mint chocolate lip gloss.

Hey! St. Patrick’s Day is this weekend, you know.

Have you heard that there’s this saying that people tend to say a lot that day? “Kiss Me, I’m Irish!”

Lots of kissing happens on St. Patrick’s Day. And pinching. It’s a very flirtatious holiday.

Fact: nobody wants to give or receive kisses if your lips are rough or dry or chapped. It’s really best to be prepared for these types of situations.

So let’s make some lip gloss, lovelies!

Making your own lip gloss sounds really complicated, right? Nope! Well, it would be if you were going to load up your lip gloss with tons of chemicals and additives and preservatives like the store-bought stuff.

I mean, think about it: lip gloss goes on your lips, which is right by your mouth. Which means that there’s a damn good chance you’re going to end up consuming some of that stuff that makes your lips pretty. So wouldn’t you rather prettify your pout with some all-natural gloss that smells and tastes fantastic, and also happens to be natural and edible?

Did I mention that this lip gloss will make your lips crazy soft, super moisturized, and totally kissable? ‘Cause it totally will.

I’ve had a HUGE obsession with lip gloss ever since I was, oh, eight years old. I swear, I’ve owned every single flavor and color of lip gloss, lip balm, or chapstick that’s been on the market since 1995. It’s a serious addiction.

In fact, the only type of makeup I wear is lipgloss. Does that count? Is lip gloss considered makeup? I think it counts. Seriously, when I try to actually put on makeup to go out or something, I end up looking like a baby prostitute. It’s not pretty. I’m 27, and I have NO idea how to put on eyeliner. True story.

Anyway! We should make some lip gloss, you guys. It’s super simple! And fun!

All you really need are some tiny jars/pots (I had a used-up jar of lip gloss I cleaned out and sterilized, but you can find very small jars for cosmetics at the craft store or online!) and a few items from the kitchen and you’re good to go! When I say it takes about 5 minutes to make this, I really mean it. Nothing could be simpler!

For this gloss, I used a combination of sweet almond oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter and pure vitamin E oil. The first two, sweet almond oil and coconut oil are wonderful oils that have become staples in my pantry. I cook and bake with them all the time, and you should, too!

Almond oil is so good for you and your body. Consuming it helps to lower cholesterol, and it’s also wonderful for your digestive health. You can use almond oil on your face, skin, nails and hair for tons of stuff, like adding moisture and relief to dry, thirsty skin, strengthening, thickening and adding tons of shine to your hair and making your cuticles look lovely!

Coconut oil. Guys, I am obsessed with this stuff. Obsessed! I buy the organic, unrefined variety, and I use it for everything. I bake with coconut oil. I cook with coconut oil. I put coconut oil on my face and hair and body! If I were to write an epic power ballad, it would definitely be about coconut oil. Sorry, Ryan!

Anyhow. Coconut oil is a soothing, healing oil that has numerous health benefits. Consuming coconut oil can help boost metabolic functions, kidney functions, and it strengthens bones and teeth. Coconut oil is full of powerful antioxidants, and also possesses antimicrobial properties. It’s so multi-talented! Coconut oil will make your hair so wonderfully shiny and strong and amazing. It’s the best thing ever for deep-conditioning hair masks! You can use coconut oil as a massage oil, and can also use it to help treat dry skin, eczema and other skin conditions.

Cocoa butter and pure vitamin E oil can be found at most drugstores and craft stores, and definitely can be purchased online. I use both for many of the cosmetics I make, and I definitely suggest having them around your home, too. Cocoa butter is wonderfully moisturizing, and pure vitamin E oil is SO GOOD for your skin, hair and nails! Fun fact–cocoa butter and vitamin E oil are both wonderful for naturally lightening and fading stretch marks and scars. Now you know!

This lip gloss is wonderful and amazing, but it will melt if you leave it in a car or a hot place. I store mine in the fridge or my purse! Since there are no preservatives, the lip gloss will spoil eventually, but I know you’ll use it up before that happens. Trust me.

Make this lip gloss, put it on your mouth and kiss someone this weekend!

Homemade Mint Chocolate Lip Gloss

Yield: 1 small jar lip gloss (about .20 ounces)

Total Time: 5 minutes


1 teaspoon coconut oil
1 teaspoon pure almond oil
1 teaspoon cocoa butter
3-4 drops pure vitamin E oil
1-2 drops pure peppermint extract
3-4 semisweet chocolate chips


Place all ingredients in a small heat-safe bowl (glass or metal is good) and set aside.

Place a small saucepan with about 1 inch of water in it over medium-low heat, and heat until the water is steaming and simmering.

Set the bowl on top of the steaming pot of water, taking care that the bottom of the bowl doesn't touch the water.

Using a small spoon or spatula, slowly melt the ingredients until they are melted and thoroughly combined. This should take about 5 minutes.

When the ingredients are combined and the mixture is smooth, pour the lip gloss into a sterilized small container and allow to cool to room temperature until solid, about 1 hour.

Store the lip gloss in your purse or in the fridge, but be cautious that it will melt under hot temperatures! Apply with your finger or a small brush.

The lip gloss should keep for up to two months.

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