i can hardly believe it: my little blog turns one year old today! i can hardly believe it’s been a year since i started sharing my thoughts and photos and recipes with you all. it’s been trial and error, kitchen miracles and mishaps, writing and writer’s block.


happy friday, everyone! please hop on over to Sarah Hearts to check out my guest post over there! can you believe it’s nearly the end of May? honestly, i have no idea where time is flying off to! I’ve been a busy bee lately, baking up a storm for a charity bake sale, traveling...


i was talking about breakfast with my fiance, Ryan the other day. coincidentally, this conversation took place over breakfast. crazy, huh? we chatted about pancakes, waffles, eggs, bacon, hash browns, and lots of other delicious stuff. all things i know and love. then Ryan brought up french toast. “hmm, i’ve never had french toast,”...


i’m leaving for atlanta today, and i couldn’t be more excited. well, minus the whole eight hour drive, leaving my mister and puppies for a week part.


oh yes, it’s summer here in florida. how do i know? daily afternoon thunderstorms, arguably my favorite (and quite possibly the only redeeming) aspect of a florida summer.


  when you like to bake as much as i do (which is a lot, it’s what i’m going to culinary school for!), dieting kind of sucks. nope, let me rephrase that. it sucks a lot. i don’t just like butter, i love it. i adore it. i’m enamored with it. butter is a...


mother’s day is almost here! everyone has a special woman in their lives to be grateful for, and i’m sure you’ll be honoring them on mother’s day. handmade cards, breakfast in bed, and flowers picked from the garden (or a neighbor’s, shhh!) are all major parts of every mom’s favorite sunday. unfortunately, i can’t...