hello, march. i wasn’t quite ready for your arrival. you kinda snuck up on me, and once i realized you were here, i panicked a little.


i didn’t have a childhood full of snack cakes and milkshakes.


notice anything different around here? like, perhaps, that my site got a crazy-good, unbelievably awesome makeover?


homemade oreos.

hey guys! make sure you check out the post i have up on sarah hearts this month! she’s got tons of new, amazing posts up on her site, and make sure you take a peek at her amazing diy den renovation she recently completed in her home! if there’s one thing i always start...

just loafing around.

florida winters are really, really strange. we have decidedly non-traditional winters here in florida, chilly one day, and humid the next. one day it’ll be in the mid-70’s, and the next it’s a bitterly cold 31 degrees. this bipolar weather pattern see-saws back and forth from december to march. we’ll wear shorts one day,...

ooh la la!

okay, i lied. maybe a few words. today’s the first in a series of wednesdays without words. each wednesday, i’ll post just a photo, or series of photos i’ve taken recently. this is my way of pushing myself to develop my craft further. i’m in the process of building a lighting setup for better...


the new year is officially underway, and i’m already exhausted. 2011 will definitely be the busiest year ever for me, considering i’ve got culinary school full-time, a wedding to plan, and a new, healthier lifestyle to maintain. i’m working out a lot, eating better, and as a whole feeling a whole lot better. i...