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Brownies. They’ve warmed your heart ever since you tried your first scrumptious brownie as a kid. When you take a bite, the corner crumbles with rich chocolatey goo melting in your mouth. Are you hungry yet?  

Brownies are an all-American baked treat that has taken the world by storm. You just can’t say no to one.

They have become a dominant dessert in restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, and they are even simple to make yourself. There are so many commercial options to help you enjoy your favorite snack right at home. 

Box brownie mixes are the perfect solution if you are not a skilled baker, or if you just have a craving and you want them as fast as possible! There are vast selections of options on the market, but nine out of ten box brownies call for you to add eggs to the recipe.

How to Replace the Eggs in a Box Brownie Mix

This is fine if you have them at home, or if you do not have any food intolerances, allergies or dietary needs. When you do, it can be really tricky to find a recipe that does not use eggs. 

Eggs are a hugely popular ingredient in the baking industry. Eggs are a perfect binding agent that will hold all of the other ingredients together.

They also provide air and allow your cakes or brownies to rise easily. In many recipes and in cake recipes, in particular, eggs are used to add more moisture. 

The last thing you want is a hard, dry brownie that cracks apart as soon as you touch it! Trust us on this one, you will not want to just go ahead and leave the egg out of the brownie mix.

That would be unegg-cetable. So what can you do without eggs to ensure that you make the perfect batch of brownies?

There are so many different substitutes you can use!

Egg Replacements

Replacing the eggs in your box brownie recipe is a difficult task, and the outcome of your brownie batch will depend on what you use, and how you use it. If you are using eggs to bind the brownie mix, then there are a few viable options available. 

The simplest answer is to purchase a commercially available egg replacer. You can mix these with water to create a binding agent that replicates the use of an egg.

Typically, they consist of starch and leavening agents like potato and tapioca starch. You can find these easily online or at your local grocery store.

How to replace the eggs in a box brownie mix scaled

As eggs are often used as a leavening agent to help brownies expand and air, you could swap them for yogurt or buttermilk.

By using a ¼ cup of buttermilk for each egg needed, you can ensure your brownies will be light and airy and retain the moisture from the milk. 

You can even try combining oil, water, and a little bit of baking powder as a replacement that ensures soft and light box brownies.

The oil acts as a moisturizing and binding agent, whilst the baking powder helps them rise and air in this method: 

  • 1 tsp oil
  • 2 tbsp. water
  • 2 tsp baking powder

Vegan Options

If you want to take it a step further and make it really difficult, there are options to make box brownies without eggs that are also vegan!

Using flax seeds is an approved method for a healthy or vegan option. This technique brings a little nutty flavor to the table, but adds to that chewy texture of your brownies. The best way to use this method is to grind up the following:

  • 1 tbsp. ground flaxseed
  • 3 tbsp. water

Blend or grind together until gelatinous as an egg substitute.

You could even try using 3 tablespoons of almond, cashew, or peanut butter to substitute an egg in a box brownie mix! Another vegan option is ¼ cup of silken tofu for every egg you need.

Make sure you whip the tofu to give a smooth, soft texture to your brownies. Mix the tofu in a blender and add water accordingly until silky smooth. They may not bake as brown or crisp as usual, but it’s a great vegan alternative for eggs.

Additionally, pureed fruit such as unsweetened applesauce and mashed bananas are a firm favorite as egg replacements.

How to Make Brownies Without Eggs

If you would prefer to swap eggs for pureed fruits, you can use canned or pureed prunes and pumpkin, as long as you replace each egg needed with ¼ cup of puree.

These ingredients ensure that your brownies remain soft, sweet, and moist, but can also add to the flavor and change the taste.

You also need to cook your brownies a little longer for that perfect bake. We would recommend trying unsweetened applesauce first, as the chocolatey flavor in your box brownie mix will overpower the apple taste. 

Our favorite homemade hack!

The life hack that we use, (if you’re not vegan) is mayonnaise! Hear us out, it may sound repulsive but it works a treat! If you’ve run out of eggs and you have mayo in your cupboards then this is an easy-peasy problem solver.

Mayo naturally has egg in it, so please do not use this hack if you have an intolerance. However, the egg and oil in mayonnaise make it the perfect ingredient binder, adds stability and it makes your box brownies fluffy and moist just like eggs would.

They may not rise as well as using eggs, and be a little denser; but still super tasty.

For this method to work properly, make sure to use three tablespoons of mayonnaise for each egg that your box brownie recipe calls for. You will end up with rich, moist, and delicious brownies!

Final Thoughts: How to Replace the Eggs in a Box Brownie Mix

In short, there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying America’s favorite goodies. If you are vegan, or intolerant to eggs, there are options to suit everyone! Try a few of these alternatives, and find the perfect method that works for you.

Whether you are using your own recipe or baking box brownie mix, there are so many ways to replace the eggs, whilst maintaining that mouth-watering result you are looking for.

I hope you found this post about How to Replace the Eggs in a Box Brownie Mix helpful. For more frequently asked questions, visit our index of food-related questions and answers. Here are a few suggestions for you:

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