverage, you will beat yourself up about why haven’t thought of it before.

The final touch is one you can skip, but it defeats the purpose of making a Nigerian Chapman Cocktail. If you haven’t heard of Angostura Bitters before, this drink will surely ingrain it into your memory.

Nigerian Chapman Cocktail

Made of concentrated herbs and spices indigenous to Central and South America, bitter is the go-to drink for giving a slightly sour and bitter taste to any cocktail.

Here, it balances the sweetness of your Grenadine syrup perfectly.

To garnish, you can use any fruit that you want, but we must warn you that it won’t be a traditional Nigerian Chapman Cocktail without cucumber. Let’s not keep your guests waiting; here is the recipe.

Nigerian Cocktail Chapman

Nigerian Chapman Cocktail

Yield: 3 Glasses
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

This refreshing cocktail washes down perfectly after a hearty Nigerian meal, and it takes no longer than five minutes to make.


  • 4 Cups Fanta
  • 4 cups Sprite
  • 1/2 cup Grenadine Syrup
  • 1 tbs Angostura Bitters
  • 1 tbsp lime/lemon juice
  • 2 slices of Cucumber
  • 2 slices Lime/Lemon
  • Mint leaves (optional)
  • 1 tray of ice cubes (made with Sprite/Fanta)


  1. Prior, add Sprite and Fanta to the ice tray for cubes. 

  2. In a jug, add equal amounts of Fanta and sprite. Next add grenadine syrup, angostura bitters- combine together.

    Nigerian Chapman Cocktail Preparation
  3. Chop Cucumber and lime, add to the mixture. In my opinion, this drink is not complete without cucumber-it's to just for garnishing. Mix it in the drink. 

  4. Garnish with mint leaves and serve chilled.


You can use water for ice cubes but I prefer using the drink to make the ice cubes. With regular ice cubes, you find that the cocktail is very diluted with water from the ice.

* Recipe adapted from Sisi Yemmie.

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Nutrition Information:
Yield: 3 Serving Size: 1
Amount Per Serving: Calories: 480Total Fat: 0gSaturated Fat: 0gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 0gCholesterol: 0mgSodium: 91mgCarbohydrates: 121gFiber: 3gSugar: 62gProtein: 1g

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Ingredient Addition/ Substitution For Nigerian Chapman Cocktail

  • To balance the fruity sweetness, you can add Ribena Blackcurrant Concentrate. It will give your cocktail a sharpness while enhancing the depth of the red color, not to mention it is packed with Vitamin C. It will certainly make a difference – in a good way – with its berry fragrance and intense dark-red color. You can also completely replace Grenadine syrup with it. 
  • Another substitute for Grenadine syrup would be Zobo Concentrate made from dried roselle and sorrel leaves.
Nigerian Chapman Cocktail
  • Instead of Fanta, you can use sparkling lemonade. 
  • Seven-Up is a great alternative to Sprite.
  • This recipe calls for lemon, cucumber, and mint leaves for garnishing, but you can keep adding onto it with strawberry, orange, or banana (although it is not always a good idea to overcrowd your cocktail).
  • Because of the Angostura bitters, Nigerian Chapman Cocktail contains a small amount of alcohol. You can technically make this cocktail without it, but it is one of the signature ingredients. If you want to booze it up some more, feel free to add vodka, gin, or spirit.

Tips For Making Nigerian Chapman Cocktail

  • Before you start making the cocktail, make sure that you kept your syrup, Fanta, and Sprite in the fridge and that they cooled down.
  • To add a tad more fruit flavor, you can squeeze lemon or orange juice into your cocktail before pouring your Fanta and Sprite.
  • You can always adjust the amount of your Grenadine Syrup or Angostura Bitters according to your taste. Just remember to leave space for the fruits.
Nigerian Chapman Cocktail Ingedients

Frequently Asked Questions About Nigerian Chapman Cocktail

What is the Nigerian Chapman Cocktail made of?

The main ingredients are Fanta, Sprite, cucumber, lemon, Grenadine, and Angostura bitters.

What is the most popular drink in Nigeria?

There are several popular drinks in Nigeria. Palm wine, burukutu, and pito are locally-fermented alcoholic drinks. Kunu and Zobo are the most popular non-alcoholic drinks, with the latter referred to as the Nigerian non-alcoholic red wine.

Is Smoov Chapman the same as Nigerian Chapman Cocktail?

Smoov Chapman is a non-alcoholic soft drink with hints of Chapman Cocktail. It contains Carbonated Water, Sugar, and comes in different flavors like lemon, blackcurrant, and orange.

What can replace Angostura bitters in Chapman?

You can replace Angostura bitters with Peychaud’s bitters or Orange bitters when making Nigerian Fanta Chapman.


A West African celebration can never be complete without refreshment, and Nigerian Chapman Cocktail offers the authentic tastes of Nigeria in a nutshell.

Anybody can make it in a matter of minutes; it’s not one of those cocktails that require a bartender certificate.

Nigerian Chapman Cocktail Preparation

Think of it as your trophy for all those hours spent in the kitchen, cooking, and baking tons of Nigerian goods. Let us know how you customized your Chapman Cocktail down below.

I hope you found this Nigerian Chapman recipe helpful. For more African food ideas, check out our complete List of Nigerian food you should absolutely try. Here are a few suggestions for you:

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