I’m a short, silly and irreverent twenty-something living in Boston, Massachusetts. I share my home with my wonderful husband, Ryan, and our two perfect, albeit mischievous dogs, Paddington Bear & Winston.

I have a degree in Creative Writing, studied Baking & Pastry at Le Cordon Bleu, and am currently in grad school at Boston University, studying Gastronomy.

I collect old typewriters, antique cupcake-shaped cookie jars, and I’m inherently obsessed with anything cute or food-themed. I’m a bit clumsy and I live to laugh. You’ll most likely find me dancing to ridiculous 80’s music in my lime-green kitchen, which (gasp!) doesn’t have a dishwasher. I know, it’s just awful.

I’ve been published in various literary journals and magazines, and my recipes and photographs have been featured on numerous sites around the Internet. You can read more about that here. I’m awfully flattered that people like my stories and the food I make!

I adore dark chocolate and sea salt, preferably when they’re together. I love a glass of good Riesling, and like it even better when its poured with a heavy hand. I’m downright obsessed with basil, fresh-cracked pepper, and all things lemony.


about food + words

food + words is, quite simply, where I tell my stories, share my recipes and document my trials and tribulations in the kitchen: from scratch, often from memory, and always from the heart.

food + words is an exercise in culinary exploration, traversing both beaten paths and unexplored kitchen delights.

I’m all about savoring the savory, satisfying the sweet tooth, and indulging any and all whims and cravings betwixt the two!

I believe that food is a delivery system for love, so my kitchen is always open; to both spur-of-the-moment cravings and weeklong, daydream-inducing dishes that can only be obsessed over until the opportunity to get in the kitchen manifests.

I’m doing my best to preserve memories of the past, as I hold nostalgia sacred.

I view food as transportive; as one of the few means by which moments in time are unfrozen and remembered, relished, tasted again, exactly as they were initially experienced.

food + words is, in a word, wordy.

adjective-laden, description-obsessed, and narrative-heavy are also excellent choices!

Have any burning questions? Perhaps you’ll find the answer on my frequently asked questions page!

want to get in touch with me?

send your recipe questions, ingredient inquiries and love letters (kidding!) to jaclyn [at] foodpluswords [dot] com.

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