are you ever skeptical of a recipe when you first read it? like, “how can this actually work? and how is it possible that the end result actually tastes good?!” that’s how i felt when i first spied a recipe for zucchini brownies. now you’re skeptical too, huh?


whew, ice cream week is over! as much as i love making, eating, and sharing ice cream recipes with you guys, i think it’s time to switch it up a bit. i think we need some healthier recipes to even things out here, what do you think? i know ‘ healthy’ doesn’t sound nearly...


i know what you’re thinking. “this girl must be crazy! who in their right mind is topping ice cream with prosciutto?” you may be right, i may be crazy. but it just might be a lunatic you’re looking for. right? okay, i’m done paraphrasing billy joel songs. let’s talk about ice cream!


the weather is kind of being a jerk this week. a massive heat wave is sweeping across the united states as we speak, forcing us to seek out the nearest pool, ocean or supermarket freezer section in hopes of cooling off a little. we’re pretty much running our air conditioner nonstop, and our house...


yup, you read that right. olive oil gelato. sounds weird, right? it’s totally not. it’s actually kind of amazing. sweet, fruity, smooth, creamy deliciousness. of all the ice creams i’ve made lately, this one just might be my very favorite.


today’s post is short and sweet, just like me! before we get to the topic at hand, please be sure to check out my guest post over at The Novice Chef! i shared a recipe for a killer triple coconut cheesecake over there, and trust me, you don’t want to miss it! we’re talking...


guess what, friends? july is national ice cream month! i think right about now, nearly everyone in America is craving cool, creamy frozen treats. we’re in the middle of july now, which means that summer is in full swing. the heat is most certainly on. so since we’re all sweating profusely and getting sunburns...