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When it comes to making chutney, you need a blender that you can trust. 

Some chutney recipes have such a long list of precise ingredients that you have to know your kitchen equipment is up to the task. 

So we took this question, and we came up with the answer to the perfect blender for making chutney.

Read on to find out all about our chosen blender and how it can help you make all of your favorite chutneys with ease. 

What Is A Chutney?

The Best Blender For Chutneys

A chutney is a condiment containing a variety of ingredients.

These types of ingredients range from dry to wet and are typically fruits, dry ingredients such as spices and herbs, vegetables, and flavoring sauces.

You may find chutney a tasty accompaniment to any curry. They are originally Indian recipes and have been adapted, emulated, and distributed all over the world. 

Why Do I Need A Blender To Make Chutney?

Lots of ingredients go into making chutneys.

A blender would make the process so much easier. That is, provided that you get the right one. 

A blender has powerful blades that pulverize the ingredients inside the pitcher.

Chutney requires a level of smoothness and mixing of ingredients that can be perfectly achieved with the assistance of a countertop blender. 

You can also use a hand blender, but they are not as powerful and therefore can’t blend as many ingredients. They also create more mess and can be hard work on your arms and kitchen space. 

The Best Blender For Making Chutney In 2022

We have researched and scoured the blender market to find you our top pick for a chutney making blender companion.

Below, we will run through our findings and highlight all the things that make this product great for creating chutneys. 

The Product

Ninja BL660 Countertop Blender – Professional

Ninja BL660 Professional Compact Smoothie & Food Processing Blender, 1100-Watts, 3 Functions -for Frozen Drinks, Smoothies, Sauces, & More, 72-oz.* Pitcher, (2) 16-oz. To-Go Cups & Spout Lids, Gray

Product Overview

The Ninja BL660 Countertop blender has a  powerful motor, is medium-sized with stainless steel blades, has a high-capacity pitcher that can handle a wide range of tough ingredients.  

It has a six-blade system, which is more desirable than the standard four-blade blender options. The stainless steel blade system can handle a heavier load of all your favorite foods. 

It looks classy and will fit in with any kitchen design with its black, gray, and silver features combines with a transparent pitcher. 

The simple design on the front has six easy-to-read and understand electric buttons. Three are for the three different speed settings.

One is for the power – to switch the blender on and off.

One is a pulse button that immediately enforces the top speed setting for as long as you press it.

The last is a single-serve button, which is a specific Ninja feature that creates a single serving of recipe. 

So, What Makes It Great For Chutney?

72 Oz Pitcher

A 72 oz pitcher can more than accommodate a big ingredient load. It also means you’re not limited in the types of ingredients that you use in your recipes.

This is a BPA-Free pitcher, which makes it environmentally friendly and completely safe for food production and storage. 

It is also dishwasher safe, which means less time spent washing up for you after a long cooking session. 

It can handle all of your favorite chutney recipes. Which is just what you want to hear!  

Stainless Steel Blades

Stainless steel can manage tougher ingredients more easily than other types of metal.

It is also rust-resistant, cleans more easily, and handles temperature extremities better too.

They can handle dry ingredients and wet ingredients in a similar capacity.

Which makes them highly desirable for chutney making, given the variety of ingredients that go into a single recipe. 

1100 Watts

1100 watts equals a powerful blender. 

An 1100 watt motor will give you a really strong blend. A higher watt is one of the key things to look for in all proposed powerful blender models. 

It is a guarantee that the device can handle a wide variety of ingredients, even including frozen ingredients. 

This all adds up to a big tick in the box for the best blender for chutney. 



Not all blenders come with accessories added into the box. This one does. You get storage cups that you can even use on the blender itself to store and make smaller portions of chutney.

These even come with airtight and sanitary lids for freezer and fridge storage too. 


We like this blender because it is simple. When we say simple, we don’t mean basic. Sometimes, simplicity is best, and that is certainly the case here.

We love that there are no complicated features to figure out through endless manual scouring.

Everything on the device is self-explanatory and straightforward. All of this adds up to a smooth sailing blending experience. 

Speed and ease count for everything while cooking, and that includes setup and equipment use. 


Speed Settings

Our only wish is that this blender had more speed settings. You get three, which is satisfactory for making chutney and can without a doubt get the job done. 

However, more speed settings would add to the versatility and overall quality of the device. Variable speeds are a must when making any chutney recipe.  


Chutney recipes take time and thought. It’s helpful to have a trusty blender on your team, and the Ninja BL660 fits the bill. 

With its powerful blades and powerful motor, combined with the large pitcher capacity and added extras, this is a great addition for any professional chef through to a novice cooker in a home kitchen.


What To Look For In A Chutney Blender

Now that we have explored all the best features of the best blender for chutney, let’s focus on the features to look for when considering any blender purchase.

Speed Settings

Speed settings refer to how fast the stainless steel blades of the blender whir around. This then dictates how fast or finely the food in the blender is chopped and broken down.

Tough ingredients may need a higher speed in the food processor. Similarly, tamer ingredients will use a tamer speed setting. 

The most basic of blenders will have three-speed options, slow, medium, and fast. 

But as they have grown in design and ability, so have the speed settings of the blender.

Some popular blenders can have up to ten different speed settings, which gives you a concise and well-refined cooking experience. 


The more powerful, i.e., the higher the watts of the blender device, the easier the blending process will be. 

A chutney recipe requires the coming together of different ingredients of varying sizes and shapes.

It is recommended that you search for a powerful enough blender to reflect the recipe. The harder the ingredients it has to blend, the harder the blender has to work. 

For a hassle-free cooking experience, consider a blender with a higher watt rating. It might just help you get the job done without stress and a bit faster too. 


Capacity refers to the size of the pitcher, aka, the bit that holds all the ingredients and eventually, the chutney. 

Chutneys traditionally have a higher number of ingredients that require blending together.

Therefore, the blender needs to be able to cope and not become overwhelmed and lose performance because of the many ingredients. 

A smaller pitcher might mean that you have to do multiple blending sessions in order to complete your chutney recipe.

That would make the whole chutney-making process much more complicated and harder to keep track of. 

A big enough pitcher would make the entire thing a lot smoother from start to finish. You should be looking for a blender where the pitcher is at least above 50 oz capacity.             

Decibel Consideration

Cooking can be noisy, and blenders can contribute to that noise in their own unique way. 

If you don’t mind a bit of excess noise, then the decibel rating of your blender won’t concern you.

However, if you are looking for a powerful blender that doesn’t break the sound barrier, you need to shop around.

It is an unfortunate fact that often the more powerful blenders, such as those needed to make and create and blend chutney, yield more noise.

This is because the blender has to deal with some of the toughest ingredients, so it is working hard continuously. 

This is because of how hard they work. It is also owing to how much power is behind those sharp blades and the powerful motor. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does A Blender Make Chutney Recipes Easier?

Yes. Having a blender absolutely makes completing a chutney recipe significantly easier than if you were doing it by hand without assistance. 

Is A Handheld Blender As Good As A Stand Blender?

With regard to chutney, a hand blender is not a good substitute for a countertop blender.

A countertop blender is just more powerful and can process the toughest ingredients. Whereas a handheld blender is more suited to softer ingredients and less complicated recipes.

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