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This Nigerian Chapman cocktail recipe gives Nigeria’s favorite drink a grown-up twist. Enjoy the refreshing flavors of Chapman with a kick from Angostura bitters!


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Nigerian Chapman Cocktail Blood Red
Where does this blood-red color in Nigerian Chapman Cocktail come from?

This recipe for Nigerian Chapman cocktail packs a punch with Angostura bitters. 

The sweet and refreshing classic Chapman drink transforms into a party-ready concoction. It’s like an African Sangria!

With its dazzling rose-red color and vibrant fusion of fruity flavors, this bubbly Chapman cocktail is everything you’ll want to sip, whether in a get-together with your favorite people or unwinding alone after a tiring day. 

And best of all? This cocktail is totally user-friendly!

So, if you want to experience a Nigerian party in a glass, be your own bartender and make the Chapman.

Nigerian Chapman Cocktail Ingedients

What Is Chapman Drink?

The Chapman drink is a popular Nigerian mocktail made with citrus sodas, fruit juices, and grenadine syrup. With its vibrant red color, it’s impossible not to spot this refreshing Nigerian classic at a party. 

While Nigerian Chapman is non-alcoholic, most recipes contain a small amount of Angostura bitters, which technically contains alcohol. 

But don’t worry. This cocktail won’t give you an awful hangover. In fact, Angostura bitters is treated more like a flavoring. 

Regardless, this Nigerian Chapman cocktail is ready to join whatever celebration you’ll have. 

Like a party in a glass, you’ll get a fusion of different flavors in every sip of this Chapman drink. The carbonated citrus drinks make it bubbly with a zing, grenadine syrup adds a delicious fruity sweetness, and the slight bitterness of the Angostura bitters provides complexity. 

This is your sign to go beyond Sangria and Shirley Temple and make the Chapman cocktail your go-to party drink. 

Nigerian Chapman Cocktail with cucumber
Nigerian Chapman Cocktail without cucumber is like brownie without chocolate.

Why You’ll Love This Chapman Recipe

  • Quick and Simple: Making the Nigerian Chapman cocktail at home is surprisingly easy! If you’re worried about where you can get grenadine syrup or Angostura bitters, continue reading below.
  • Perfect For Parties: This Chapman cocktail is like a flavor festival in a glass! You’ll get sweet, tart, and bitter, guaranteed to make everyone’s taste buds dance with joy. It’s also easy to make a big batch of this delicious drink to win your crowd. 
  • Easy To Tweak: Customize your Chapman drink and try it with different slices of fresh fruits and fruit syrups. You can even make it extra boozy and serve it with your favorite liquor!

What Does Nigerian Chapman Cocktail Taste Like?

Nothing says celebration like a bright red bubbly cocktail, but don’t assume that this Nigerian Chapman cocktail is just something to please the eyes. You’ll also enjoy its delicious mix of flavors!

This Chapman cocktail starts with a refreshing combination of Fanta and Sprite. Then, it’s sweetened with the same ingredient that gives it its, dare I say, iconic red hue: grenadine syrup. 

Now, to balance the sweetness out, don’t forget the lime or lemon juice for that tangy contrast. 

And onto the best part…The Angostura bitters.

You can think of Angostura bitters as an herbal alcoholic preparation. Because of its slightly bitter flavor, it’s the best addition to tame the citrus flavors in the Nigerian Chapman cocktail 

But how do we keep this invigorating cocktail nice and cold without it going flat from the melting ice?

Here’s the trick: Use Fanta and Sprite as your ice cubes. You’re welcome. 

Nigerian Chapman Cocktail

Ingredients for Chapman

  • Fanta – Like the mocktail, this Chapman cocktail is made with orange and lemon-lime soda for that refreshing and satisfying carbonated blend. 
  • Sprite – We’ll replace regular ice cubes with frozen soda cubes to keep the cocktail delicious throughout the party! 
  • Grenadine syrup – Gives our Nigerian Chapman cocktails its signature red hue and delicious sweet flavor. 
  • Lemon juice – You can also use lime juice. The sour taste will keep the drink from getting excessively sweet. 
  • Angostura bitters – Don’t get intimidated by its bitter flavor. It perfectly complements the sweetness and tartness of the Chapman drink! It’s also the alcoholic component of our Chapman cocktail.
  • Cucumber – For garnish, but I’m willing to argue that cucumber slices are a must because they add freshness to the cocktail.
  • Lime – We’ll also add a couple of fresh citrus slices to our party cocktail. 
  • Mint leaves – An optional garnish, but the perfect addition if you’ll have this cocktail during the warm season. Yum!

Tools Needed To Prepare Chapman Cocktail

Ingredient Additions & Substitutions For Chapman Drink

Grenadine syrup alternatives

Just because you don’t have grenadine syrup on hand doesn’t mean your Nigerian Chapman drink has to lose its iconic red color. 

Blackcurrant concentrate has your back and even adds a sharpness to the Nigerian drink, balancing its fruity sweetness. 

You can also use hibiscus syrup, which is perfect for all of you Zobo drink lovers out there.

Fanta and Sprite substitutes

Feel free to swap Fanta and Sprite with sparkling orange beverage and sparkling lemon beverage

Bitter Lemon, 7Up, and ginger ale will work as well. Come up with your own variation of Chapman!

Garnishes for your Nigerian Chapman cocktail

Make your Chapman cocktail even more festive with slices of oranges and strawberries. I’m biased toward the latter, but feel free to expand your Chapman horizons.

How to Make Nigerian Chapman Drink


Tools you need:


STEP 1: Pour Sprite and Fanta into the ice tray and place in the freezer to set.

STEP 2: For the Nigerian Champman cocktail, add the Fanta and Sprite into a pitcher.

STEP 3: Pour in the grenadine syrup, lemon juice, and Angostura bitters. Stir to combine.

STEP 4: Add the cucumber and lime slices. Mix.

STEP 5: Serve over the soda ice cubes and garnish with mint leaves.

What To Serve With Nigerian Chapman

The Nigerian Chapman cocktail is the best party drink, so why not serve it with another Nigerian classic, nicknamed as Nigeria’s party rice? ?

Nigerian Chapman Cocktail

I’m talking about Jollof rice

Jollof rice is like a fusion of rice and tomato stew, best enjoyed with chicken. My mouth is watering just thinking about Jollof and Chapman. 

The great thing about this cocktail is that it doesn’t have an unappealingly strong alcohol flavor, making it enjoyable even with meals. 

But if you’re in the mood for something lighter or planning a party, prepare puff puff, Nigerian buns, Nigerian meat pies, and Nigerian fish rolls to go with your Chapman drink. 

These finger foods are definitely going to be a crowd favorite. 

Tips About Making Nigerian Chapman Cocktail

  • Feel free to use regular ice cubes with your Chapman drink, but I prefer frozen soda cubes so they won’t water down the delicious cocktail. 
  • For an extra chilled drink, freeze the lime/lemon slices for a few hours before adding them to the Nigerian Chapman cocktail. Don’t forget to also refrigerate your orange soda and lemon-lime soda beforehand!
  • Looking to get the best buzz on your Nigerian Chapman cocktail? Make the refreshing drink with gin or vodka.

How To Store Chapman Cocktail

Because the Nigerian Chapman cocktail is made with sodas, it’s best enjoyed immediately. It’s super quick to make anyway, so it can still be a last-minute party cocktail. 

You can also make the fruity drink a few hours before serving but don’t add the cucumber and fruit slices yet. 

And if you have Chapman leftovers, just pour them into a covered container and refrigerate for 3 days. Just remove the slices of fruits and cucumbers before storing the Chapman. 

Nigerian Chapman Cocktail Ingedients

Is Chapman Alcoholic?

Chapman is a non-alcoholic drink, but you can add more Angostura bitters or other liquors to make it more adult-friendly. ?

If you love Chapman’s refreshing, sweet, and zesty flavors, you’ll love it in our revamped slushy version. Check out this Nigerian Chapman slushy mocktail recipe.

Does Angostura Bitters Have Alcohol?

Yup. Angostura bitters contain alcohol. However, did you know that it’s added to the Chapman as a flavor enhancer? 

Unlike, say, adding vodka to make a spiked drink, Angostura bitters are used to add a touch of bitterness and create a more complex flavor profile.

So, can Angostura bitters get you drunk? Yes, but you’d need to drink a good amount. 

Who Invented Chapman?

It was believed that the Nigerian Chapman cocktail was invented by a bartender named Samuel Alamutu in the Ikoyi Club in Lagos, Nigeria. 

It was requested by his regular customer, Chapman.

There’s also another Chapman origin story that said Alamutu made the drink for his wife, who didn’t enjoy alcohol.

And since he enjoyed attending social events with his wife, he created the Chapman for her to feel more included. Who knew the red drink was possibly born out of love? 

FAQ About Chapman Drink

What is the Nigerian Chapman Cocktail made of?

The Nigerian Chapman cocktail drink is made from orange and lemon-lime sodas, grenadine syrup, fruit juices or concentrate, Angostura bitters, and, for garnish, fruit and cucumber slices. 

What is the most popular drink in Nigeria?

There are many popular alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in Nigeria, such as Chapman, Zobo drink, palm wine, Kunu, and Agbo.

Is Smoov Chapman the same as Nigerian Chapman Cocktail?

No, because Smoove Chapman is a non-alcoholic soft drink. The best way to describe it is that it tastes like the Chapman Cocktail and comes in different flavors, including citrus and blackcurrant.

What is a good substitute for Angostura bitters in Chapman?

If you need a substitute for Angostura bitters to give your Chapman its distinct touch of bitter flavor, you can use orange bitters.

Can you make Chapman without grenadine?

Totally! Just use blackcurrant or hibiscus concentrate to get that “Chapman red” color.

Nigerian Cocktail Chapman

Nigerian Chapman Cocktail

Yield: 3 Glasses
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

This Nigerian Chapman cocktail recipe gives Nigeria's favorite drink a grown-up twist. Enjoy Chapman's refreshing flavors with a kick from Angostura bitters!


  1. Pour Sprite and Fanta into the ice tray and place in the freezer to set. 
  2. For the Nigerian Champman cocktail, add the Fanta and Sprite into a pitcher. 
  3. Pour in the grenadine syrup, lemon juice, and Angostura bitters. Stir to combine. 
  4. Add the cucumber and lime slices. Mix. 
  5. Serve over the soda ice cubes and garnish with mint leaves. 


  • You can use regular ice cubes, but they'll dilute the cocktail once they melt. 
  • The Nigerian Chapman cocktail is best enjoyed cold. For an extra chilled drink, freeze the lime/lemon slices for a few hours before adding them to the mix. Don't forget to refrigerate your orange soda and lemon-lime soda beforehand!
  • If you're looking to get the best buzz on your Nigerian Chapman cocktail and the Angostura bitters is still not enough, feel free to make the refreshing drink with gin or vodka.

* Recipe adapted from Sisi Yemmie.

Nutrition Information:
Yield: 3 Serving Size: 1
Amount Per Serving: Calories: 659Total Fat: 0gSaturated Fat: 0gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 0gCholesterol: 0mgSodium: 79mgCarbohydrates: 165gFiber: 0gSugar: 121gProtein: 0g

* Please note that all nutrition information are just estimates. Values will vary among brands, so we encourage you to calculate these on your own for the most accurate results.

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Experience West African celebration in a glass with this Nigerian Chapman cocktail. 

Anyone can make this Chapman drink recipe, and it offers tons of options for customization. 

And while grenadine syrup and Angostura bitters are important for an authentic Chapman experience, you can always use substitutes, and your bubbly drink will still be good. 

So, next time you’re looking for a mixed drink for cocktail parties, try Africa’s Sangria! 

Nigerian Chapman Cocktail Preparation

I hope you found this Nigerian Chapman recipe helpful. For more African food ideas, check out our complete list of Nigerian foods you should absolutely try. Here are a few suggestions for you:

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